Experiences of Past Lives

Ten Experiences of Past Lives

The following slideshow details ten amazing experiences of past lives from stories told throughout the web.

In this story, Donna Ciaciarella describes her past life readings at PastLifeReadings.com. In one particular reading, a woman wanted Donna to describe her relationship with her son in a past life. Donna described how the boy had 18 pet rabbits that he loved deeply until the mother cooked six of the rabbits so that the family wouldn't starve. The boy was very angry but remained silent. After the reading, the woman admitted that in this current life her son had 20 stuffed rabbits that he slept with and was very protective of them.

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Living a Fulfilling Life

In the book Ripples, Jenny Smedley describes living with depression for many years until one day she saw Garth Brooks for the first time on television, and her depression lifted completely. She decided to become a songwriter, and became a very successful one.

With her depression gone, she went on to live a fulfilling life with hypnotherapy and sychronistic events proving that her past life experiences were real and had a lasting impact on her life. Eventually, she even met Garth Brooks and told about her experiences in her book.

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A Past Life as a General

In the book, Someone Else's Yesterday, Jeffrey Keene details his past life experience visiting a Civil War battlefield and the grief, despair and anger that consumed him while he was on the field.

Jeffrey describes how the experience led him to eventually learning that he was the reincarnation of Civil War General John B. Gordon. Instead of hypnotic regression, Jeff uncovered physical evidence such as birth marks and physical features that show his striking resemblance to the General.

The London Murderer

In 2009, a reader submitted his own story to the popular Archive X collection of paranormal stories at WireNot.net. In his story, Richard describes entering a past life regression therapy session as a skeptic.

During his hypnotic regression, he learned that he was a Londoner named William in 1856, and that he and his friend, Parker, had murdered a number of women throughout the city. Richard left the session both sick with disgust about his past life and a believer in the reality of past lives.

The Jewish Escapee

One woman tells of recalling a vivid memory of being a Jewish woman in Germany or Austria who was arrested, along with her husband, and boarded the trains with other prisoners.

During a transfer at one particular train station, she boldly stepped out of line and entered a crowd of townspeople. She slipped, unnoticed, into the town and escaped the fate of the rest of the prisoners. Unfortunately, during her time living among other underground escapees in the town, she eventually succumbed to the terrible cold weather and died.

A Pilot in a Past Life

In 2004, a young boy named James Leininger started experiencing nightmares about a man dying in an airplane crash.

In time, James revealed fascinating facts about his past life to his parents, including the type of plane he flew, the fact that it was a plane that often had flat tires because of hard landings, and even the name of the boat his plane launched from, the Natoma. Without any exposure to anything other than Children's shows, the young boy revealed details about a WWII pilot that he couldn't possibly have learned. His father researched and confirmed that all of the details the boy shared were true.

The Beach House

In 2006, the Sun reported on a young boy named Cameron Macaulay who, from a very early age, told stories about his past life on the Isle of Barra. Cameron shared stories about watching the planes land on the beach from his bedroom window, playing in the rock pools near the house and even mentioned that his previous house had three bathrooms.

Eventually, a documentary company convinced the family to take Cameron to Barra. Sure enough, each detail the child had described to the parents was accurate.

A Buddhist Saint

In 2004, the New York Times reported about a U.S. citizen named Erdne Ombadykow, born of immigrant Kalmyk parents, who went to a monastery to study when he was seven years old.

At that time, the Dalai Lama declared Erdne to be the reincarnation of Telo Rinpoche, one of Buddhism's greatest Saints that originally lived in India about 500 years ago. Buddhists familiar with the last incarnation of Telo Rinpoche claim that Erdne has most of the same characteristics and personality.

The 9-11 Victim

On the popular spiritual website BeyondReligion.com, reader Vicki Pocock wrote a post detailing how her daughter, at age three, was coloring while Vicki and her husband were watching a documentary about 9/11.

At the time they were watching the documentary, it was almost nine years after the 2001 event. When the scene was shown where the planes crashed into the buildings, the three year old daughter looked up at the screen and said, "I died there." Her reaction convinced her parents that reincarnation is real.

The Rancher

On the blog of Animal Communicator Karen Anderson, Karen describes her own past life regression when she learned that she was a rancher in Montana or Colorado named Elijah Kincaid.

During a hunt for a mountain lion, Elijah fell from an outcropping and seriously injured his shoulder. In her current incarnation, Karen has always suffered from phantom pain in the same shoulder, even though she'd never suffered an injury there.

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Experiences of Past Lives