19 Sightings and Pictures of Bigfoot: Are They Real or Fake?

Updated June 10, 2021
Bigfoot in the forest

You can find countless Bigfoot photos where experts have evaluated their authenticity as well as the ones hoaxed. Once you find a few Bigfoot photos and images, you assess if they are real or fake.

1. Patterson-Gimlin Sighting and Film Footage

Patterson-Gimlin photo was taken in 1967, near Bluff Creek in northern California, this is perhaps the single most famous photo of the alleged creature. The still shot taken from the 16mm film shows the bigfoot on the move. This image has never been definitively debunked and remains strong evidence in favor of the existence of the species. The film footage has been analyzed by countless cryptoid and photography experts. One analysis of the authenticity of the creature is made by M.K. Davis. In a YouTube video, Davis examines the walk of the alleged Bigfoot.

2. 1894 Oldest Bigfoot Sighting and Photo

The story behind the famous 1894 Bigfoot sighting and subsequent photo involved several Western Canadian trappers. The men worked for the Hudson's Bay Company.

Ancient Origins offers what is said to be a 1894 glass plate photo of a Bigfoot killed by Western Canadian trappers working for the comany. The website also shows the back of the photo that documents the event. The documentation states there were more glass plate photos that were turned over to the Hudson's Bay Company. Supposedly, one of the trappers stole the featured photo from the company.

3. Rick Jacobs Bigfoot Photos

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) features photos that accompany reports about the 2007 trail cam images of a juvenile Bigfoot. The photos belong to Rick Jacobs, a hunter in Ridgeway, Pennsylvania.

Two images of what is called a juvenile Bigfoot follow an image of two bear cubs. The Bigfoot has its face planted in the ground. It's surmised the juvenile is sniffing the deer mix the Jacobs brothers had scattered about to attract deer. The Bigfoot bendy position reveals a similar position that apes have been known to do when sniffing the ground.

Various newspapers reported that the creature is a "mangey bear". This assertion originated from the spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. See the article debunking the Penn. Game Commission. However, Jacobs counters that those who work with primates said the creature appeared to be like a primate and not a bear. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) agrees that the image is not of a bear as skeptics claim.

  • Image one shows an ape-like creature believed by some to be a juvenile sasquatch.
  • Image two shows the creature fully bent over.
Bigfoot Sighting

4. Vermont Bigfoot and Juvenile

This 2010 photo came from a Vermont trail camera belonging to a man identified as Frank Siecienski. Frank noticed his apple tree had a strange five-foot diameter where all the apples and leaves had been stripped from the tree. He set up a trail cam to see what animal was the culprit.

He found what he describes as a female Bigfoot crouched down picking up apples with a baby Bigfoot clinging to her. This creature has unusual white splotches on its shoulders. If you enlarge the photo, you can see what appears to be a paw grabbing the larger one's arm as though clinging to the adult. If you look horizontally past the adult's front leg, you can see what appears to be a foot. The Animal Planet featured a segment on this Bigfoot sighting.

5. Independence Day Sighting and Video

The origin of this Bigfoot sighting is unknown, but it presents several new things about Bigfoot, most importantly, their parenting skills. Like all Bigfoot videos, this one is controversial.

Supposedly filmed on July 4th (Independence Day), the video shows the mother Bigfoot holding a baby Bigfoot and scooting away from the person taking the video, much the same way a human mom would rush her child away from perceived danger.

Some claim after watching the video that the Bigfoot is moving with the typical Bigfoot gait that would be difficult for a human in a costume to imitate because of the way the human knee and thigh are joined. Many claim that the baby Bigfoot's movements don't appear mechanized, but natural.

6. Northern California Chicken Thief

A northern California man was having problems with a nocturnal thief stealing his chickens. He set up a trail cam to catch the culprit, thinking it was a person. He was shocked when he saw two photos of what appeared to be a Bigfoot lurking about the chicken coop and pen.

Perhaps Bigfoot has keen hearing and stepped back in the second photo when he heard the camera click, capturing his image. The Bigfoot's eye shine in both photos is rather intense.

  • The first photo shows a Bigfoot standing behind a chicken coop.
  • The second photo shows the creature as though it jumped back from the chicken coop, possibly startled.

7. Annette Crews Bigfoot Photo

In 1992 near Morton, Washington, Annette Crews happened to see what she first thought was a bear standing upright. She decided to take a photo of the bear and snapped a photo. She noticed the bear was still walking upright after she captured the first photo.

She thought it very strange that a bear would walk down such a steep terrain on two legs, when it would be much easier going for the animal on all fours. She took a second photo and continued to watch in fascination until she realized she wasn't watching a bear, but a Bigfoot!

