15 Potential Causes for the Bermuda Triangle Mysteries

Updated August 25, 2021
Map of Bermuda Triangle

For decades, the Bermuda Triangle has mystified the world. Since the early 20th century, dozens of ships, planes, and boats have inexplicably vanished in the triangle of the Atlantic Ocean stretching between Miami, Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. And while a baffled public seeks explanations for the puzzling disappearances, nobody knows for certain why the area known as the Bermuda Triangle causes so many disappearances. However, a number of theories suggest possible explanations.

The Seas Are Too Rough for Small Boats

Human error most likely is one of the biggest causes for boats and planes to go missing in the Bermuda Triangle, such as setting out in a boat too small to handle the rough ocean. Many of the missing vessels that attempted to cross these waters were just too small to withstand the powerful seas, especially in sudden storms. Not all the boaters who've disappeared in the triangle were experienced. Many of them were novices with no idea how treacherous the Triangle is.

Unpredictable Sudden Storms Arise

The Bermuda Triangle has very unpredictable weather. It can be a calm sea one moment and the next, you find yourself in a life-threatening squall or tropical storm. According to UCSB Science Line, the convergence of the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf Stream create very turbulent waters. The mixing of warm and cooler waters, along with the strong currents, generates sudden powerful storms.

Rogue Waves Capsize Boats

The conditions for a rogue wave are deep water and strong currents. With the introduction of satellite imagery, the scientific community no longer denies the existence of these giant waves. In 2000, a British oceanographic research ship encountered a 61-foot rogue wave. Individual waves were up to 95 feet high! In addition, the European Space Agency satellites recorded ten rogue waves that were 82 feet high and higher in some instances. With scientific proof of what was once just a theory, a rogue wave becomes a very probable cause for the sudden disappearance of a ship, especially large freighters.

Extreme Weather Events Are Responsible

Before weather monitoring satellites and radar, there were few warnings for emerging storm fronts. Ships were caught off guard and became the latest statistics of mysterious Bermuda Triangle disappearances. Warm water oceans can spawn sudden waterspouts, tornadoes, water cyclones, and hurricanes. The nature of a waterspout means it can appear out of nowhere and disappear as quickly as it was created. Many scientists believe this kind of natural weather condition could be responsible for non-human error Bermuda Triangle disappearances.

Water Cyclone

Deep Trenches Create Deadly Whirlpools

Imagine what would happen if a ship was trapped in a whirlpool. Scientists believe whirlpools could explain some of the mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. But what could cause such a powerful whirlpool? Deep trenches! It seems that the deepest underwater trenches in the world are located in the Bermuda Triangle. It so happens that deep trenches are notorious for creating dangerous whirlpools. The whirlpool feeds on its own energy, which strengthens it and makes it grow wider. If a ship was trapped in this energy field of swirling water, it would be unable to break free.

Quicksand Buries Wrecks

Another powerful theory addresses why so few wreckages are found. In his book, The Bermuda Triangle, Aaron L Rudolph writes that much of the ocean floor is nothing more than quicksand. Were a wrecked plane or ship to sink to the bottom of the ocean with a bed of quicksand, it would be engulfed and almost impossible to find.

Air Bombs Bring Down Planes

One of the more recent theories to explain Bermuda Triangle disappearances blames hexagon shaped clouds that generate 170 mph vertical air bombs. Scientists discovered how hexagon clouds, often ranging from 22 to 55 miles in size, can create vertical winds strong enough to blast a plane out of the sky. When the air bomb strikes the surface of the water, the force generates up to 45-foot waves. A small or medium sized boat will have difficulty riding such a high and powerful wave.

Release of Methane Gas Bubbles Capsizes Ships

The sudden disappearances of ships and possibly low-flying aircraft might be due to a sudden methane gas release. If trapped pockets of methane gas suddenly release and rush to the surface like huge, bursting bubbles, scientists believe this can easily capsize a ship. In fact, researchers conducted tests in laboratory tanks to demonstrate just how strong these methane gas releases are. Are methane gas bubbles the reason ships and planes disappear in the Bermuda Triangle?

However, Physicist and oceanographer Helen Czerski at University College London claims the methane bubble theory doesn't hold water. In a YouTube video, she demonstrates that the methane gas release would quickly turn into tiny bubbles, not the powerful big bubbles theorized. In fact, she states that the smaller bubbles might pitch a ship up, never down. Aside from rocking the ship, she says the gas release would cause a big stink, but certainly wouldn't capsize a boat or bring down a plane. Her research seems to disprove the often-accepted large bursting bubble theory.

