College Urban Legends Stories

College Urban Legends

You may already be familiar with many college urban legends stories. Someone always seems to know somebody else who knows of a true event that happened to someone on campus. The stories are usually far-fetched, yet they still contain a small nugget of plausibility that makes people believe in them. The names and places in these legends are always adapted to fit the current school where they are being circulated, but that's the basic nature of any urban legend. Read about a few of these fascinating and often frightening tales for yourself...

The Kidney Thief

In this wildly popular urban legend, a college student begins drinking at one party and leaves for a private party with someone he just met. He resumes drinking at the next party and passes out. He wakes up in a bath tub filled with ice and a note with the words "Call 911 or you'll die!" The student calls 911 and describes his current situation. The operator asks him to try to feel his back. The student does and finds he has two sets of stitches. The operator tell him that he is the latest victim of a ring of kidney thieves who are stealing the organs and selling them on the black market. He's told to lie still, and that help is on the way.

Straight A's

This urban legend is accepted as a fact at colleges across America although it has no basis in the truth. As the story goes, any college student whose roommate dies, whether by accident, illness or suicide, gets a free pass for the rest of the current semester and receives a 4.0 grade average. Although some schools do offer some consideration for students who find themselves in such stresful circumstances, none offer an automatic A average.

Massacre Predicted on Talk Show

The name of the famous psychic and the exact talk show involved changes with each version of the story, but this urban legend recirculates every few years. A well known psychic with a track record for accuracy supposedly predicts an upcoming massacre at a college campus. Words spreads through emails and phone calls as students begin to panic. Tension remains high until the "predicted" date (typically Halloween) finally passes without incident.

The Statue and the Virgin

This legend is repeated at many colleges. In each version, a particular campus statue is supposed to move or react in some way if a virgin walks by. The fact that no one ever actually sees the statue move is supposed to be a wry reflection on just how few virgins you'll actually find on a college campus.

The Dead Roommate

Circumstances vary, but one roommate goes out for the evening while the other one stays at the dorm. In one version, the sleeping roommate awakens to frightening sounds outside of the door as is afraid to open it. In the morning, she finds her dead roommate on the other side with her throat slashed. In another version, the returning roommate leaves the light off so she doesn't disturb her sleeping friend. By the next morning's light, she discovers her roommate was brutally murdered, and the murderer must have still been in the room because there's a message scrawled on the wall in blood stating she must be glad she didn't turn on that light.

The Scream

In this urban legend story, it's final exam time, and all the students are completely stressed out. The student council supposedly passes out a flyer designating a specific day and time for everyone to release their stress by letting out a scream. As the story goes, many students did scream at the designated time, but one particular scream was of a different nature. While other students were simply releasing steam, a female student screamed as she was being murdered. Her body wasn't found until the next day.

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College Urban Legends Stories