Aura Color Test

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You can discover the color of your aura.

You can get an idea what color your aura is with this fun aura color test. Other ways you can learn the color of your aura is to hire an intuitive or healer who specializes in reading auras, or you can consider what colors you prefer when decorating your home or selecting your clothes. Meanwhile, get started on your aura journey with the test below.

The Aura Color Test: Just Answer a Few Questions

Answer the questions in this widget by deciding which one best describes you. At the end of the test your aura color will be revealed.

More Than One Aura Color

If you had more than one color in the aura color test, then your aura is a combination of colors. The multi-colored aura is far more common than an aura radiating just one color. You can get a better understanding of your aura by exploring the meaning of each color.

Aura Colors Can Change

Human beings are a mix of energies, all radiating at the same time and all producing various auric fields of colors. This means a person's aura colors can change. Since everything in life is in constant movement, it shouldn't be surprising your aura is, too. It's impacted by your emotions, what you're thinking about, and physical stresses.

  • Your aura might be prominently blue in the morning indicating you are peaceful and have rested. By bedtime it could be red, indicating you're worried or upset.
  • If you're harboring negative feelings, your aura can transform to a dark color, even black.

Distinguishing Individual Aura Colors

It is very beneficial to understand what each color means and how it indicates your current state of mind, emotional status, physical well-being and spiritual progress. For example:

Prominent Aura Colors

Some energy fields in your aura may be stronger than others, depending on your current state of being. The colors these energy fields radiate tend to be prominent in the auric field. For example, if you're an empath, your aura color can reveal this ability by how strong the color is. You can learn more about how these energies play a vital role in your physical well-being by studying the human aura.

Understanding Aura Color Tests

When you take an aura color test, your responses provide an intuitive telltale sign of the colors presently dominating your aura. This connection is true of your psychic and intuitive abilities as well as the other bodies that make up the auric field.

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Aura Color Test