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Almost everyone has heard rumors about some creepy old abandoned hospital that's haunted. And a lot of eerie, seemingly abandoned places aren't as empty as they might seem at first glance because the dead have never left. But there are other places too. These ordinary looking locations have strange happenings, eerie events, and all sorts of things that go bump in the night. There might even be one in your neighborhood.

What Makes a Haunting?

There are many theories about what makes a place become haunted. Traumatic death often sets the stage for the ghosts of those who suffered a horrid demise. Many of the hauntings are from residual energies that simply replay the events like a recording, while others are intelligent hauntings with interaction between the living and dead.

Recognizing Paranormal Encounters

A haunted place can have a variety of paranormal activity taking place. For example, you may come upon a place that is known for ghost orbs, which have all kinds of meanings depending on the color of the orbs. Other locations might have more malevolent types of activity and even a demonic presence.

Seeking Specters

If you plan to spend time looking for ghosts--or if you happen to accidentally encounter one--it's important you understand how to communicate with each type of paranormal entity. Some people use a Ouija board or hold a séance in their practice of summoning spirits. This isn't always possible in public locations, but a private home or building closed to the public might be a great opportunity to explore.

Other people prefer to conduct a paranormal investigation, using different ghost hunting devices. If you're a beginner ghost hunter, start with a well-known haunted place. This offers the best possibility of encountering an entity on your first try.

Famous Haunts

One of the most famous places to go ghost hunting are schools and colleges. The ghosts haunting dormitories and other campus buildings are often an intricate part of the school's reputation.

Around the world, some of the most obvious places to find ghosts are cemeteries or hospitals where death is commonplace. Some of the most haunted places are where people met with untimely death in hotels or a historical location, such as a drafty old castle, where violent sieges and executions took place.

The Great Ghostly Outdoors

However, there are haunted locations you might overlook and never suspect to be very active with spirits, ghosts, demons, and other paranormal activities. For example, you probably wouldn't expect an amusement park to be a hotbed for otherworldly encounters, unless you knew of a specific accident that happened there. One of the most unlikely places for a haunting is an unassuming hiking trail that is secretly known for ghostly and other unusual activities. At first, you might not consider investigating a canyon that has a bloody history of murders until you discover its history for unexplained paranormal events.

You may decide to combine your love for spelunking by exploring haunted caves throughout the U.S. Exploring old mines come with risks if it was closed for being unstable, but if you know of a safe mine that you can get permission to investigate, you may discover the spirits of miners lost in cave-ins are just waiting for someone to communicate with them.

Hit the Haunted Road

One of the best ways to visit such out-of-the-way haunts is to plan a haunted road trip! A haunted gold rush road trip can be a fun adventure! If you've always wanted to travel the famous Route 66, double your fun by stopping at haunted locations along the route. Don't forget to make a playlist for your trip!

Explore and Learn About Ghosts and Haunted Places

There is what seems to be an endless choice for exploring haunted places. Whether you choose to investigate hauntings by regions, types of activity, or by a theme, you are sure to have many opportunities to interact with ghosts.

Ghosts and Haunting Locations