Signs of Demon Encounters & Frightening Firsthand Experiences

Updated April 27, 2021
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Paranormal encounters with supernatural beings, especially demons, are life altering. There are several ways you can protect yourself from demonic encounters, but you must first recognize the signs of this evil force entering your life.

Warning Signs of a Demonic Presence

The first warning signs of a demonic encounter are often subtle. If you aren't accustomed to listening to your instincts, you may rationalize or even dismiss what you're sensing or feeling. Don't! This is a natural spiritual instinct created to keep you safe from demons.

Sign 1: You Sense Something Is Wrong

You should always trust your instincts over attempting to rationalize what you sense or feel. If you feel something is wrong, then you should honor that instinct and take action to avoid it. This could something as simple as avoiding going inside a new place or rejecting an invitation that makes you feel uncomfortable. These are your first warning signs from your inner compass (your soul) reactions trying to guide you away from evil.

Specific warning reactions include:

  • You suddenly have a feeling of dread.
  • Your hands become clammy.
  • Your heart rate quickens.

Sign 2: You Feel a Dark Presence

Most people can feel the presence of dark energy. This energy precedes the demon's entry into a space. The ability to sense this entry seems to be an inborn barometer. Consider it a gift, and use it wisely. If you sense the presence of dark energy, get out of that place. Don't stop to weigh the consequences of leaving your home or another place. Simply leave.

Some possible feelings include:

  • You feel as though someone is watching you.
  • All of your senses are heightened.
  • You catch yourself holding your breath in an effort to hear the slightest sound.
  • You sense an energy so strong, it feels as though you could reach out and touch it.

Sign 3: You Smell Inexplicable Foul Odors

Foul odors can be a sign of a demonic presence. These unexplained obnoxious odor(s) suddenly invade your home.

  • Sulphur odors are common.
  • The smell can leave just as quickly as it arrived.
  • There is no logical reason/cause for the odor existing.

Sign 4: You Have Chills With Hair Standing on End

Another sign that a demon is present is your uncontrollable physical reaction. This instinctive reaction includes whole body chills and involuntary whole-body shudders. The fine hair on the backs of your arms as well as along the nape of your neck tingle and in some cases literally stands on end in reaction to the electromagnetic energy presence.

Sign 5: You Become Nauseated or Suddenly Ill

Another physical response to the presence of evil is a sudden bout of nausea. In the extreme case of a highly sensitive intuitive, it isn't unusual to be stricken with a sudden illness. Both reactions usually disappear once you leave where the demon is residing.

Sign 6: Unexplained Knocking Sounds

Most homes have various creaks and sounds due to HVAC systems, water heaters, water pipes, and the continuous settling of a house. However, distinct knocking sounds, especially in threes (Trinity mimicking) should make you take notice. Often these knocking sounds occur between midnight and 3:30 am.

Sign 7: Growling and Low Murmurs

A threatening disembodied growling sound is an obvious clue that you're in the presence of evil. This growl is not like the kind a dog makes. Instead, a demonic growl is primal and sounds like a wild beast. The deep throated sound starts out soft and low, then grows in volume. Many people report the sound vibrates in their chest. Your first reaction to this audible sign may be denial, but chances are terror grips you when you realize the likely source of the sound.

How Demonic Encounters Occur

Unless you're seeking out various entities during a paranormal investigation, most paranormal encounters with demons are unexpected and unwanted. For the average person, encounters with demons are usually happenchance.

Sigil of Demon Summoned

Some people have unintentionally moved into a home, unaware that satanic rituals were performed there. It could be a scene from a horror movie. In these cases, a channel/portal was intentionally opened to allow a demon to take up residence. There usually aren't any telltale signs that these rituals were performed or that the channel/portal is still open.

seal of Astaroth

It is possible you could find a hidden sigil. Sigils for specific or common demons can be left in a house or other places without being detected, especially is a UV paint that appears white except under a black light was used. Many rituals require blood sigils. The blood can be painted over and under the right UV light, a sigil written in blood can be detected by expert investigators.

Burning candles, magic book, quill, jewellery, chalk and pentagram symbol

Undetected Vortexes and Energy Portals

You could find yourself dealing with a home built over a vortex or other type of energy portal. This type of doorway isn't discriminating, and all manners of entities, deceased souls, and demons can pass through such an opening. The best solution is to move away from the portal into a different house.

Misuse of Divination Tools

A demon's mission is to torture human souls. There are various traps you can fall into if you are spiritually unaware, such as inexperience in conducting seances, channeling, or even using a Ouija board. Any type of divination can be perverted by this evil entity when used by someone ignorant of self-protection and proper use.

If you don't know what you're doing when using a divination tool, you can be lulled into believing you've contacted a deceased relative or a guide waiting in the wings to be invited to help you. This is why you must have a very keen sense of discernment before attempting any divination tool.

If you haven't done the work toward establishing a strong spiritual inner core, you could fall victim to this type of demonic attack. The fight for your soul is a real battle that you could be forced to wage if your personal convictions aren't strong enough to fend off such an evil attack.

  • Avoid experimenting with divination tools.
  • Seek out a spiritual mentor to teach you the proper way to use divination tools.
  • Contact a reputable medium to perform the divination you desire.

