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The Seer

There are many clairvoyant abilities that you can discover and develop. Some of these abilities can at first be overwhelming, but a few helpful tips can guide you in understanding and developing them.

How to Awaken Your Clairvoyant Abilities

You can use psychic tests to explore and evaluate your psychic abilities. There are several free online psychic tests you can take to help assess your abilities. When you discover you possess a clairvoyant ability, you can focus to develop it. Exercising your abilities will give you confidence in using them.

While you can't actually create an ability, you can develop ones you have. Each time you intentionally call upon a specific ability, you open yourself up to it more. It helps to think of it like clearing snow off a buried sidewalk. You know the sidewalk is there, you just need to remove the snow so you can see it and use it.

Each time you use your ability, it's like a shovel full of snow being removed from the buried sidewalk. Little by little, the more you use your abilities, the clearer your path to them becomes until one day, you have cleared all the things preventing you from claiming the ability as yours.

Exploring Psychic Gifts

A list of psychic abilities helps to identify individual talents. This list may help you discover which clairvoyant talents you possess. Keep in mind that for many psychics, each ability works in unison with other abilities, so you may have more individual abilities than you realize. That doesn't mean you will use each ability separately. It's like having a collection of crystals that you can take one out for a specific use or use all of them together.


Not all clairvoyant abilities are easy to cope with. One that is especially difficult is being an empath. This ability presents a unique challenge that requires learning how to sift through a lot of information bombarding you. Once you learn how to separate your feelings from the ones you sense from other people, you can begin to use this ability in a variety of helpful ways.


Psychometry can easily be used by itself or along with other gifts. For example, you may read an object, but without using your empathetic ability, you might not fully understand the connection a person has with that object. Using your abilities as the package deal they were meant to be, you can receive far more actionable information.

Varied Clairvoyant Abilities

Some clairvoyants are able to see and read auras while others may be able to communicate directly with spirits. Still, others may prefer to use psychic tools to connect with the spirit world, such as automatic writing or reading tarot or angel cards. There are no hard and fast rules about how you connect with spirit. There are guidelines and tips afforded you by the thousands of clairvoyants who've gone before you. Telekinesis is often a gift that works in unison with any of the other main abilities.

Mediums Readings May Prove Helpful

Your first introduction to mediumship as a clairvoyant may be through another medium or psychic. This connection with another clairvoyant may be just what you need, especially if you don't have a mentor. Going to a psychic or medium for a reading may provide you with the confidence you presently lack to pursue developing your abilities. A positive reading might be the motivation you need to explore your inner self a little deeper.

Anytime someone else tells you something about yourself, you should be the judge about the validity of what you were told. This is especially true when you are clairvoyant as well. You should evaluate mediums who perform a reading for you.

Discovering Your Clairvoyant Abilities

You have many ways to explore your clairvoyant abilities. Patience and diligence are key to discovering and developing these gifts.

Clairvoyant Abilities