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Where to Find Bigfoot Photos

Sally Painter
Bigfoot in the forest

You can find countless Bigfoot photos where experts have evaluated their authenticity as well as ones hoaxed. Once you find a few Bigfoot photos and images, you assess if they are real or fake.

1894 Oldest Bigfoot Photo

Ancient Origins offers what is said to be a 1894 glass plate photo of a Bigfoot killed by Western Canadian trappers working for the Hudson's Bay Company. The website also shows the back of the photo that documents the event. The documentation states there were more glass plate photos that were turned over to the Hudson's Bay Company. Supposedly, one of the trappers stole the featured photo from the company.

Trail Camera Photos

Many Bigfoot investigators use trail cameras in the hope of capturing an unsuspecting Bigfoot traveling popular animal trails or in an effort to bait these mysterious cryptoids into venturing into the viewfinder.

Rick Jacobs Bigfoot Photos

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization features photos that accompany reports. In 2007, Rick Jacobs, a hunter in Ridgeway, Pennsylvania posted pictures captured by his trail cams.

  • Image one shows an ape-like creature believed by some to be a juvenile sasquatch.
  • Image two shows the creature fully bent over.

Vermont Bigfoot and Juvenile

This 2010 photo came from a Vermont trail camera belonging to a man only identified as Frank. This creature has unusual white splotches on its shoulders. If you enlarge the photo, you can see what appears to be a paw grabbing the larger one's arm as though clinging to the adult. If you look horizontally past the adult's front leg, you can see what appears to be a foot.

Northern California Chicken Thief

Midnight in the Desert Dave Schrader's Anomalous Talk website features two trail cam photos taken in Northern California of what appears to be Bigfoot attempting to raid a chicken coop.

  • The first photo shows a Bigfoot standing behind a chicken coop
  • The second photo shows the creature as though it jumped back from the chicken coop, possibly startled by the first cam trail flash.

Annette Crews Bigfoot Photo

  • Annette Crews photo: This image was captured around 1992 near Morton, Washington. Crews originally thought it was a bear but stated that the animal continued to walk downhill in an upright position.

Patterson-Gimlin Photo

Patterson-Gimlin photo was taken in 1967, near Bluff Creek in northern California, this is perhaps the single most famous photo of the alleged creature. The still shot taken from the 16mm film shows the bigfoot on the move. This image has never been definitively debunked and remains strong evidence in favor of the existence of the species. The film footage has been analyzed by countless cryptoid and photography experts. One analysis of the authenticity of the creature is made by M K Davis. In a YouTube video, Davis examines the first walk of the alleged Bigfoot.

Bigfoot Sketch Project

While these aren't photos, these sketches are very revealing of the differences in Bigfoot, just as there are in human appearances. Pete Travers owns Bigfoot Reality where he creates artwork of various Bigfoot pictures compiled from eyewitness accounts. The Bigfoot Sketch Project features two galleries, an online sketch submission form and eyewitness descriptions used to create the sketches.

Montage of Bigfoot Photos

You can find various YouTube video montages of alleged Bigfoot photos. Strange But True Stories YouTube channel features a mix of photos of what people have claimed are real Bigfoot pictures. Some are too blurry to identify what the subject matter is.

Silver Star Mountain Bigfoot Picture

The Bigfoot photo taken at Silver Star Mountain in Vancouver, Washington is featured on BFRO website. A hiker took two photos of what appears to be a Bigfoot traipsing across Silver Star Mountain located in Gifford Pinchot National Forest in November 2005.

  • First image: Along the ridgeline, you can see what some believe is a Bigfoot head and shoulders just above the mountain crest.
  • Second image: This image is a closer view of the upper arms, shoulder and head of the toros.
  • Third image: The figure is visible from just below the waist up to its head.
  • Fourth image: This is a closeup of the third image.

Deceased Grandfather's Photos

Crypto Sightings features a story about a man who supposedly found old photos of several Bigfoots in his deceased grandfather's belongings. The snowy photo scene reveals an adult and juvenile walking across a what appears to be an old road. At the end of the road appear to be another tall and shorter dark figure, possibly more Sasquatches.

Todd Standing Bigfoot Photos

Todd Standing has presented some of the clearest videos and photos of Sasquatch. He's been accused of fabricating his evidence because they are so clear unlike the majority of Bigfoot photos and videos. Others accuse him of capitalizing on a hoax since he charges to guide small groups to witness Sasquatch in its natural habitat. Todd maintains his videos are of authentic Bigfoots.

Netflix Presents Discovering Bigfoot

You can watch the documentary Discovering Bigfoot on Netflix. This documentary presents the research team that includes Bigfoot Researcher Dr Jeff Meldrum, Todd Standing and other researchers in search of proof of Sasquatch.

Pinterest Images

An unlikely place to look for Bigfoot images is Pinterest. You'll have to wade through a mix of drawings and photos, but you can luck up on a few photos you may not have seen in the typical venues.

Knowing Where to Find Bigfoot Photos

You can find quite a few photos online claiming to be authentic digital captures of Bigfoot. Many photos are proven to be hoaxes while others aren't easily discredited or are inconclusive in what exactly was photographed.

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Where to Find Bigfoot Photos