Dangers of Astral Projection (and How to Protect Yourself)

Updated July 13, 2021
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When you journey onto the astral plane, depending on your experience, you are either sitting directly behind the wheel or you're merely along for the ride. Being an aware traveler keeps you safe from possible astral dangers.

Lost Soul

When you're traveling the astral plane, you may become lost or disoriented. Obsession or distraction can leave you wandering about the astral world, uncertain how to return to the body. There is the risk, however rare, that you could become lost and not able to maneuver your way back to the physical Earthly plane where you left your body. Be prepared and know how to avoid all of these situations.

If for some reason you do get lost, don't panic. Your soul is always tethered to your body via a silvery blue umbilical cord. All you have to do is follow your umbilical cord back to your body. During astral projection, surround your cord with white, protective light. While it is highly unlikely that your cord could be severed, this white light protection will ensure you remain attached to your body.

Obscured Focus

Becoming obsessed with the astral plane is one danger you might experience while astral projecting. You can become so focused on achieving connections with the planes beyond your own that you fail to care for yourself in this one. This danger refers to caring for yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Long separations of spirit and body may leave a person feeling disconnected from reality.

There is the danger of your body misinterpreting your prolonged sojourns as preparation for death. An involuntary process of physical deterioration can in rare instances be triggered by repetitive extended OBEs.

To protect against this, limit your astral projection times and always ground yourself when you return from a session by placing your feet flat on the floor and visualizing roots growing from your feet and into the Earth.

Physical Exhaustion

Many people believe there are multiple planes of existence beyond the body's physical one. In astral projection, most people travel beyond the physical world to higher planes. Traveling to these higher planes can be emotionally and mentally draining, leaving you fatigued. The physical side effects, particularly if you are not prepared for them, can affect your day-to-day life.

To counteract this, always ground yourself when you return and allow yourself full recovery time before your next session. Astrally project when you are in a good state of emotional, mental, and physical health.


Sad woman sitting on dark home corridor floor.

An unexpected side effect of astral traveling is depression. The astral plane is far more dimensional and vibrant than the physical world. Many people pine for that plane of existence when they are back in the physical world. Some people have a difficult time readjusting to what now appears to be a rather flat and two-dimensional world.

This is an emotional response that must be swiftly reconciled, so you can continue on your path for this lifetime. You can reach a balance of living in more than your physical world by limiting your astral travels and being fully engaged in your physical life. This will provide you with the best of all worlds.

Close Encounters of the Unsavory Kind

Along your travels, you'll encounter other spirits and even beings not of your world. There is the danger of malevolent beings attempting to take advantage of what they perceive to be your vulnerability. You should never assume that all the beings and spirits you meet in your travels are instant friends and good-hearted fellow travelers. While the majority of spirits are benevolent, there are unsavory spirits and beings in the astral world, the same as there are in the physical world. Don't be caught unaware.

For example, a dangerous spirit or spirits may mug or attack you while you're astral projecting. This type of danger is harder to predict because if your spirit is harmed, there would be no evidence beyond the death of your body at home.

Conversely, if your physical body is killed while a person is astral projecting, the umbilical cord would instantly be severed, and you wouldn't have a body to return to. In such an instance, your spirit guide would be alerted and set out to locate you, very much like search and rescue scenario in the physical world. If you took the precaution and time to create your personal garden, then you can escape there. You can then send out a call to your guide to join you there.

Demonic Possession

Sometimes the absence of a spirit in the physical body is like leaving your door standing wide open when you leave your home. Malevolent spirits may take this as an opportunity to move in. There are a few documented cases of this type of possession, but if you prepare prior to your trip, with spiritual protections in place, you can prevent your body from being vulnerable to a demonic attack or possession.

How to Astral Travel Safely

The first thing to do is always place yourself in spiritual protection before setting out on the astral plane. Use the form of protection that makes you feel the safest. Encasing yourself in a bubble of white light is a popular and easy form.

For example, choose a safe place to leave your body when you're on an OBE. Your bedroom or meditation room are ideal places. You can lock the door to ensure no one sneaks into the room while you're out. Having someone trusted to be present as a guardian of your physical body can further increase your sense of personal safety.

If you've never consciously astral projected, you should first create a safe space on the astral plane. This is typically a garden that is all yours. Design it and you place it where you wish. Then, invite your spirit guide to join you in your garden for discussions. You can invite anyone in spirit form into your private garden, such as deceased loved ones or a holy being like Buddha or Christ. If you ever get lost, this garden gives you a safe place on the astral plane to retreat. You can then send out a call to your spirit guide for assistance in returning to your body.

Real Dangers of Astral Projection

There are some very real dangers when you consciously engage in astral projection. Once you understand these and know how to protect yourself, you'll fully be able to enjoy your travels.

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Dangers of Astral Projection (and How to Protect Yourself)