How to Play the Bloody Mary Face in the Mirror Ritual

Updated July 15, 2021
Scary Urban Legends

So you've heard about summoning Bloody Mary in a bathroom mirror and want to give it a try. Do you dare? Having a little more information about the ritual can help you play what some people claim is a terrifying game!

Choose the Time, Participants, and Place

The most common time to play Bloody Mary is at the stroke of midnight. The most common place is a darkened bathroom. Perform the ritual one person at a time.

Set up the Bathroom

The first step in the Bloody Mary ritual is to make sure the bathroom is set up in a way that will ensure the border between the physical world and the spiritual world is thin and spirit communication is more likely.

  1. Turn off all the lights in the bathroom and in hallways or rooms outside the bathroom.
  2. Light one or two candles and place them on the bathroom counter near the sink, under the mirror.
  3. Light an incense stick and place it near the mirror; many people believe the smoke offers protection from evil.

Invoke Protection With a Chant

Once the bathroom is prepared, those accepting the dare can take turns. Go into the bathroom alone and close the door. Face the mirror. Before beginning the ritual, repeat the protection chant so you're encircled with positive spiritual energy. Close your eyes and repeat the protective Bloody Mary chant:

For thine protection I now pray,
Let all evil turn away,
Protect me night,
Protect me day,
And keep misfortune well at bay.

Young Woman Holding Candle While Standing In Darkroom

Summon Bloody Mary

When you feel you're protected, it's time to summon Bloody Mary. Keep your gaze focus on the mirror where she will appear.

  1. Stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Gaze in the mirror looking into reflection of your eyes for about a minute.
  3. When you feel ready, slowly repeat her name three times:
    Bloody Mary (one)
    Bloody Mary (two)
    Bloody Mary (three)
  4. Some people believe you must repeat her name a total of 13 times. If Bloody Mary doesn't appear in the mirror after the third time of saying her name, then continue the count to 13.

According to those who believe in this ritual, upon reaching the thirteenth Bloody Mary, an actual female spirit will materialize directly behind you, while you're looking in the mirror. For many people, it first appears as a vague shape but in only moments, the figure of Bloody Mary, with her terrifyingly disfigured face, becomes clear.

Get Out of the Bathroom

At this point, if you see that you've summoned a real spirit, chances are, you're now screaming hysterically. No matter what, never stay locked in the bathroom. If your friend is the one performing the ritual, get them out ASAP.

It's been said that some people have gone insane from the effects of the prolonged terror of seeing the female ghost behind them. Your friends should immediately enter the bathroom to rescue you by turning on the lights. According to most stories, as soon as the lights are turned on the ghost disappears.

Is It Just a Game?

Many cultures have games to attract ghosts that are similar to the popular game of Bloody Mary. Some people report seeing a face in the mirror when summoning Bloody Mary, but there's never been any proof these visions are anything more than an overactive imagination. Some people simply react to the frightening urban legend compounded by low light, flickering candles, and smoke reflecting in a mirror in a darkened bathroom.

Tips and Caution When Playing Bloody Mary

Keep in mind the above ritual is intended for entertainment purposes only. No one has ever proved that this ritual actually causes a female entity to appear. However, it's important to practice safety whenever attempting to interact with any spirits. Always protect yourself by repeating an incantation or prayer of protection. Wear or hold a religious talisman that makes you feel safe while you perform the ritual.

Most importantly, if you are terrified of ghosts or the paranormal and don't really wish to play, then bow out. Even if your friends tease you, in the end, you'll have honored your feelings. The next day, you'll be relieved that you were true to yourself.

A girl in a dark room with a candle in her hand in front of a mirror with reflections

Bloody Mary Face in the Mirror

While Bloody Mary is intended to be a game, sometimes you may actually conjure a spirit. If you do summon a spirit, make sure you tell it goodbye, so it doesn't linger long after the game is over.

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How to Play the Bloody Mary Face in the Mirror Ritual