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Article Highlight: Frightening True Story of the Haunted Dybbuk Box

The Dybbuk Box (also called Dibbuk Box) is perhaps one of the creepiest haunted objects ever sold on eBay. Buying and selling objects with a haunted reputation has become a cottage industry on the auction website.… Keep reading »

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True Stories of the Paranormal

A Collection of Exclusive Interviews With Paranormal Experts

There are few sources of information about the paranormal that are quite as valuable and insightful as paranormal interviews. As the paranormal field grows and changes, experts contribute to and guide its growth.

Expert Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators

Throughout these interviews, you'll meet host hunters and paranormal investigators who dedicate their own time and resources to research paranormal phenomena. They may spend time in haunted houses or buildings, take photos and record EVPs, or even travel to cemeteries and other haunted locations where strange sightings are reported. Whatever their methods, paranormal investigators are some of the most resourceful and inquisitive researchers you'll ever meet.

Paranormal Authors

When it comes to understanding paranormal activity, the authors who investigate and write about the theory and philosophy behind a strange phenomenon are often some of the most intriguing subjects for interviews. These authors often push the boundaries of understanding, and they force readers to think outside the box and contemplate matters and issues that are sometimes difficult to understand.

Psychics and Mediums

Interviews with clairvoyants and psychics are always fascinating because these people have abilities that others may doubt; this includes the ability to sense things that are unseen and unproven. Yet, time and time again, there are people with these paranormal abilities who surprise even the most stringent skeptic with their ability to predict future events or produce private information that they would normally have no way of knowing.

What Paranormal Interviews Has to Offer

In this category, you'll find a list of interviews with people from each of the backgrounds mentioned above covering some of the most fascinating topics imaginable. You'll learn about metaphysical matters that most people give little thought to, even though they are issues that often affect everyone in some way during the course of their lives. Be sure to visit often and check out the latest interview as this category continues to grow.

Paranormal Expert Interviews