12 Signs of Empathic Psychic Powers + How to Control Them 

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Someone with the psychic ability of empathy, also known as being an empath or an empath psychic, feels the emotions and physical pains of others as intensely or more than his or her own. Empath abilities cause a barrage of sensations that can over-stimulate the pschic empath and even manifest as anxiety or erratic behavior.

What Is a Psychic Empath?

An empath psychic is someone highly sensitive to energy surrounding them. In fact, they are so sensitive they have the ability to feel others' emotions, or in some cases their physical sensations, as if their own. In the case of feeling another's physical sensations, this is known as being a physical empath. This can lead to someone who is unaware they have empathic abilities to experience a host of physical and emotional issues that can be quite confusing.

12 Signs You're an Empath

Someone with empathy powers is so sensitive to the energies surrounding them, especially the energies of other people, she can fall victim to tremendous stress and inner conflict. Some signs you might be an empath include the following:

  • You feel others' emotional pain deeply.
  • In fact, you feel all others' emotions deeply, even the positive ones. So if someone close to you is joyful, you feel joyful. If they are angry, you feel angry.
  • Often these feelings have little to do with what's actually happening in your real world at the moment, so the feelings seem random and out of touch with what's happening in your life.
  • You develop deep empathic psychic connections to others; for example, in relationships your partner's emotions consume yours, and you seem to feel your children's emotions more deeply than other parents.
  • You may feel like an electrical current or simply a nervousness suddenly overpowers you followed by a flood of emotions.
  • Feelings of sadness or melancholy may come out of nowhere and consume you. This becomes confusing since you may not fully understand what is happening to you, so you may try to own those feelings by attempting to understand why you're feeling such odd and unfounded emotions.
  • You may not be able to differentiate the feelings and emotions of others from your own, especially initially.
  • You may experience anxiety or depression, especially when a major world event has a lot of people feeling anxious, angry, depressed, or afraid.
  • You may feel like you're on an emotional roller coaster all the time.
  • You may have a lot of unexplainable physical symptoms.
  • You may get "sympathy" symptoms a lot when a loved one is ill. In other words, if someone you love has a stomach ache, you may have one.
  • You may know someone else is sick or sad before they do.
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How Empaths Receive Information

No one really knows the true mechanisms of empathic abilities. Many theories have been created as a means of explanation. Not all empaths have just this one ability, and some empaths can garner information from multiple abilities that work in unison as one mega psychic ability. For example, the empath may unknowingly use psychometry to receive information simply by touching a person or object. The empathic ability then processes this information into feelings. Going beyond these two psychic abilities, the person may also have other strong psychic abilities that assist in the processing of the information she is receiving.

Until the empath stops to examine their individual processes to determine if he's operating on strictly empathic abilities or a team of abilities, it's difficult for him to find ways of controlling the information he receives. It requires time and patience to test himself on each possible ability but once a baseline is established, it's easier to see how each psychic ability is connected and how all of them interact and function.

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Can Anyone Be an Empath?

Like other psychic abilities, no one is certain how or why these abilities exist, how they work, or why one person might have them while another doesn't. Some people believe it's a genetic transference since psychic abilities seem to run in families.

Mark Thurston, PhD uses Edgar Cayce readings to explore how psychic abilities develop. Cayce's readings suggested psi abilities are the result of soul development through various incarnations and physical attunement.

Another theory proposes many psychic abilities are mysteriously connected to individuals who've had a Near Death Experience (NDE). In these cases, it's believed that a person who has returned from such an experience has opened some kind of door or connection between the physical and spirit worlds. This connection then somehow imbues the person with psychic abilities.

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How to Control and Strengthen Empathic Abilities

The inexperienced empath is usually overwhelmed by the sudden flood of information she receives, especially when these experiences happen to them as a child. The feelings and even physical sensations an empath picks up from another person can be stronger than theirs. This makes it very difficult to distinguish which emotions are theirs and which ones belong to someone else.

A child doesn't have the coping mechanisms of an adult. This psychic ability can make the child high-strung and overly emotional. If the empath doesn't have someone in their life who understands what is happening, she can be misunderstood. Sometimes, the child can be misdiagnosed as having various emotional or mental disorders. Children can become trapped in this framework early on and remain defined by an illness or disorder their entire adult lives.

Seek Relative Isolation

Many empath psychics find a physical solution to the flood of emotions and other sensations by living in sparsely populated areas to have a facsimile of a "normal" life. A rural lifestyle doesn't mean the empath becomes immune to the emotions and energies of others, but you certainly may be able to cope better than you might in a metropolitan environment.

Talk to Someone

If you are an empath, it's highly helpful to have a confidant you can confide in and never worry about being judged. Unfortunately, anyone with psychic abilities often feels isolated and even ostracized for being different. Those feelings are often compounded by the many feelings you experience from other people, and they can become debilitating.

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Work With a Mentor

Working with an experienced psychic who has empath powers is a great way to learn to both control your abilities and strengthen them. As you learn the best ways to work with your abilities, they grow stronger and more directed with practice.

Use Techniques to Control Reactions

There are several proven techniques that can help empaths minimize and even shut down their empathic abilities. The problem with shutting down is that the person often becomes irritable and nervous since empathy is a normal function.

  • Meditation is one of the most effective and common techniques used to assist in controlling and understanding empathic and other psychic abilities.
  • Take a psychic development class. Most psychic development classes teach basic control techniques for all types of psychic abilities. Mystic Familiar, an international online community, offers psychic development classes for empaths.
  • The well-known authority on mind and body healing, Deepak Chopra, M.D. along with David Simon, M.D., operates the Chopra Center for Wellbeing and offers various programs online as well as various workshops throughout America.

Try a Simple Technique

One simple technique for controlling empathic abilities is visualization.

  1. Close your eyes and visualize two volume switches in your mind's eye. Label one switch "me" and one switch "everyone else."
  2. Turn your volume switch all the way up. Turn the volume switch for everyone else all the way down.
  3. Reset this as often as you need. In the beginning, this may be several times a day, but as you progress the switches will stay in position for longer periods. Do this when you are about to go into situations with crowds (such as going into the city, going shopping, etc.), or if you feel overwhelmed by emotions you suspect are not your own.

Living as an Empath

If you're an empath, you must learn how to minimize the personal reaction to information you receive. This comes with a lot of practice and eventually, you will be able to distinguish which emotions are yours and which ones belong to someone else.

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12 Signs of Empathic Psychic Powers + How to Control Them