Who Are the Fallen Angels? A List of Those Cast Out

Updated July 15, 2021
Fountain of the Fallen Angel in Madrid

The fallen angels are often said to be demons, but biblical text identifies them as angels led by Satan. It's often pointed out that Satan is also the leader of demons and this is why fallen angels are often confused with demons.

Fallen Angels Expelled From Heaven

The fallen angels joined Satan (Lucifer) in a rebellion against God. It's said that Satan and his followers resented the station God gave to mankind. God made mankind sovereign over everything under God, including the angels. Satan and his fellow angels who sided with him believed they were superior to mankind and refused to accept God's decree. In their jealous rage, they sinned against God, starting a war in Heaven.

Michael and his army of angels loyal to God defeated Satan and his army. God tossed Satan and his angels out of heaven. They fell to Earth and were condemned to dwell in hell. The Apostle Paul called Satan the leader of demons and angels. He condemned Satan and his followers for sinning against God and claimed the angels will be punished by God on Judgement Day.

Book of Enoch and Fallen Angels

The Book of Enoch tells the story of Smlazaz (Satan), the leader of the 200 angels. The story claims that Satan and his angels referenced as sons of God desired human women, called the daughters of man. The union between angels and humans was forbidden by God. Angels weren't supposed to be tempted by human flesh, but these angels were driven mad with their lust.

They met secretly on Mount Hermom to devise a way they could deceive God and Heaven, so they could satisfy their lust for carnal pleasures, especially mortal women. Afraid he would be the only one to follow through on the plan, Satan voiced his concerns that the other angels would renege on their agreement. The 200 angels sworn a death oath. Should any of them back out, they would be killed. This solidified the group and was just one more sign of their downfall.

They came up with a plan to create a false religion designed purely to exploit the humans in order to fulfill their unholy desires. They portrayed themselves as godlike, using the knowledge they'd learned in Heaven, such as astrology, mathematics, science of the moon, sun, and Earth, and more. They taught the women they married these things.

Their consummation with their human wives resulted in the birth of their children, the Nephilim. The Nephilim were also the giants mentioned in the Bible. The legend continues that these giant abominations consumed everything in sight and began to eat humans. God sent the Great Flood to destroy the corruption and perversion of his creation. God unleashed his army of angels, led by Michael in the war in Heaven, against Satan and his angel rebels. Satan was defeated and all 200 angels were expelled from Heaven.

List of Fallen Angels Cast Out of Heaven

According to the Book of Enoch, of the two hundred fallen angels, there were nineteen "chief" angels who led them. Drawn from ancient Christian, Pagan, and Jewish literature, the names and their areas of expertise or personality. The first 10 are revealed along with the skills and information they taught the women.

  1. Smlazaz (Satan): Enchantments and divination
  2. Kokabiel: Writing, astrology, constellations
  3. Chazaqiel (Ezeqeel): Knowledge of clouds and weather
  4. Baraqel: Astrology
  5. Armaros: Resolving of enchantments
  6. Shamsiel: Signs of the Sun
  7. Araqiel: Signs of the Earth
  8. Tamiel: Wicked "strikes" of spirits
  9. Azazel: Taught metallurgy and how to make weapons and jewelry
  10. Sariel: Signs of the moon

The other angels mentioned as chiefs in the Book of Enoch included:

  1. Araklba
  2. Rameel
  3. Ramlel
  4. Danel
  5. Batarel
  6. Zaqiel
  7. Satarel
  8. Turel
  9. Jomjael

Fallen Angels Cast out of Heaven

Whether you believe in the story of fallen angels, the tale is fascinating and filled with religious symbolism. In modern culture, the fallen angels are often equated with demons and are responsible for demonic possession and other paranormal phenomenon.

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Who Are the Fallen Angels? A List of Those Cast Out