Demon Encounters Can Lead to Possession

After you've encountered a demon, it can lead to possession. So how can you recognize a demonic possession?

Hatred is the main emotion seen in someone possessed by a demon. It is a rabid and irrational voicing of pure hatred. You will literally hiss and unleash an angry tirade. You can appear normal in other ways and move about your daily life. However, the demon is clearly exposed through its irrational bouts of anger and expressions of hate, especially when directed toward an individual.

  • Crude language is common.
  • It's also possible various voices will speak through you. These are often described as foreign languages the possessed doesn't know.
  • Attacking people is another common symptom of possession.

Demonic Possession and Illnesses

Typically, a demonic possession is the result of an invitation, whether it's given knowingly or innocently. A possession often begins with an illness. Unless you're able to break free of the demon's grasp, your health will spiral downward as though you're careening downhill out of control. You will then manifest a physical illness. This can become a long-term complexing and elusive illness that doctors are unable to diagnose or incorrectly diagnose. The next move is to attack you mentally and spiritually.

Beyond the physical, the demon will torture you mentally and spiritually - 24/7. You'll lose touch with reality and be unable to tell what is real and what are the manifestations of evil. You'll be caught up in a constant mental battle that includes questioning your own senses, bouts of severe depression, crying jags, and other symptoms of a tortured mind. In the case of Anneliese Michel, although she had a medical diagnosis, she believed she was possessed.

Anneliese Michel's Possession

The story of the demonic possession of Anneliese Michel was portrayed in the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Anneliese died in 1976, after years of what she and her family believed was a demonic possession. When she was 16, Anneliese had a seizure that was later diagnosed as epilepsy. Her life careened downhill from this point. None of the medicines prescribed to her seemed to help.

By the time she was 21, Anneliese, formerly very religious, couldn't stand religious objects. A friend complained while on a religious sojourn that Anneliese smelled of sulphur.

After 70 exorcisms and a year of poor nutrition, Anneliese died of malnutrition and dehydration. Her family and the priests were charged with negligent homicide, but the court ruled they'd suffered enough and no jail time was given. Disturbing recordings of her possession were introduced during the trial.

Woman tortured by an entity

How to Fight Against Demonic Possession

In addition to the physical and mental changes while doing battle with the demon, you'll find yourself in a never-ending spiritual battle while the demon demands you accept and give that control and dominion over your soul. If you give in to the demon as a way to end your suffering, the demon will easily move in, claim ruler over your soul and take complete possession of your body and mind.

Unfortunately, even if you can resist the temptation to relinquish control, the demon's torture will intensify. At this point, it's believed that your only salvation is an exorcism by a real life exorcist.

More True Stories of Encounters With Demons

You'll find a number of true stories in which people believe they have experienced demons.

Roland Doe

Hannah Tidy offers several real stories of demon encounters in with book three in her Ghost Stories series. Among the tales is the famous Roland Doe possession that recounts the 1949 supposed possession of a 13-year-old boy that inspired the 1971 book The Exorcist and the 2000 movie Possessed.

Priest holding a cross

The story of Roland Doe (Robbie Manheim) began when his aunt, a spiritualist, died and the boy began acting strange. The Ouija board was later blamed for his possession. Objects moved and levitated around the boy. He was reported to speak in multiple and foreign voices. He broke a spring in the mattress during one exorcism and slashed the priest's arm. Eventually, after several exorcisms, the child was declared free of the demons.

Spirit Board Contact

Hannah Tidy also shares a 2014 Christmas Eve nightmare tale of a British family who made the mistake of attempting to contact the dead through a spirit board. The father was convinced the contact allowed evil spirits to enter his home. He grew paranoid and drowned the family pet and attempted to hide the dismembered body in a ditch. From this point, the insanity escalated.

Mother Teresa

There is a very famous story of how in 2001, months before she died, 87-year-old nun Mother Teresa became ill and an exorcism was performed. That decision came from the archbishop Henry D'Souza of Calcutta since Mother Teresa became restless and pulled out all the monitoring wires and IV.

The archbishop was convinced the devil was attacking Mother Teresa. He explained that holy people are often targeted before they die. After the exorcism, it was reported that Mother Teresa slept easily. Her successor, Sister Nirmala, told Reuters that Mother Teresa might have been suffering an attack by the devil, but it couldn't have been possession since Mother Teresa was a vessel of God's love.

Bible Stories

The Bible chronicles tales of possession and exorcism. The New Testament reveals Jesus, the Christ, casting out demons of the possessed. In Matthews 9:32, Jesus exorcises a demon from a mute man who is then able to speak. In Mark 9:17-29, a young boy is brought to Jesus. The child is possessed by a demon and Jesus the Christ demands the demon come out of the boy. The demon cries out and leaves the boy.

Are Demonic Possessions on the Rise?

According to The Atlantic, cases of possession are on the rise. This was verified in a December 2018 interview with the official church exorcist for the Indianapolis Archdiocese, Father Vincent Lampert. Father Lampert stated that in 2018, he received 1,700 exorcism requests.

Encounter With a Demon Doesn't Mean You're Possessed

Paranormal encounters with demons don't necessarily mean the person becomes possessed. It's often advised to remember you are a sovereign being of God given dominion over all things under God and that includes demons.

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Signs of Demon Encounters & Frightening Firsthand Experiences