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If you are fascinated by the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, you'll be interested to learn that there are many Bermuda Triangle video downloads available all across the Internet.

Unexplained Mysteries of the Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a large, triangular area between the southern tip of Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, where numerous aircraft and ocean vessels have either disappeared or inexplicably crashed. While some of the stories surrounding this part of the Earth can be explained by things like navigational errors or poor weather, the majority remain unexplained.

Why So Many Bermuda Triangle Video Documentaries?

Whether the topic is Bigfoot, unusual haunted locations or psychic abilities, all paranormal topics attract intense interest by people and documentary producers that are fascinated by mysteries and the unknown. Most of the best Bermuda Triangle video clips that you'll find on the web are documentaries. Those documentaries cover individual stories about specific disappearances, while other documentary videos cover explorations of the sea and the air throughout this area of the Earth. Most of these Bermuda Triangle videos handle the subject matter professionally and with a scientific eye toward understanding whether there is some kind of natural or supernatural force that affected the lost aircraft or vessels in some way.

As with most paranormal topics, there are always strange and wild tales about alternate dimensions, aliens and other exaggerations, but what sets the Bermuda Triangle apart from most other tall tales is that the large majority of disappearances or crashes included numerous witnesses and recorded evidence such as radar signatures and audio recordings.

Example of Popular Bermuda Triangle Documentary Videos

There is no better way to learn about the mysteries surrounding the Devil's Triangle, as it is also known, than to watch video documentaries about the subject. Included in the following list are the best hand-picked video files that you can visit and watch at your leisure. One thing these videos reveal is that when it comes to the Bermuda Triangle, there are no easy answers.

  • The History Channel has always been an excellent source for documentaries. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that one of the best videos on the Bermuda Triangle is MysteryQuest by the History Channel. This two-and-a-half minute video clip reviews the two most famous cases of Charles Lindburg and Flight 19.
  • A Private Blog by UK Blogger John Latter provides part 1 and 2 of the BBC TV documentary describing the gas hydrate theory. In this theory, gas hydrates on the sea floor erupt and cause a huge volume of foam on the surface of the sea, which could potentially sink entire ships. The U.S. Geological Survey confirmed that this is possible, However, it also stated that "the Bermuda Triangle is a fairy tale".
  • The Challenger Center offers a 7-minute documentary YouTube video that covers the history of the Triangle as well as some of the most popular theories about the cause of sinkings and aircraft losses in the area, including hydrate gas and seismic activity, adverse weather and imperfections in the ocean floor.
  • created this documentary titled The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. The video focuses on the famous case of Flight 19. The video discusses researcher Gian Quasar's work and his examination of official records about the Triangle.
  • offers a vintage recreation of the Flight 19 incident. The documentary includes an actual reenactment of the entire episode, complete with actors and special effects.

These are only a few examples of the very large collection of videos about the Bermuda Triangle that you can find across the Internet. This part of the Atlantic Ocean captured the interest of many enthusiasts over the past several decades, and the number of articles, books and movies created on the subject reflects that popular interest.

Learn More About the Bermuda Triangle

Be sure to check out the following articles and learn about the many mysteries that surround this area of the sea.

Hopefully the mystery that surrounds the Bermuda Triangle will someday be solved. Until then, researchers continue to collect and analyze data in search of definitive answers.

Bermuda Triangle Video