8. Bigfoot Sketch Project

Pete Travers' collection of Bigfoot images aren't photos of these Bigfoot sightings. You may find the Bigfoot sketches that he created based on eyewitnesses' descriptions very impressive. Just like humans don't all look alike, Pete portrays the various Bigfoots with highly individualized appearances.

His images bring each person's Bigfoot encounter to life with very realistic Bigfoot images. Each sketch is revealing of the differences in Bigfoot, just as there are in human appearances. He owns Bigfoot Reality where he creates artwork of various Bigfoot pictures compiled from eyewitness accounts. The Bigfoot Sketch Project features two galleries, an online sketch submission form and eyewitness descriptions are used to create the sketches.

9. Silver Star Mountain Bigfoot Picture

The November 2005 photos of Bigfoot were taken by a hiker at Silver Star Mountain in Vancouver, Washington. You can find the photos featured on The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) website.

The hiker took two photos of what appears to be a Bigfoot traipsing across Silver Star Mountain located in Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The BFRO enlarged the two photos to allow a clearer view of the enormity and shape of the dark object on top of the mountain.

  • First image: Along the ridgeline, you can see what some believe is a Bigfoot head and shoulders just above the mountain crest.
  • Second image: This image is a closer view of the upper arms, shoulder and head of the torso.
  • Third image: The figure is visible from just below the waist up to its head.
  • Fourth image: This is a closeup of the third image.

10. Deceased Grandfather's Photos

Perhaps one of the best photos of Bigfoot (if authentic) was discovered by a man going through his deceased grandfather's belonging. An image of Bigfoot was probably the last thing he expected to find, much less a family of Bigfoots.

Crypto Sightings featured the man's story and how he supposedly found this treasure photo of not just one Bigfoot, but several Bigfoots in his deceased grandfather's belongings. The snowy photo scene was taken in New York State where his grandfather's home bordered state land of nearly 10,000 acres. His grandfather regularly hiked on the state land and apparently came upon this Bigfoot family out for a snowy hike. The photo shows an adult Bigfoot and a juvenile Bigfoot walking across what appears to be an old road.

One thing not mentioned in the story is how the larger bigfoot closest to the camera seems to be looking at the side of the road as is the juvenile. When looking where the attention of these two seems to be focused, you can see a very small, perhaps a toddler Bigfoot standing off the road and slightly in the woods. Looking up the road, you can see another adult and juvenile standing in the middle of the road as though waiting for the others to catch up with them.

11. Bigfoot in Swamp

Josh Highcliff has one of the best videos of Bigfoot, or as he calls him, Skunk Ape. In October 2013, while hunting hogs in Mississippi, Josh came upon something in the swamp pulling apart a cypress tree. In spite of being afraid, Josh broke out his phone and started video recording the creature. The video is over two minutes long.

You can hear the sheer force of the creature as the tree gives way under each pull. The animal appears to be eating something inside the wood, perhaps grub worms or other type of swamp delicacy. Josh describes the animal as being huge and black. It was crouched in front of a cypress tree. He writes that the creature had broad shoulders and, most importantly, it had hands that it was using to tear off strips of cypress. At one point, Bigfoot tosses some of the wood strips into the water as he continues to pull off strips of cypress.

Josh says a truck drove past the swamp and the creature stood up a massive seven feet. He claims that he's an experienced hunter and knows how to estimate the size of animals. When the creature stood up from the tree, Josh panicked, and ran away, like any sane person would.

12. Beard Card Provo Canyon Sighting and Video

In 2012, Beard Card uploaded a video of their camping encounter. The couple were in Provo Canyon, Utah. Specifically, they were camping near the Little Rock Canyon overlook and Squaw Peak. Upon seeing some deer on a nearby hill, they decided to get a closer look and make a video.

However, as they got closer, the couple thought there was a bear on the hill. They discussed whether it was a bear and the guy said maybe they shouldn't get too close. No sooner had he spoken than the black mass stood up on two legs. It was huge and had very broad shoulders.

The couple write on their YouTube channel, "On our way up, we thought we saw a bear, until the monster stood up and looked right at us." The couple ran for their car, abandoning all their camping gear, and fled.

13. Provo Canyon Second Sighting With Video

In December 2012, a month after the Beard Card sighting, a hiker in Utah near Provo Canyon video recorded an enormous bipedal nonchalantly walking down a hillside seeming unaware he was there.

