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Imagine you're in a spooky, creepy place when suddenly you hear a noise behind you. As you whirl around, you quickly snap a picture with your phone. When you look at it, you see something you didn't notice with your eyes. Is it a ghost? Is it an illusion? Often, paranormal pictures raise more questions when they answer, but they offer intriguing evidence that maybe, just maybe, ghosts are real.

Ghostly Images

For a ghost hunter, capturing an image of an apparition can be one of the most exciting moments during an investigation. In fact, many paranormal researchers consider ghost photos the holy grail of paranormal evidence. Looking at ghost photos provides insights into some of the strange sights paranormal investigators regularly experience, such as:

  • A ghostly shadow at the end of a dark hallway
  • Mist that takes the eerie form of a white woman in the middle of a gloomy cemetery
  • Images and forms found hidden in flames that appear to take on a life of their own

Ghost Cams and Videos

So, what if you can't actually venture out to a creepy location either because it's across the world or not accessible to the public? Enter the ghost cam! Many haunted locations have 24-7 ghost cams running all the time so you can view them on the internet or an app to see if you're lucky enough to spot a ghost. Others share ghost videos on sites like YouTube to give you a glimpse of far-away haunted happenings.

Ghost Orbs

Among the more controversial photographic ghost evidence are orbs, which appear frequently in digital photography and on video. And while some orb photos are merely artifacts of digital photography, others are more intriguing and may offer evidence that you captured something that defies logical explanation.

Other Paranormal Phenomenon

Of course paranormal photos aren't just limited to ghosts. Other people offer evidence of paranormal phenomena, such as UFO photos, alien images, or bigfoot videos. Images and videos like these are always hotly debated topics in the paranormal field. It takes discernment and a keen eye to spot possible fakes or hoaxes.

Improve Your Chances for Authentic Photos

Are you feeling inspired and ready to try your luck? Before you head out, improve your chances of catching an authentic ghost or paranormal photo by doing the following:

  • Learn exactly how your camera works.
  • Use the right lense and settings for the light conditions.
  • Hold your breath when you take the photo to avoid creating a mist.
  • Always snap photos in a series so you can look at the images side by side for anomalies.
  • Make sure the lens is clear of dust, dirt, fingerprints, debris, hair, your thumb, and the camera strap.
  • Keep a log of atmospheric conditions at the time you snap each photo.
  • Take baseline photos of a fully lighted room before you begin your investigation for comparison later.

Explore Phenomena Further Through Pictures

Delving through paranormal photos will increase your interest in everything related to paranormal experiences and phenomenon. There are so many aspects of the unexplained to choose from that you're sure to find a niche that you can explore further.

Paranormal Pictures