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Paranormal phenomena reach beyond the boundaries of the typical human experience. These occurrences can be ghosts, spirits, aliens, or other unexplained paranormal activity or encounters. It delves into the world of mysticism and witchcraft and how the paranormal guides and affects people through spirit animals, auras, and the concept of karma.

Paranormal Encounters

People encounter the paranormal in almost too many ways to catalog.

  • Some have seen spirits of dead people and may have even heard disembodied voices.
  • Others have encountered mysterious, elusive, and downright frightening creatures that hold no place in the modern catalog of flora and fauna.
  • There are many tales of UFO and alien sightings by people from all walks of life, including recently the military.
  • Still others have witnessed objects move seemingly on their own. Could they have been pushed by a ghostly hand, or were they moved completely with the power of the human mind?


Not content to experience a random encounter and go away from it more confused than before, some people embark on a scientific exploration of paranormal phenomena. This is the field of parapsychology. Parapsychology is regarded as a pseudoscience by some, but it's worth keeping in mind that many scientific theories were once scoffed at until they were proved true.

After all, it was considered outlandish to think the earth was round, or that this planet was anything other than the center of the universe. Those theories were proven false by people who pursued the truth no matter how much they were ridiculed. Perhaps one day many paranormal theories will be proven by the dedicated investigators who seek to understand the unknown.

Aspects of Parapsychology

Learning more about parapsychology can expose you to a wide variety of phenomenon. Some common threads that parapsychology enthusiasts will explore are:

Ways to Learn About Paranormal Encounters and Parapsychology

For the most part, learning more about these topics will be a self-directed process. While some aspects of parapsychology will appeal to you, others might not, and that's completely fine. Choose a topic or two to start researching. Look for books on the topics, as well as websites (though these should be vetted a bit; check their information against others to see if they're far off base), shows, and documentaries. There are also many channels on YouTube specifically focused on the paranormal and parapsychology.

In fact, because there is so much out there, it's important to narrow your goals at the very beginning so you don't get overwhelmed. Even within a single topic, there are multiple subtopics to learn about. Pace yourself and enjoy the process-there is no race to the finish line.

Learn About the Paranormal

Dedicating your time to pursuing and understanding those things as yet unrecognized by modern science can be a fascinating diversion. There's a wide variety of paranormal topics so you can pick and choose what interests you most.

Paranormal Phenomena and Encounters