7 Chupacabra Sightings From Across the World 

Fierce Chupacabra creature

In the world of cryptozoology, El Chupacabra is one of the most controversial. There are quite a few videos, photos, and claims of sightings and even a few specimens of what many believe is this mythological creature. Since the first 1970 sighting and 1995 wave of El Chupacabra reports in Puerto Rico, there have been reports of the blood-sucking creature throughout the world.

Dr. Phyllis Canion, Cuero, Texas

In 2007, Dr. Canion found this famous specimen of what is believed to be a chupacabra in front of her ranch after it was hit by a passing vehicle. Subsequent DNA testing ruled out any type of domestic or another breed of dog, such as the hairless Xolo Mexican dog.

Some of the qualities that make this specimen so unique are the blue eyes (most canines have brown eyes) and its gray elephant-like textured hide.

In this Q&A video filmed in 2008, Dr. Canion, a nutritionist, explains the DNA sequencing conducted. The first was through Texas State University with the results given as that of a coyote. However, when questioned, the representative stated further testing was needed to identify the remaining DNA.

Dr. Canion sent DNA to be sequenced by the largest forensics veterinarian school, UC Davis. Those results identified the maternal side as a coyote and the paternal as a Mexican wolf which is a very unnatural mating. The skin, gait, and other oddities not natural to either species remains unanswered.

Saudi Arabia Chupacabra

The video intro states it was taken in a Saudi Arabian desert on September 24, 2007. The intro explains, "A sheep herder saw three figures walking in the desert. A very odd scene because the herder knows that no one wanders in that area."

The story unfolds as the herder believed the men were lost and walked toward them to offer assistance. However, he soon realized they were fighting each other and kicking up dust in their scuffle. When the herder drew closer, he quickly realized they were not human. Frightened, he shot at them, hitting one and apparently killing it. To his surprise, the other two creatures flew away. The man was in shock and was admitted into a hospital, babbling that the other two creatures were after him.

New Jersey Chupacabra

In June of 2013, a photo was posted on Reddit of a creature walking along the top of a wooden fence in New Jersey.

Some speculate it is a chupacabra while others claim it is the famous Jersey devil. What do you think?

Chupacabra Running on Beach

This video appears to have been taken by a drone along a beach. The YouTube description doesn't give much information other than the location was "Slaughter Beach." The September 12, 2014 video was taken at 4 pm and shows a dog-like creature with characteristics that fit the typical descriptions of the chupacabra.

Kentucky Chupacabra Killed

In 2010, a man in Nelson County, Kentucky killed what he believed might be a chupacabra. Surrounded in controversy, a veterinarian stated it was either a raccoon or opossum suffering from mange, but the farmer, a self-claimed hunter, stated the creature was neither a raccoon or opossum.

Ukraine Chupacabra

In June 2014, a Ukraine man identified as Ivan killed what he believes is a chupacabra. The creature killed rabbits and chickens, draining them of blood. According to Metro, Ivan killed the creature with a pitchfork after finding it in his barn. The creature had terrorized the villagers of Ruskin, located in western Ukraine, for some time. They reported the creature had jumped over six foot high walls. Ivan is being celebrated in his village as a hero.

According to Valeriy Dopiryak, head of the Regional State Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine, the creature looks like an African fox, except for specific aspects, such as its neck, teeth, ears, and paws being too long. Dopiryak stated, "We can't say what it is."

Sheriff Deputy Dash Cam

One of the most famous videos of what many believe is a chupacabra was taken in 2008. Captured by the dash cam of a Dewitt County Sheriff's Deputies on patrol, the video shows the creature running in front of the patrol car.

Described as hairless with a large snout and the size of a coyote, the Sheriff told KFDA News Channel 10 that upon reviewing the video, he was sure the animal was not a coyote. He described the creature as having shorter front legs than back legs, which were long. You can see the strange face with a large snout at 0:30 when it glances back at the vehicle.

The Moca Vampire

On February 25, 1975, a Puerto Rican newspaper reported a pig, several cows, geese, and goats were found dead in a small town (Moca). The animals all had puncture wounds and all the blood had been drained from them. Many speculated that a vampire was among them. What followed was a siege of dead animals that included some mutilations ruled surgical.

UFOs and Animal Mutilations

The stories soon shifted to stories of the Moca Vampire. UFOs began to show up around the same areas where the animal mutilations occurred. The UFOS ranged from cigar-shaped to star-shaped. One reportedly landed and left a scorched area beyond. There were a couple of reports of a large odd bird, a shadowy figure running from a field where dead goats were discovered. Puerto Rico was besieged with animal mutilations and UFO sightings until July 1974 when the animal mutilations and UFO activity stopped. No explanation for either was ever given.

El Chupacabra Seen Around the World

The sightings of chupacabra have expanded from the first in Puerto Rico to North and South America. The strange hairless creature has also been reported in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. These sightings of the goat sucker continue to intrigue the world of cryptozoology.

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7 Chupacabra Sightings From Across the World