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Bloody Mary Face in the Mirror Ritual

Ryan Dube
Scary Urban Legends

Do you believe in the legend of the Bloody Mary face in the mirror? The following outline is one version of the ritual many people claim will cause the haunted spirit of this female phantom to appear in the mirror behind you. Invite your friends and dare one of them to follow this guide while closed inside a dark bathroom.

Bloody Mary the Ghost

Before anyone takes part in the Bloody Mary ritual, it's important you understand the true story of Bloody Mary's spirit and why her tortured soul is trapped within the spiritual world of the bathroom mirror. Never put one of your friends in the bathroom unless they have read about Mary's terrifying past. Understanding what the female phantom wants will help you properly protect yourself in the event the frightening entity appears in the form of the Bloody Mary face in the mirror.

Bloody Mary Instructions

The first step in the ritual is to make sure the room is set up in a way that will ensure the border between the physical world and the spiritual world is thin and spirit communication is more likely.

How Do You Play Bloody Mary?

Play in a dark room. Some paranormal enthusiasts agree a darkened room reduces the energy a spirit requires in order to appear. You will also need lit candles, which seem to add spiritual energy to a room and often provide Bloody Mary the ghost with the additional energy she needs to materialize. Finally, no one is positive if the phantom that appears is truly evil, so it's important to use a special incantation to protect yourself from any evil that may materialize.

Bloody Mary Rules

Taking these factors into account, set up the bathroom as follows to encourage the entity to appear during the ritual and to keep the person practicing the ritual protected from harm.

  • Perform the ritual exactly at midnight.
  • Turn off all of the lights in the bathroom and in hallways or rooms outside the bathroom.
  • Light one or two candles and place them on the bathroom counter near the sink, under the mirror.
  • Light an incense stick and place it near the mirror; many people believe the smoke offers protection from evil.

How to Summon Bloody Mary

Once the bathroom is prepared and one of your friends has accepted the dare, place her in the bathroom and close the door. Before beginning the ritual, she must first repeat the protection chant so she will be encircled with protection. Have the participant close her eyes and repeat the protective Bloody Mary chant:

For thine protection I now pray,
Let all evil turn away,
Protect me night,
Protect me day,
And keep misfortune well at bay.

How to Call Bloody Mary

  1. Once the chant is completed, your friend must stand in front of the mirror and stare into her own eyes for about a minute.
  2. When ready, it's time to call Bloody Mary by slowly repeating the following chant 13 times (some people claim three repetitions are enough) in a row while staring at her own eyes in the mirror: "Bloody Mary (thinking one)...bloody Mary (two)...bloody Mary (three)..."

According to those who believe in this ritual, upon reaching the thirteenth Bloody Mary, an actual female spirit will materialize directly behind the person looking into the mirror. For many people, it first appears as a vague shape but in only moments, the figure of Mary, with her terrifyingly disfigured face, allegedly becomes clear.

If You See Bloody Mary in the Mirror

At this point, if your friend sees that she has summoned a real spirit, she will most likely scream. No matter what, never keep your friend locked in the bathroom. One claim is some people have gone insane from the effects of prolonged terror after seeing this female ghost appear behind them. Immediately enter the bathroom with your friends and turn on the lights. According to most stories, it's at this point that the ghost will disappear.

Is Bloody Mary Just a Game?

Many cultures have games to attract ghosts that are similar to the popular game in the United States people use to summon the ghost of Bloody Mary. And while some people report seeing a face in the mirror when summoning Bloody Mary according to the above summoning rituals, the truth is there is no proof these visions are anything more than an overactive imagination reacting to a frightening urban legend and low light conditions caused by flickering candles and smoke reflecting in a mirror in a darkened bathroom.

Bloody Mary in the Mirror

Keep in mind the above ritual is intended for entertainment purposes only. No one has ever proved whether this ritual really causes a female entity to appear, but it's important to practice safety whenever attempting to interact with the paranormal. If you're unsure about whether you or your friends will be too scared, try the ritual with two people instead of one.

Bloody Mary Face in the Mirror Ritual