The Bigfoot creature squatted down for a few seconds and then picked up something, stood and threw it. According to The Chase-Funniest Moments, this video is the first to capture Bigfoot throwing an object. Of all bigfoot videos, none have ever shown the creature throwing a rock or anything, although these creatures are known to throw rocks at those they possibly consider as being trespassers into their territory. A comparison of the two Provo Canyon Bigfoots concludes both Bigfoots may be the same one.

14. Bigfoot Chases a Deer in Path of a Car

In March 2017, a woman in north Idaho was driving at night on her way to pick up her husband from work. She was shocked to see a 7'-8' shaggy creature chasing a deer along the side of the road. She adjusted her side mirror as she passed the creature and realized it was Bigfoot. Just as she turned her attention back to the road, the deer darted out in front of her car.

The woman told the Sheriff's office that she didn't stop, but kept on driving so she wouldn't be late picking up her husband. Once she'd collected her husband, she drove to the sheriff's office to file an official report. When the police accompanied her to the scene of the accident, it was reported there was no sign of Bigfoot and no mention was made about the fate of the deer.

15. Salt Fork State Park Bigfoot Sighting

In February 2020, two men were using a drone in Salt Fork State Park in Ohio in an attempt to find Bigfoot. They recorded various sounds that are often attributed to Bigfoot. They said the sounds were bone chilling and you can hear the yelping and wailing sounds in the video. The drone they used recorded two large figures underneath the wintry bare canopy of limbs. Later in the video, it begins to snow and they have so much footage of Bigfoot appearing to be wandering about in the woods, oblivious that it is being filmed and appears to be meandering about and at one point peeps out at them from behind a tree. Because the behavior is so anti-Bigfoot, many skeptics believe the footage is a hoax while others applaud the uniqueness of the video.

16. Washington DPT Post Two Bigfoot Sightings

In January 2020, KHQ TV station in Spokane, Washington reported on two sightings of Bigfoot that were captured on the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) webcams. One sighting occurred along the Sherman Pass with a few photos posted by the WSDOT and the other happened along the Snoqualmie Passes with a video of the creature trekking through the snow.

The WSDOT Twitter post stated, "Have you noticed something strange on our Sherman Pass/SR 20 webcam before? If you look closely by the tree on the left there looks to be something... might be Sasquatch... We will leave that up to you!"

The Snoqualimie Pass post stated, "I think Bigfoot is making the rounds across our mountain passes. @wsdot_east showed him on Sherman Pass the other day and now he is on the wildlife overcrossing on I-90 just east of Snoqualmie Pass. #doyoubelieve"

17. Yellowstone Bigfoot Family

In 2014, Mary Greeley posted webcam footage that she recorded from the National Parks Service webcam at Yellowstone National Park. Mary was interested in the arrival of the buffalo at the Old Faithful Geyser, but recorded something else unexpected. A Bigfoot family of four.

The video shows a family of Bigfoots moving through the edge of the woods in the upper field and then later come into view through the snow/fog drifts. One Bigfoot with a slight limp emerges from a group of trees and seems to shuffle across the snow before the webcam shifts to another area of the park.

At 1:32 in the video you can faintly see the family in the far back field, moving along the edge of the woods among the wisps of snow and fog. At 2:54 you can see the first Bigfoot emerge between the opening of two trees in the middle field directly behind the buffalo. Three more Bigfoots follow in single file. The Bigfoots appear to travel with the tallest one in the back. When compared to the size of the buffalo in the foreground, these creatures are giant size.

18. Bigfoot Sighted on Live Cam

A 2016 live cam focused on an eagle's nest caught what many believe to be Bigfoot moving about on the ground below. The black furry bipedal appears to be jumping over fallen logs and scaling down rocks in the uneven forest bed. He's serenaded by the two baby eagles in the foreground of the live cam feed.

19. Todd Standing Bigfoot Photos

Todd Standing has presented some of the clearest videos and photos of Sasquatch. He's been accused of fabricating his evidence because they are so clear unlike the majority of Bigfoot photos and videos. Most of the videos and photos other people offer are shaky, and usually so grainy or out of focus that it's impossible to evaluate, much less know with certain what animal you are watching.

Others accuse him of capitalizing on a hoax since he charges to guide small groups to witness Sasquatch in its natural habitat. Todd maintains his videos are of authentic Bigfoots, while hoax debunkers claim the Bigfoots are actually Todd in costume. Todd appeared on the Survivorman with Les Stroud.

Explore Sightings and Pictures of Bigfoot

You can find quite a few photos and videos online claiming to be authentic digital captures of Bigfoot. Many photos are proven to be hoaxes while others aren't easily discredited or are inconclusive in what exactly was photographed.

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19 Sightings and Pictures of Bigfoot: Are They Real or Fake?