12 Easy Steps to Astral Project for Beginners

Updated May 24, 2021
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Do you love adventure but lack a big budget for big travel? The astral projection might be for you! Does thought of traveling freely while you're still alive without having to drag your body around with you sound cool? Then you might be ready to learn how to astral project! Astral projection allows you to temporarily leave your body and go pretty much anywhere you want--for free! So, even if you're a beginner, you can learn how to astral project by following some simple steps.

Wake Up, but Don't Get Up

The best time to astral project is when you first wake. Your body is relaxed and still phasing back into the physical state of being. Your body easily continues the restive sleep rhythm that meditation requires. So as soon as you wake up, stay relaxed and cozy. Don't get out of bed. Breathe deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth, focusing on your breath until you reach a meditative state.

Visualize Stretching Out of Your Body

Once you're in a deep meditative state, it's vital that you keep your mind quiet. You want to visualize your soul (astral body) as a separate body within your physical body.

  1. Imagine your fingers stretching beyond your physical fingers. Move your astral fingers one at a time.
  2. Visualize your hand reaching out past your physical hand.
  3. Continue to stretch your astral fingers and hand.
  4. Stretch and reach toward an object in the room.
  5. If sitting, lean your soul body in that direction. If you're lying down, try rolling toward your outstretched hand while keeping your physical body still.

Focus on Physical Sensations

You will possibly feel a tingling sensation along your fingers and hand as your soul (astral body) begins to loosen from your physical body. Focus on the sensations. Try to remain calm, even though this can feel pretty weird at first. As best you can, don't allow fear to interrupt the process. Instead, relax into the vibrations as they become more intense. If you begin to feel anxious, take three deliberate, deep, cleansing breaths and continue to visualize your soul slipping free. If fear jolts you out of your session, stop for the day and try again tomorrow.

Keep Trying

The astral energies will grow stronger as you relax into the vibrations of your soul aligning with the frequencies of the astral plane. This is the necessary buildup of energy to boost you from your body. You'll feel this frequency coursing through you. If you startle out of this stage because you're experiencing new physical sensations, try again another day. This step may require several practices before you can actually separate your soul from your body. Don't give up. Just keep practicing until you can reach the next step.

Release From Your Body

Once you achieve the continual buildup of the astral energy within your body, you'll find your body tingles all over. You will become cognizant of your soul (astral body) as a separate body within your physical body.

  • If you're in a sitting position, see your soul rise up into a standing position away from your body and take a step forward.
  • If you're lying down, the simplest method is to will your astral body to roll out of your physical body.

You may hear a popping sound and suddenly find yourself outside your physical body. However, some people don't hear the pop, while others feel their astral body exit through their third eye. Everyone is different, so however your soul slips free is the right way for you.

Overcome Your Physical Fear Response

You may experience a sudden rush of fear when you realize you've literally stepped out of your physical body. If this happens, you will most likely find yourself immediately back inside your body. It's okay if this happens the first few times you manage to astral project. With practice comes the conditioning of the physical body that assures it will be just fine whenever it releases the soul. End your session and try again tomorrow. There's no rushing this process, so be patient and don't push yourself beyond what is comfortable.

Take a Moment to Acclimate

And you did it! You're out of your body and feel like you're ready to move around. Once you've conveyed this message of safety to your body and your physical being has accepted this as a truth, you'll be able to remain outside your body for as long as you desire. Once your soul is free you can:

  • Take a moment to acknowledge your astral body is free.
  • Allow yourself to recognize the sensations of floating free of your physical body.
  • Look back at your body and feel calm that your body is safe and still alive.

You'll immediately see the silver umbilical cord that connects you to your body. This won't break, so don't worry or be afraid of being permanently separated from your body. You'll always be able to find your way back to it.

Stay Close to Home for a While

Gurus advise exploring your surroundings in your first few astral projections. This means you can move about your home. You can either walk or float/fly about. It's up to you. Take a peek outside and move about in your backyard. You may decide to float above your house for a nice aerial view. For your first time, you probably won't venture too far from home until you've gained your astral projection confidence.

Travel the World

Once you're comfortable with the feeling of being outside your body, you'll find it easier each time for your physical body to release your astral body. When you feel completely safe and in control, you're ready to expand your exploration of astral projection. Now it's time to travel!

Choose a physical Earthly destination such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. You'll discover that the moment you think of your destination you're instantly transported there without having to go through TSA or lug an overstuffed suitcase. Yay!

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Return to Your Body

You can return to your body at any time simply by exerting your free will. Some astral travelers prefer tugging on their silver umbilical cord as a way to return to their bodies. This isn't necessary. All you need to do is think about where you left your body in meditation. You'll quickly find yourself back inside your physical vessel.

Adapt Slowly

The return to your body should be natural and gradual.

  1. Continue to feel your energies settling back into your physical body.
  2. Recall your journey with as much detail as you can and repeat it three times over in your mind.
  3. Take three deep breaths.
  4. Count each one mentally and open your eyes on three.
  5. Allow your eyes to adjust to the light in the room.

Try Astral Travel to Other Universes and Dimensions

You can astral travel well beyond Earth if you wish to explore other universes and even dimensions. However, you'll want the confidence of a few astral travels under your belt before attempting journeys to the stars.

Learn How to Astral Project

Beginners can easily master the few steps that lead to astral projection. You will soon be astral traveling to foreign countries, historical landmarks, and beyond the stars!

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12 Easy Steps to Astral Project for Beginners