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If you are fascinated by all things paranormal, you know that pictures are always worth a thousand words. Whether it's the image of a ghost, a strange creature, or a haunted location, images often help paranormal enthusiasts portray the mystery and intrigue of a location or situation.

Ghostly Images

For a ghost hunter, capturing an image of an apparition can be one of the most exciting moments during an investigation. Paranormal slideshows of ghosts show others the sort of unreal sights and sounds that investigators can often see during a ghost hunt. These encounters might be:

  • A ghostly shadow at the end of a dark hallway
  • Mist that takes the eerie form of a white woman in the middle of a gloomy cemetery
  • Images and forms found hidden in flames that appear to take on a life of their own

Haunted Locations

When it comes to haunted places, sometimes the location itself is spookier than anything that could possibly happen there. Locations that top the list of the most popular paranormal places are

  • Large and menacing haunted asylums
  • Deserted buildings that are centuries old
  • Eerie cemeteries that are filled with evil shadows
  • The deadly Bermuda Triangle, graveyard of many lost ships

Images captured at these locations usually provide amazing insight into the surreal forces that exist in them. Slideshows of haunted locations are often some of the spookiest, so don't expect to get much sleep after viewing them.

Paranormal Creatures

Images of paranormal creatures are some of the most sought-after images on the Internet. People want to see evidence of the many stories that detail experiences where people see creatures like Bigfoot AKA Sasquatch, the Loch Ness Monster, werewolves and sometimes even a vampire. It isn't often that people are able to capture real evidence of these sightings, but when they do, those images often reveal some of the strangest creatures you'll ever see.

Paranormal Phenomena

The paranormal also includes unusual, unexplained phenomena like:

It also includes the creepy Ouija board used to contact the dead who may not wish to be disturbed.

Explore Phenomena Further Through Pictures

Delving through paranormal slideshows will increase your interest in everything related to paranormal experiences and phenomenon. There are so many aspects of the unexplained to choose from that you're sure to find a niche that you can explore further.

Paranormal Pictures