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Like anyone else who offers a service, mediums generally don't offer their talents for free. However, you can find a few good resources online for limited free readings and consultations. Mediums sometimes offer these in order to allow clients to test the waters and see if they are comfortable with the medium's methods and demeanor.

Free Medium Readings Online

Many mediums online refer to themselves as "psychic mediums," offering both psychic and medium readings or combining a reading about relationships, health and finances with messages from deceased loved ones. Free readings are limited sessions that are intended to showcase the medium's abilities and promote interest in what he or she can offer. A reading of any substantial length will usually require an advanced booking and upfront payment.

Psychic Medium Scott Angel

Scott Angel is described as a compassionate spiritual counselor, advisor, psychic, life coach and afterlife communicator. He has a weekly Internet radio show called "Walking Along the Spiritual Life-Path," at Blog Talk Radio, where listeners can call in with their questions. If you are looking to connect with a loved one on the other side, call in to Scott's show on Friday evenings from 7:00-9:00 pm Eastern or 4:00-6:00 pm Pacific time.

Happy Psychic Duo

The Happy Psychic Duo consists of two psychic mediums, Debra Florence and Joy Light. You will need to provide your e-mail address (create a free one at Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail if you don't want to share your personal e-mail address) to receive the information on the scheduled dates and times for the free chat room readings they offer.

Free Consultations

Many legitimate mediums will only offer a free consultation instead of a reading. A consultation can still prove to be valuable, as it gives you the opportunity to ask the medium specific questions about:

  • His or her abilities
  • His or her references and professional experience
  • What to expect if you do book a reading
  • Whether or not a reading with him or her will meet your needs and goals

Like many professionals, a good medium relies on referrals from satisfied clients to prove his or her legitimacy and quality of work. A high quality referral can often prove to be as valuable as a consultation or sample reading.

Rev. Jordyn Morrison-Clason

Jordyn Morrison-Clason introduces herself as both a psychic and medium. Jordyn's abilities include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and precognition. Not only does she claim to foresee major feature events and assist in crime prevention and missing persons cases, Jordyn says she can also help communicate messages with those who have crossed over. You can contact Jordyn for a free consultation, which she clearly states is not a free reading but an opportunity to ask questions about the services she provides and to help determine your specific needs and goals. Jordyn does offer free spiritual advice and will also help guide you to the right resource if she is unable to be of service to you.

Most other mediums online will also offer a free consultation if you ask by e-mail or through the contact page on their websites.

Continuing the Search

If you're serious about finding a reliable and talented medium online, try visiting You won't need a free consultation or free sample reading to know whether the mediums listed here are genuine or not. These mediums have been extensively researched and have passed a rigorous 15 point test developed by Bob Olson, a private investigator and former skeptic of psychic mediums. Bob has been investigating the phenomenon of life after death and communication with spirits for over 13 years. He has personally tested hundreds of psychic mediums around the world. On, you will find a list of Bob Olson's top picks for genuine and highly talented psychics and psychic mediums. You can read detailed information about each medium and about what a reading with each one will be like.

Use Caution Online

Be wary of any site that requires credit card information before allowing access to a free reading. If you decide to order a reading, use a medium that offers PayPal as a payment option so you will not need to provide your credit card number. Remember that a legitimate medium will prefer almost no personal information from you besides your name. Also, do your research before hiring a medium for a reading; it's the only way to avoid wasting your money and your time.

You Get What You Pay For

Some people take offense at the thought of a medium profiting from using his or her abilities. However, it is really no different than a musician, athlete or actor, as these people profit from innate gifts as well. While a brief, free reading may be fun or entertaining, if you are really serious or passionate about communicating with those in the afterlife, you must be willing to accept the cost of hiring a professional who has the rare ability to do so.

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