Can You Use a Ouija Board Alone?

Updated July 23, 2021
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You can use a Ouija board by yourself, but there are a few things to consider before going it alone. The board's design is intended for two or more participants because the collective energy assists in establishing a connection with the spirit world. If you still want to try using the Ouija board alone, then follow a series of steps to set up the session and protect yourself as you communicate with spirits.

How to Use a Ouija Board Alone

Before your solo session, set up the room properly. Choose a quiet location where you won't be interrupted, but avoid setting up in a bedroom in case you connect with lower level spirit(s) that could interfere with your sleep. Then, cleanse the energy of the room by asking for protection, placing crystals, and smudging. After cleansing, it's time to begin your solo session.

Spiritualistic seance
  • Turn off your phone ringer and vibration. Putting it in airplane mode may be beneficial.
  • Set the board on a table or other flat surface where you can comfortably reach it, and your arms can complete the full range of motion as the planchette moves around the board.
  • Make sure the table is high enough where you can sit comfortably with your elbows off the surface and your fingertips on the planchette. Typically, a dining or card table or desk works well.

Record Your Session

Since you don't have anyone there to record the letters as the Ouija board spells them, use a recorder. Any recording device is suitable, such as a voice recorder app on your phone or a video camera.

Open the Session

Start your session by placing your fingertips very lightly on the widest part of the planchette (base).

  • Barely touch the planchette.
  • Keep your arms off the table.
  • Arch your wrists up.
  • Use your forefinger, middle, and ring fingers on each hand.
  • Move the planchette across the board several times to build up enough energy through the friction of movement. You can do this by swirling the planchette around the board using light pressure with your fingertips.

Ask Questions

Start with yes or no questions. Ask them aloud so they are on your recording. You certainly can ask questions with answers that are spelled out, as well, but this can become tedious when working the board alone. Therefore, it may be easiest to ask simple questions, such as, "What is your name?" This will allow you to receive short, one or two-word answers as opposed to long paragraphs, since it's easy to lose track of letters in long responses.

Be Patient

You'll need patience when learning how to use a Ouija board by yourself. Because your energy isn't combined with anyone else's, it may take 20 to 30 minutes or longer before your energy accumulates enough to connect with the board and spirit(s).

Record Answers

When the planchette moves to letters or numbers, call them out so your phone or other device can record it.

End Your Session

When you're ready to end the session, you must close it appropriately to disconnect from the spirit world. This can prove to be the difficult part for many solo sessions and why many Ouija board practitioners advise against lone sessions.

First, request the spirits say goodbye and thank them for their time. The spirits should move the planchette to Goodbye, and the session formerly ends when you close the board. After the planchette moves to Goodbye, turn the board over (so the letters face the table) and put it away, storing the planchette so it isn't touching the board.

Some spirits are reluctant to leave and may not direct the planchette to Goodbye. In this case, manually move the planchette to Goodbye and be firm in informing the spirit(s) you are closing the connection and no longer wish to stay in contact. Do not skip doing this. Use a simple statement, such as, "I am closing this session. You are not free to remain as our communication is now closed."

Cleanse the Space

Just as you opened the session by cleansing the room, cleanse it when you close the session as well. You can do this with a prayer. Make sure you thank the spirit(s) who participated. In addition, ask the spirit(s) to be at peace and to leave you in peace. You can also use other cleansing techniques, such as burning sage and sweetgrass or placing cleansing crystals like clear or smoky quartz around the room.

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Tips for Protection During Solo Sessions

Be sure you follow the warnings for self-protection just as you would when engaging the board with other people.

  • Guard against negative spirits by asking guides or angels for protection, using protective crystals like black tourmaline or hematite around the work surface, or diffusing sweetgrass oil.
  • Light white or ceremonial candles to invite positive energies.
  • Use religious prayers or recite verses that make you feel safe prior to starting your session.
  • Wear crystals or spiritual/religious icons and symbols to give you confidence and support.
  • Use sea salt to create a circle around the board itself or around you and the board to contain any spirits evoked and also protect you while inside the circle.

Possible Challenges of Solo Ouija Board Sessions

There are a few potential challenges when you do a Ouija session alone.

You May Not Have Enough Energy

Besides needing more spiritual protection when operating alone, you may not have enough spiritual energy to conduct a session by yourself. This kind of personal power often takes years to develop. If, after 30 minutes or so, you've not had any results, close the session as directed above (always close the session even if you think you haven't had results) and try again another time.

You Might Unconsciously Move the Planchette

Another challenge is determining whether the planchette is moving as a result of the ideomotor effect, which are small, unconscious movements of your fingers that cause the planchette to move. To guard against this, hold the tips of your fingers very lightly on the planchette--so lightly you could see a sliver of light between your fingers and the planchette if you shined a flashlight under them. Keep your elbows off the table for this reason, as well.

You Might Lose Control

A third challenge is a possible loss of control. It is essential you stay in control of the session the whole time. If something makes you uncomfortable or you feel you are losing control, end the session, close it as directed above, and invoke protection.

You Can Use a Ouija Board Alone

While many advise against holding a Ouija board session by yourself, if you're spiritually strong and follow specific precautions, you may be pleased with your solo session. Never take shortcuts, and always protect yourself when using any spirit board.

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Can You Use a Ouija Board Alone?