Aura Color Test

Sally Painter
You can discover the color of your aura.

You can get an idea what color your aura is with this fun, aura color test. Other ways you can learn the color of your aura is to hire an intuitive or healer who specializes in reading auras, or you can consider what colors you prefer when decorating your home or selecting your clothes. Meanwhile, get started on your aura journey with the test below.

The Aura Color Test: Just Answer a Few Questions

Answer the questions in this widget by deciding which one best describes you. At the end of the test your aura color will be revealed.

More Than One Aura Color

If you had more than one color with the same number of answers in the aura color test, then your aura is a combination of colors. You can get a better understanding of your aura by exploring the meaning of each color.

Aura Color Test