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Strange Bermuda Triangle Stories

Bermuda Triangle stories document the disappearances in a region of the North Atlantic also known as the Devil's Triangle. On a map, you would draw lines from Bermuda to Miami to Puerto Rico, and then back to Bermuda to mark out the general triangle. The mysteries associated with this region include multiple aircraft and seagoing vessels that have disappeared without a trace.

Popular culture often credits the region as one where the laws of physics do not apply, where paranormal activity is heightened and even as a possible location where extraterrestrial beings make contact.

Flight 19 Disappears

On December 5, 1945, a training flight of TBM (Torpedo Bombers) Avenger airplanes went missing over the Atlantic. Their flight path was scheduled to take them out over the Atlantic on a 300-mile round trip journey to the naval base. The flight never returned. Rumors circulated that the training flight encountered an unknown phenomena. Some experts cite a naval report detailing cause or reasons unknown for the missing crafts and men. Another element of the mystery surrounding Flight 19 is that the rescue craft with 13 men on board went missing during the search and was never heard from again.

The Ellen Austin

The story of the Ellen Austin is recreated often in various television programs. In the 1800s, the Ellen Austin was a derelict vessel loaded with a resourceful and talented crew. In 1881, this crew attempted to sail the vessel to New York. The ship reportedly arrived without its crew and later disappeared again with a second crew onboard.

The Cyclops

On or about March 4, 1918, the U.S. Naval vessel Cyclops set sail from the island of Barbados with Lt. Cdr. G. W. Worley in command. The crew of 309 along with the ship was never heard from again. Barbados makes up one corner of the Bermuda Triangle. While many theories have speculated what happened to the vessel, no one theory has ever been proven.

North Sea Trawler SV Spray

Spray, a derelict fishing boat, was retrofitted to be a pleasure cruiser and used by Joshuan Slocum to circumnavigate the world from 1895 through 1898. In 1909, the vessel left Vinyard Haven on the way to Venezuela and vanished. Similarly, a five-masted schooner named the Carroll A. Deering was found run aground and abandoned in January of 1931. Piracy is one theory that is pointed to as the culprit for these disappearances.

Passenger Flights Disappear

In 1948, an aircraft numbered NC16002 vanished while flying from San Juan to Miami. No trace of the plane or its 32 passengers was ever found. Two more passenger aircraft operated by British South American Airways vanished in 1948 and later in 1949 on flights from Bermuda to Jamaica. Both flights passed through the triangle and earned their place in the history of Bermuda Triangle stories.

Connemara IV

In 1955, this pleasure yacht was located near Bermuda, abandoned and adrift. The crew vanished, and many people speculated that the ship survived a hurricane while the crew did not. However, hurricane history of the area does not suggest this is accurate. Another theory is that the Connemara was empty in port, and it slipped from the moorings during a hurricane only to be found later floating intact and adrift.

Sulphur Queen

In 1963, a converted oil tanker known as the SS Marine Sulphur Queen with a crew compliment of 39 "sailed into the unknown" according to the 1964 Argosy Magazine article. The vessel was last seen near the Florida Keys and was never found.

Cessna Disappearance

In 1969, a Cessna vanished while flying from Nassau in the Bahamas to Grand Turk Island. The pilot, Carolyn Cascio, and her plane were never seen again. Bermuda Triangle stories have endured for more than a century, although modern disappearances seem to be fewer and farther between. Whether this is due to better technology or satellite imaging is not determined.

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