4 Famous Urban Legends (You’ll Be Looking Over Your Shoulder)

Updated July 1, 2021
Underwater view of diver wearing wet suit and flippers

Famous urban legends are freaky, scary tales that make your heart race and a nausea feeling churn in the pit of your stomach. These legends are told and retold until many people believe it isn't just a story, but a true account of something horrible having taken place.

Water Bomber Serial Killer

A water bomber or air tanker can scoop up water from a lake or reservoir to dump on a wildfire. There are also helicopters that carry water to douse wildfires by using a dangling bucket apparatus. This urban legend places a mad serial killer in the pilot's seat who intentionally targets unsuspecting scuba divers and aims for them when he descends to scoop up water.

In some versions, the killer doesn't discriminate and will scoop up anyone he sees who is alone and swimming in the water. The lesson to scuba divers and swimmers in general is to be leary when diving or swimming in freshwater lakes.

It's believed this urban legend came from the movie Barney's Version, a 2010 Canadian film about a misfit whose drunk friend was believed to have been scooped up accidentally by a water bomber.

Black-Eye Kids

This legend is ultra scary because it takes the innocence of children and perverts it into something evil. The black-eyed kids are a paranormal entity, demon or creature that takes on the form of a child. Some people believe the kids are some type of alien.

These kids are easy to recognize because they are very pale skinned and have unnerving, deep, black eyes. To look into these eyes leaves most people with a sense of dread, terror, and a feeling of looking at pure evil.

However, there are some people who are totally out-of-tune with their own instincts and don't perceive these children as a threat. The children usually travel in pairs, a boy and a girl. They say they're lost and need to use your telephone.

They appear on your doorstep and knock on your door, waiting for you to open it, so they can gain entry into your home. In one tale, they approach a woman working in her garden and being a kindly woman, she invites them into her home while she calls their parents to come and get them. The woman is never seen again. There are other versions of the children hitchhiking are picked up by concerned passersby.

According to the final warning of some versions, it's pointed out that these creatures often appear at odd times of the night, which should be a telltale sign for anyone that they aren't actually children. The warning of this urban legend is don't answer your door and never invite the black-eyed kids inside your home or you're doomed to never be seen again.

Black eyed boy

Siberian Hell Hole

A man is part of a team of Russian engineers who were drilling in a mysterious location in Siberia. The engineers drilled down almost nine miles and punctured through some type of cavern.

Not having come across anything like this, the engineers lowered an extreme-heat tolerant microphone and various types of sensory and monitoring devices. The heat radiates out from the depth and registers at 1,832°F.

But, it was the sounds recorded that terrified the team of scientists. When they play back the recording, their blood turns to ice as the shrieks and screams of men and women echo from the hole as though they are being tortured.

Numerous videos purport to be proof of the Hell Hole in Siberia.

Hole and ice drill

In the Air Tonight Song

The song by Phil Collins, In the Air Tonight has a creepy urban legend attached to it. The urban legend claims that the lyrics of the song tell someone who drowned. As the song unfolds, it's supposedly reveals that there was a witness to the drowning, and they could have saved the person drowning.

While Phil Collins, who was too far away from the victim to save them, he witnessed the other person simply standing there, watching as the victim drowned. Over the years, the urban legend has grown with many versions. In one of the final versions, Collins spies the person who let the victim drown and sings the song, pointing an accusing finger at them.

Famous Spooky Urban Legends

Four famous urban legends are guaranteed to send chills rippling down your back. Many people believe some urban legends they hear to be fact, when they are nothing more than myths.

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4 Famous Urban Legends (You’ll Be Looking Over Your Shoulder)