Awakening Psychic Abilities

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Many people suspect they have psychic abilities, but they are unsure what to do with them or how to use them. Parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach suggests most people have some type of latent psi (psychic) abilities. Learning to access and control psychic abilities is an important part of psychic development.

Opening the First Door

Intuition is the natural conduit to awakening psychic abilities that lay dormant in everyone. One of the first things to do is begin lowering your own mental barriers when you get a feeling or when, seemingly out of nowhere, an image of a person or event comes to mind. You must be able to recognize, record and release. These are the three "R's" of psychic growth.

Recognizing Moments

Some people have their first psychic experiences at a very young age. Unfortunately, societal conditioning may cause children who've had psychic experiences to doubt themselves or fear their abilities.

Spiritual teacher and medical intuitive Dr. Kevin Emery had his first psychic experience at the age of four. He was fortunate enough to have a supportive adult who helped him to frame his experiences.

"I asked my grandmother if we could play a game. I proceeded to tell her the name of her best childhood friend, how she wore her hair as a child, and then I sang the song they used to sing when they played together," he says. "My Grammie sat me down and told me I had a gift from God, and that people would tell me it was wrong or bad or that they didn't believe me, but as long as I remembered it was a gift from God, everything would be okay. To make sure I did not forget what she had told me, she gave me two chocolate doughnuts and my own bowl of sugar!"

It is often useful when starting out to go back and remember moments in your life where you seemed to know, feel or clearly predict something that was about to happen. It is also good to remember whether you ever saw something out of the corner of your eye, a shape or a figure, or whether you received an emotional impression that there was someone with you in a room when no one was physically near. Have you ever held an object that belonged to someone else and received a picture in your mind from that object? Perhaps you receive an emotion strong enough to surprise you?

These moments are the actual beginnings of your own psychic abilities. You need to recall them and remember them in as much detail as you can because it leads you to the next step.

Recording Moments

Sit down and record those times. Record them as factually as you can, do not try to embellish them. Just note such details as your own emotional state at the time, the time of day or night when you received these impressions, the weather and the place. Also write down if these impressions were corroborated by actual evidence. Did something happen to the people you thought about? If you saw an entity, does historical research match your description of the spirit and the emotional impressions or message you received? In short, did what you see, think or feel happen in reality, and when did it happen?

When things happened to you, writing down your experiences can be helpful in discerning patterns in the environment and your own emotional and physical state. It is also good practice, as you should write down and record every psychic experience that happens to you from now on.

Releasing Moments

The old adage of "what is past is past" needs to come into action. Any buried guilt you have for having psychic abilities and perhaps not acting on them needs to be released. This includes not telling someone what was about to happen and preventing something bad from happening. You are only human, so you can and should forgive your own doubts and any fears that held you back.

You need to forgive yourself for your non-belief, your actions or lack of action and release this energy back into the Universe. If you even remotely believe that you are what you think, you know these thoughts and feelings are preventing you from awakening your psychic abilities.

You also need to practice releasing emotional involvement because it is one thing that will afford you protection and peace of mind as you open yourself to receive psychic impressions and work on behalf of others.

Working with a Mentor

According to Dr. Emery, one of the best and safest ways to explore your own awakening abilities is by interning with an established metaphysician.

"Intern with someone who has a philosophy that resonates with your own, and is willing to take you into the field to release spirits with them," he shares. "Learning something in the classroom or by reading a book is one thing, and doing it when the ability of a person's soul to move forward or stay stuck is at risk is quite another. For that, you need hands-on experience. And not from a ghost hunter, but from a ghost healer (someone who helps trapped spirits move on)."

Connecting with the Spirit World

There are many ways to engage burgeoning psychic abilities. Some psychics use their gifts to communicate with people who have died. This form of psi work is called mediumship. While it may seem intriguing to talk with people who have passed, Dr. Emery suggests you approach spirit communication with caution.

"There are many things that exist under the heading of the spirit world, but the one thing I always tell people who want me to do mediumship is to remember that just because someone is on the other side does not mean that they are ascended, wise, have all the right answers or are necessarily someone to listen to if they try to tell you how to run your life," he says. "The only thing we know for sure is that they are dead."

Where to Go from Here

Other ways to jump start your psychic abilities include the following tips:

  • De-clutter an area where you can retreat and practice mindful meditation and deep breathing exercises. Mindful meditation is not putting yourself into a trance as much as it is focusing your concentration on one person and or event. Meditate in blocks of five minutes, building up to 15 minutes three times a day. If your mind should wander, gently turn it back to the person you are concentrating on. Again - record any impressions you may receive.
  • Always perform a prayer of protection before and after you finish mindful meditation. You are opening yourself as a conduit and in doing so must protect yourself, your space and your family against psychic bombardment. Your first impressions may seem especially disjointed, and you will likely encounter negative energy as well as negative events as you continue to develop your abilities.
  • Tape a small crystal such as pure rose quartz to your forehead, over your third eye region as you concentrate. Bathe the crystal after every session in warm salt water to clean it and help it remain in tune.
  • Learn about chakras and how to cleanse yours with gentle exercise and deep breathing. These exercises must be done before and after attempting psychic contact.
  • Read and search constantly and choose wise guides and teachers. Be smart about recognizing good teachers from the many charlatans out in the world.
  • Unless the psychic impressions you receive are overwhelming and compelling, do not share your beginning impressions and insights with anyone. Be patient. Build your confidence in your skills before you exercise any that you may already have.
  • Do not solicit funds from friends and relatives, or for that matter anyone in serious need, who comes to you for help. With the exception of covering expenses such as travel to a place you would not normally go to, you are an instrument and must respect that. Payment for using your gifts will come when you're working as a professional psychic, teaching, counseling, writing and otherwise helping others on their journey.

Respecting the Process

Psychic abilities are a gift. Receive them with gratitude and humility, knowing that psi comes through you and not from you. As a psychic you are a conduit to messages from spirit. There is no place for ego or arrogance. Ego is that part of self that provides your self-image and identification, and it comes from the mind. It is only when you can step outside of ego that psychic messages can come through.

Awakening Psychic Abilities