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Focusing on the metaphysical, learn about human auras and a new way to view them in this aura goggles interview.

The World We Usually Don't See

Have you ever heard the saying, "There's more to this than meets the eye"? That's a perfect description of the metaphysical world that many people are either aren't aware of or simply ignore. However, some people are very attuned to the universe, and are able to see things beyond the realm of what is considered "normal". One of those things is the human aura.

Wendy Lambert manufactures a product called "aura goggles." These simple glasses use a unique light filtering lens that can help the average person discern the aura of light that manifests around every living being in various ways. In the following aura goggles interview, read what Wendy has to say about auras, what they reveal and how her glasses are used.

Aura Goggles Interview with Wendy Lambert


LTK: First of all, thank you Wendy for taking time out for this conversation. For our readers who may not be familiar with the term, would you please explain, what is an aura?WL: The aura is the energy field that exists around all living things. We are all aware of this energy to some degree, generally kinesthetically. Few of us can actually see it, but it is possible to develop aura viewing ability with practice.

LTK: How did you become interested in auras?

WL: When I was eighteen, someone left a book on my desk. I cannot recall the title, but it was one of many metaphysical books written by Lobsang Rampa. I skimmed the chapter on auras and became quite fascinated with the possibility of seeing energy around others. I was excited about developing another sense that could expand my perceptions of others, since human behavior had always puzzled and interested me.

Wendy Lambert

So on the bus ride home that day, I stared at peoples' heads and shoulder areas from behind, but was unsuccessful in seeing anything beyond the ordinary. I did not realize at the time, that a bus was not an ideal setting to begin such an undertaking, and I grew skeptical.

Flash forward quite a few years to another book discovery entitled "Hands of Light: Healing Through the Human Energy Field" by Barbara Brennan. After reading her book, I was once again fascinated with the aura and what it might reveal. I attended Barbara's Introductory Workshop and attended her School of Healing some years later. It was an incredible experience I will never forget, and one that offered tremendous opportunity for personal growth on many levels.

More About Auras

LTK: Can anyone see auras, or does it take a special talent or extra sense of perception?WL: When I attended a Trade Show to promote my book entitled Aura Glasses: You Can See Auras, hundreds of people tried the glasses on in order to see the energy field (aura). Most were able to see at least the light around others. It does not take a special talent, but it is helpful to perform some specific exercises I have outlined in my book. Going into an altered state, which is a subtle shift in energy, also enhances aura viewing ability.

LTK: What can an aura tell you about someone?

WL: This is a huge topic and would take a book to answer! I think the most important thing that is revealed about others, through auric perception, is how and where (in which chakras) people block their energies, because this reveals their energetic defense patterns and indicates where disease may be, or could later manifest in the physical body. When this knowledge is revealed, there is tremendous potential for change because the unconscious has been made conscious for that person.


LTK: Are there special meanings to the various colors that can be found in an aura? If so, how are they interpreted?

WL: There is a general consensus as to the meaning of each color in the aura, but I feel that these interpretations are less important than the information that is revealed to us intuitively once we open to the subtle energies that we enter into when viewing the energy field of others. We shift from analyzing to receiving through all of our senses, so color interpretation becomes less important. In a nutshell, we open a portal through which a tremendous amount of information not normally available to us can be downloaded.

LTK: What other kind of information can be gathered from auras?

WL: I have seen light beings in the auras of others. They appeared spontaneously from the aura of my sister after she had received a healing from a gifted spiritual healer. The outer band of her aura became very bright and from this energy, and various light beings formed even brighter shapes around her. Facial features appeared within these shapes as I watched in amazement. I was not sure what I was seeing, and was excited to see an artist's rendition of this same phenomenon in Barbara Brennan's book Hands of Light. I am grateful for having seen this amazing energy (which lasted for about twenty minutes) because it raised the bar on my belief in what is generally unseen. We are definitely not alone!

Aura Goggles

LTK: Tell us about your aura goggles. How did you come to develop them?WL: Barbara Brennan mentions the use of aura goggles in her book Hands of Light. So when I found a pair of aura goggles in a metaphysical bookstore, I bought them. They worked, but they did not come with any directions and were quite expensive. Some time later when a friend showed me a filter that was the same color as the lens of the aura goggles, I realized that I could create an affordable pair of aura viewing glasses with instructions and interpretations. They have been selling around the world since their creation in 1996.

LTK: How do the glasses work?

WL: We view the aura through the sixth chakra, which is indigo in color (on the first layer of the aura). This chakra is not activated, or open, in most people. To be open, it must be vibrating at the frequency of indigo. Since the lens of the aura glasses is indigo in color, looking through the lens helps to open the sixth chakra.

LTK: Will users immediately be able to see auras and begin interpreting them when using the goggles?

The aura of enlightenment

WL: As mentioned above, most people can immediately see the light surrounding all living things. Interpretation requires research and study. With practice, intuitive skill is increased, and in time may be relied upon for interpreting what is happening within an individual's energy field. Attempting to view the aura can open us to a higher level of intuitive ability, fairly quickly, if focus is held.

LTK: Tell us about the companion book that comes with the aura goggles. What kind of information does it offer?

WL: I outline various exercises that can be performed to shift our energies out of left brain mode to the right brain, in order to enhance aura viewing ability. The meaning of colors is discussed, among other topics. You can view the Table of Contents at

LTK: Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know?

WL: Although I think that believing is seeing, and that skepticism can be a deterrent to success in any endeavor, grace can bring us experiences that can break through our limiting belief systems as it did for me when I saw the beings of light in my living room. With the ever quickening frequencies in our midst, many of us will become multidimensional, and auric sight will be common place. Imagine a world where deception is no longer possible!

LTK Paranormal would again like to thank Wendy Lambert for sharing her knowledge about auras as well as her aura goggles. You can visit Wendy's website at to take a peak inside her book and learn more.

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Aura Goggles Interview