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Article Highlight: Is the Dybbuk Box Real? The Frightening True Story

The Dybbuk Box (also called Dibbuk Box) is perhaps one of the creepiest haunted objects ever sold on eBay. Buying and selling objects with a haunted reputation has become a cottage industry on the auction website.… Keep reading »

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Expert ghost hunters and paranormal investigators dedicate time and resources to research paranormal phenomena. They work to help homeowners, business owners, and spirits caught in unusual and disturbing circumstances.

Paranormal Experts Advise Beginners

Paranormal experts can offer valuable advice to any aspiring ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. You can gain insight about the paranormal from experts such as remote viewers or real life exorcists.

Paranormal Investigation Methods

Paranormal investigators use numerous investigative methods and equipment to capture and evaluate possible evidence. Some activities paranormal investigators may participate in or undertake include:

  • Ghost hunters travel to haunted houses or buildings.
  • Investigators take photos and video recording in an attempt to capture apparitions or other paranormal activities.
  • Expert paranormal investigators use various devices, such as EMF detectors or recorders to capture EVPs.
  • Investigators may spend nights in cemeteries or abandoned sites.
  • They attempt to find alternative explanations for reports of strange sightings and events.

Paranormal TV Personalities and Authors

Many paranormal experts find opportunities to educate the public by hosting their own television show or writing a book. Others choose to work where there is known paranormal activity.

Psychics and Mediums

Many psychics and mediums become paranormal investigators as a natural venue to use their abilities. In the process, they often help others to understand how psychics and mediums work or how a person can tap into their own abilities. Some psychics work as trance mediums to contact ghosts and spirits residing in a haunted home, building or location.

Working at Haunted Locations

Some people work at a location known for its paranormal activity and become experts through necessity, like some workers at the Mark Twain House & Museum. Some psychic paranormal investigators work to dispel misconceptions many people have about the paranormal.

Paranormal Experts and Paranormal Evidence

Paranormal experts collect and analyze various forms of evidence of paranormal activity to present to clients. They rely on their expertise to provide greater insight into this unique and mysterious field of the unknown.

Expert Paranormal Advice