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Urban Legends and Stories

Article Highlight: Behind the Bloody Mary Legend: Folklore and History

The folklore of the Bloody Mary legend warns of a spirit or witch that manifests in a mirror when you repeat her several times. The Bloody Mary apparition is an evil centerpiece in what is often described as… Keep reading »

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Urban Legends

All About Urban Legends

Creepy urban legends and scary stories about creatures capture the imagination. The difference between a myth and legend is unimportant when you come face-to-face with Bigfoot, Mothman, black-eyed kids, or the Thin Man. Urban legends are scary and always evoke fear.

Myths Involve Superhuman Beings

A myth is usually regarded as a sacred retelling of superhuman beings or gods and explains the vast mysteries of the world. Unlike urban legends, most people don't believe myths are real.

Legends Are About Human Beings

An urban legend is usually a contemporary story that's accepted by the general population as being true. This story is typically based on some fact no matter how miniscule it might be.

Folklorists first used the term, urban legend, around 1968 to differentiate between ancient and modern legends. Over the years, that line has blurred to include ancient creatures like vampires, werewolves and demons.

Elements of the Stories

Most urban legends are stories that have a beginning, middle and end. The characters are victims of mishap, unfortunate events or some apocalyptic event. The moral of the story leaves the listener with a warning and of course fear. Key urban legend elements:

  • Horror
  • Fear
  • Mystery
  • Black Humor

Stories of Warnings

All of these tales carry a message of caution or some kind of a warning. Often the information retold in the legend is incorrect such as the urban legend years ago that a certain candy that popped once inside your mouth could kill you. There were several stories about people who had died from the exploding candies.

Ghosts and Spirits

It's only natural that urban legends would grow beyond the 1980s description into the realms of ghosts and spirits. After all, the unexplained is often a key element in the structuring of an urban legend. One recurring popular haunting favorite is the story of the ghost hitchhiker who disappears after delivering a message or being dropped off at a house.

Dark Tales of Creatures

Urban legends stretch beyond the mundane and into the realm of impossibility. Legends of the unbelievable transformation of humans into hungry evil creatures of the night share the same origins as ancient folklore. Vampires, zombies, gargoyles, werewolves, and monsters of all kinds fill the night with fright and dread.

What You Can Expect With Urban Legends

This category explores the stories and the creatures often found in urban legends. You may be surprised and even relieved to discover a story you believed to be true is only a legend. Share your thoughts and experiences with other visitors by leaving comments and becoming part of this growing community.

Urban Legends and Stories