Causes for the Bermuda Triangle

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Map of Bermuda Triangle

Causes for the Bermuda Triangle disappearances over the decades are merely theories, since no one really knows the true cause.

Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

For centuries, the mysterious Bermuda Triangle has been blamed for boat, ship and airplane disappearances. The Bermuda Triangle isn't the only place in the world where strange events occur. There are supposedly nine other similar triangles around the world. The strange disappearances and eyewitness accounts of those who've survived inexplicable occurrences such as compass needles whirling about, loss of time and other bizarre, out-of-the-normal seafaring experiences often referred to these experiences as paranormal or supernatural. This is because there's no concrete scientific proof to back up theorized explanations.

Where Is the Bermuda Triangle Located?

The Bermuda Triangle is said to be located between the Straits of Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, an island 300 miles off the coast of North Carolina. This upper corner of the trapezoid is doubly important because of the North Carolina coastline history along the Outer Banks. The waters along this outer band of islands are known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic because of the treacherous rip tide current blamed for countless shipwrecks. If this outer perimeter of the triangle is any indication of the ocean currents and what to expect in this region of the Atlantic Ocean, it might be the first visible extension of the Bermuda Triangle's treacherous waters.

Bermuda Triangle Region: Mega Shipping Lane

This region of the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans is one of the busiest waterways in the world. Understandably, without any scientific proof to substantiate claims of paranormal or supernatural causes, the United States Coast Guard doesn't recognize boat or ship disappearances as anything more than normal seafaring risks.

Possible Causes for the Bermuda Triangle

There are countless theories and speculation surrounding the various losses of ships, boats and airplanes within the perimeters of the Devil's Triangle.

Deep Trench and Whirlpools

The Bermuda Triangle encompasses one of the deepest underwater trenches in the world. This is an important point to consider when examining possible causes for ship and boat disappearances. Deep trenches are notorious for causing whirlpools that can be very dangerous where churning waters can pull a ship underwater. When ocean currents are strong and the seas are warm, vortexes can emerge. Trenches can trap the water and make the whirlpool more powerful and larger.

Methane Gas

Trapped pockets of methane gas that are suddenly released can rush to the surface like huge bubbles bursting and capsize a ship. Scientists have conducted tests in laboratory tanks and demonstrated that this is a strong possible cause for mysterious disappearances of ships.


The Caribbean waters were plagued with pirates from the earliest history, so it's not unreasonable for a portion of the unexplained disappearances to be the result of modern day pirates.

Rogue Waves

Don't confuse a rogue wave with a Tsunami, which is caused by an earthquake. The conditions for a rogue wave requires deep water and strong currents. With the introduction of satellite imagery, the scientific community no longer denies the existence of freak waves. In 2000, a British oceanographic research ship encountered a 61-foot rogue wave. It measured individual waves up to 95 feet high. In addition, the European Space Agency satellites have recorded ten rogue waves that were 82 feet high and higher in some instances.

Waterspouts, Tornadoes, Water Cyclones and Hurricanes

Warm water oceans can spawn sudden waterspouts, tornadoes, water cyclones and hurricanes. Before weather monitor satellites and radar, there were very few warnings of such emerging storm fronts. Water sprouts can appear out of nowhere and disappear as quickly as they were created. Many believe that this kind of natural weather conditions is responsible for those disappearances that weren't caused by human error.

Paranormal and Supernatural Causes

The flipside to natural phenomena is paranormal or supernatural phenomena. These theories include everything you can imagine that falls into the category of the unexplained. Some possible causes:

  • Electro-magnetic field disturbances
  • Blackholes
  • Disturbances in gravity, causing reverse gravity

Edgar Cayce's Giant Crystal of Atlantis

Edgar Cayce's reading on the Bermuda Triangle told about a huge laser crystal that was a powerful weapon that was also used as the guiding energy source for Atlantean aircraft. Cayce said the crystal was submerged underneath the water of the Bermuda Triangle. He stated that on clear days when the water was calmer, that the sunlight hit the crystal and activated it. The crystal beam disrupted electronic equipment and was responsible for the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

Large Fish or Sea Monsters

Seafaring stories talk about monstrous sea creatures capsizing boats. Large sea creatures have been proven to be a scientific fact. In 2007, a 265 lbs. carp was caught in Thailand.

Time Warp

There have a few reports of loss of time. In one such case, Bruce Gernon was flying from Andros Island to Ft. Lauderdale. He encountered bad weather and flew into what he described as a tunnel. He claimed to time travel since he arrived in Ft. Lauderdale nearly 30 minutes early, having used nine gallons less fuel than normal. The pilot co-authored a book about his experience, The Fog

UFOs and USOs

Christopher Columbus described seeing strange dancing lights along the horizon of the area referred to now as the Bermuda Triangle. He later saw a round glowing object submerge into the ocean. In addition, Columbus reported how on two occasions the compass reading was NW at night, but by daybreak it corrected itself to align with the North Star again. There are many similar stories about people seeing UFOs and USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) within the Bermuda Triangle. Some theorize that UFOs are using vortexes or wormholes to enter and exit our world, and somehow ships and planes also go through these passages.

Many Theories

Whatever you decide to believe, one thing is certain; there are many theories surrounding the disappearances and their causes for the Bermuda Triangle.

Causes for the Bermuda Triangle