Ships Run Afoul of Modern Pirates

Could modern day pirates be responsible for many of the small boat disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle? After all, Caribbean pirates might not belong just in the history books or Disney movies. In fact, The Travel warns about modern pirates. This warning lends credibility to the theory that some of these disappearances are the result of marauding criminals. The passengers/crew are either killed or sold into slavery while the boat is stolen and possibly sold.

According to The New York Times, there are "tens of thousands of boats or ships stolen around the world each year...." These ships become part of a global crime fleet known as the Phantom Fleet. In the Caribbean, the ships are mostly used to smuggle guns, people, and drugs. Surplus ships and boats are sold on the black market to further fund the fleet's criminal activities. It's easy to see how stealing a ship or boat in such vast waters plagued with a history of unexplained disappearances would attract such a crime organization. It makes for a perfect built-in cover story to explain sudden disappearances in the mysterious triangle.

Electromagnetic Field Disturbances Interfere With Navigation

A disturbance in the electromagnetic field can interfere with the navigation systems of the plane or boat. This theory contends that the magnetic fields are somehow disturbed and then affect the navigation systems on boats and planes. This theory had little traction among scientists with no real-life example, but that changed when it was discovered the equatorial electrojet (electromagnetic anomalies that naturally occur over the equator) reacted to shock waves from solar winds. The reaction to the solar wind shock waves revealed weak spots in the Earth's magnetic field which are susceptible to magnetic storms. As these generate more energy, they can manifest in geomagnetic storms. It may be possible that this type of storm could happen in the Bermuda Triangle.

Oceanic Black Holes Trap Ships

The theory that one or more black holes are located in the Bermuda Triangle isn't new. In 2013, Daily Mail reported scientists discovered a black hole in the southern Atlantic Ocean. The article states, "These huge ocean whirlpools are so tightly surrounded by circular water paths that nothing caught up in them escapes." The scientists confirmed these whirlpools were mathematically identical to black holes.

Black Hole

Anti-Gravity Hurls Ships and Planes Into Outer Space

In the book Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, 20 magnetic gravity points are discussed. The Bermuda Triangle is described as a "powerful diamagnetic levitator" whenever it becomes active. So, if you enter the Bermuda Triangle on the wrong day, this reversed gravity could send a boat or plane along with its unfortunate occupants hurtling into space! Yes, outer space. The distance the plane or boat would be sent is between 20,000 and 75,000 miles.

Vessels Get Lost in Time

There are reports of lost time by some people who went missing in the Bermuda Triangle but survived to tell their stories. In one such case, Bruce Gernon, an instrument-rated flight instructor, was flying from Andros Island to Ft. Lauderdale. He encountered bad weather and flew into what he described as a tunnel. He claimed to have time traveled, since he arrived in Ft. Lauderdale nearly 30 minutes early, having used nine gallons less fuel than normal.

Sunlight Activates the Giant Crystal of Atlantis

Edgar Cayce's reading on the Bermuda Triangle discussed a huge laser crystal that was a powerful weapon also used as the guiding energy source for Atlantean aircraft. Cayce said the crystal was submerged underneath the water in the Bermuda Triangle. He stated that on clear days when the water is calm, the sunlight hits the crystal and activates it. The crystal beam disrupts electronic equipment and is responsible for the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

Vortexes and Wormholes Open

Christopher Columbus saw strange dancing lights along the horizon of the Bermuda Triangle. He later saw a round, glowing object submerged in the ocean. On two occasions, the compass reading was NW at night, but by daybreak, it corrected itself to align with magnetic north once more. There are many similar Bermuda Triangle stories about people seeing UFOs and USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) within the Bermuda Triangle. Some theorize that these alien craft are using vortexes or wormholes to enter and exit our world, and somehow ships and planes are accidentally getting caught in these passageways.

Potential Causes of the Bermuda Triangle Mysteries

It's hard to imagine a large vessel such as a ship or airplane disappearing completely off the face of the Earth with no explanation, but in the Bermuda Triangle, it's commonplace. Could one or more of these theories explain the perplexing disappearances that occur there? Only those aboard vanished vessels know for sure, and they aren't around to share their tales.

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