7 Chupacabra Sightings From Across the World 

Updated July 9, 2021
Fierce Chupacabra creature

The first sighting of El Chupacabra occurred in Puerto Rico in 1995 after eight sheep were found dead and drained of blood by what witnesses described a very strange, hairless creature. After that, Puerto Rico had a rash of sightings of the odd blood sucking critter. And then, the sightings spread to other countries as well. Since its original appearance, Chupacabra sightings have occurred all around the world.

Cuero Chupacabra

In 2007, Dr. Phyllis Canion saw a strange creature on her land. Then, her chickens started dying. She contacted her neighbors in Cuero, Texas, and asked if they had seen the creature. One called her and told her he'd found a dead one hit by a car on a nearby road. The now famous specimen of what Dr. Canion thought was a Chupacabra was a hot story in 2007.

She had the DNA tested and went so far as to have the blue-eyed creature preserved by a taxidermist. The subsequent DNA testing ruled out any type of domestic or another breed of dog, such as the hairless Xoloitzcuintli dog.

Some of the qualities that make this specimen so unique are the blue eyes (most canines have brown eyes) and its gray elephant-like textured hide. In a Q&A video filmed in 2008, Dr. Canion, a nutritionist, explains the DNA sequencing conducted.

The first test was performed by the Texas State University, with the results given as that of a coyote. However, there was DNA that wasn't identified. When she questioned the results, the representative stated further testing was needed to identify the remaining DNA.

Dr. Canion sent DNA to be sequenced by the largest forensics veterinarian school, UC Davis. Those results identified the maternal side as a coyote and the paternal as a Mexican wolf, which is a very unnatural mating. According to Dr. Canion, the mystery remains since the skin, gait, and other oddities are not natural to either species.

Saudi Arabia Chupacabra

A strange story is documented in a YouTube video of a Chupacabra tale from the Saudi Arabian desert. A sheep herder noticed three people walking in the desert and was curious since no one just happens to wander in the area where he was. After all, it was the desert and a hostile environment.

Thinking the men were lost, the sheep herder decided to approach them and offer whatever type of assistance they might need. But, he soon stopped in his tracks when he realized the men were fighting with each other. Their roughhousing was so intense, they were stirring up the desert floor. As they scuffled with each other, the man was frightened.

Chupacabra Illustration

Then, he realized what he was looking at weren't men at all. They weren't even human. Terrified, the herder shot at them and actually hit one of them, killing it. The two other creatures just lifted from the ground and flew away.

The man went into shock and was found in the desert and hospitalized. He was distraught, claiming the two creatures were after him. The video was made by someone who went out to the area to see what the man had killed. The image of the creature looks like those of other reported Chupacabra. This is a very strange tale unlike any other Chupacabra sighting.

New Jersey Creature

In June 2013, there was a very strange photo posted on Reddit. The photo was snapped of this odd creature walking along the top of a wooden fence in the poster's New Jersey backyard. The photo has since been featured in a YouTube video that repeats the haunting question asked on Reddit, "What is this?"

Some responders speculate it is a Chupacabra, while others claim it is the famous Jersey Devil. On YouTube, the comments range from a mangy opossum, a mangy squirrel or a mangy raccoon. One thing most of the posters agree on is that it is an animal suffering from mange, a common conclusion most people draw for many of the so-called Chupacabra sightings.

Kentucky Chupacabra Killed

In 2010, a man in Nelson County, Kentucky killed what he believed might be a Chupacabra. Surrounded by controversy, the Chupacabra is often said to be a misidentified animal suffering from mange.

In this instance, a veterinarian was interviewed by the local television station crew. After reviewing the video, the veterinarian concluded the unfortunate creature was either a raccoon or opossum suffering from mange.

However, the farmer, a self-claimed hunter and experienced trapper, stated the creature was neither a raccoon nor an opossum. He had seen many of these animals over his lifetime, and the creature he killed is something different. Later, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife examined the creature and pronounced it was a hairless raccoon. Mark Cothern, the hunter who shot the animal, stated the paws of the creature are not like those of a raccoon and had the specimen preserved and mounted by a taxidermist.

Ukraine Chupacabra

In June 2014, a Ukraine man identified as Ivan killed what he believes is a Chupacabra. The creature killed rabbits and chickens, draining them of blood. According to Metro, Ivan killed the creature with a pitchfork after finding it in his barn.

The creature had terrorized the villagers of Ruskin, located in western Ukraine, for some time. They reported the creature had jumped over six-foot-high walls. Ivan is being celebrated in his village as a hero.

According to Valeriy Dopiryak, head of the Regional State Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine, the creature looks like an African fox, except for specific aspects, such as its neck, teeth, ears, and paws being too long. Dopiryak stated, "We can't say what it is."

Sheriff Deputy Dash Cam

One of the most famous sightings includes a video of what many believe is a Chupacabra was taken in Texas in 2008. Captured on the dash cam by Dewitt County Sheriff's Deputies on patrol, the video shows the creature running in front of the patrol car.

The creature is described as hairless with a large snout and the size of a coyote. The Sheriff told KFDA News Channel 10 that upon reviewing the video, he was sure the animal was not a coyote. He described the creature as having shorter front legs than back legs, which were long. You can see the strange face with a large snout at 0:30 when it glances back at the vehicle.

Lambs in Mexico Attacked by Chupacabra

In June 2016, a farmer in Chihuahua, Mexico claimed a Chupacabra had attacked 10 of his lambs. The animals suffered neck and head wounds. One of the lambs died from its injuries.

The farmer reported that a similar attack had happened before. It was five years ago when a neighboring farm suffered a similar attack on the livestock. It was believed at the time to be Chupacabra.

El Chupacabra Sightings Around the World

The sightings of Chupacabra have expanded from the first in Puerto Rico to North and South America. The strange hairless creature has also been reported in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. These sightings of the goat sucker continue to intrigue the world of cryptozoology.

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7 Chupacabra Sightings From Across the World