Images of Chupacabra Characteristics

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Chupacabra Pictures

Pictures of Chupacabra are difficult to come by since many of the "real" Chupacabra images circulated have turned out to be mange-ridden coyotes. The public is left to wonder what this mythical creature may really look like. There are numerous "eyewitness" descriptions that artists have used to create their own illustrations. Are these images a fair representation of the Chupacabra? Who can say, but looking at them certainly fires the imagination about the possibilities. The following images are not actual photos of Chupacabras, but renditions based on eyewitness descriptions.

Some eyewitnesses who swear they've had Chupacabra sightings claim the Chupacabra is dog-like and hairless with very small ears, something like the image pictured here.

An Alien Life Form?

There is some speculation that the Chupcabra just might be an alien life form stranded on this planet. This rendering portrays the spiky fur and glowing red eyes that are so prominent in many Chup descriptions.

A Type of Wild Dog?

Another dog-type Chupacabra image incorporates the dark leathery skin and lack of fur mentioned in so many accounts of the creature.

A Demon, Perhaps

Does this image, with its glowing red eyes, offer a glimpse of what the creature may truly look like?

A Genetic Experiment Gone Awry?

Sharp fangs and lizard-like skin are more staples of Chupcabra descriptions. Some people speculate the animal is the product of genetic experimentation being carried out in secret by the US government.

A Living Gargoyle

Although this is an image of a stone gargoyle, some people think the general description of the Chupacabra is quite similar to these stone monsters. Is the Chup a living gargoyle, and could it have traveled across the ocean from Europe only to live a secretive existence in North and South America?

Is This the Goat Sucker?

Some reports claim the Chup has a semi-human form, and that it can either fly or leap great distances. Add to this image the claims that the creature sucks the blood of livestock, and it's easy to see why this legend has gained such traction in the public's imagination.

Unless someone finally captures a specimen of this elusive cryptid, the world may never get a chance to take a real look.

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Images of Chupacabra Characteristics