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Evaluating a Medium With Free Readings

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A medium serves as a bridge between you and your deceased loved ones. An authentic medium won't attempt to censor or control what a spirit wishes to communicate to you during a reading. Her duty is to convey what the spirit has to say. Many mediums offer a short free reading to give clients the chance to evaluate her methods and talents.

Evaluate a Medium With a Free Reading

Free medium readings are designed to give you a glimpse of what a medium can do. This is a tool that can help you evaluate whether the medium is legitimate and whether you wish to continue working with her.

How to Get a Free Medium Reading

The best way to get a free reading is to go to your local metaphysical store and participate in one. Many mediums offer a five or ten minute free read prior to the actual reading as a way for you to gauge their ability.

Some mediums give away one monthly free reading. Online mediums also give away mini-readings that may consist of two questions you can ask.

How to Find a Medium Offering Readings for Free

When you're ready to engage a medium, you want to be certain the person is legitimate and someone who truly communicates with the dead. You'll probably feel better sharing such an intimate experience with someone recommended to you by a friend or colleague.

If your friends or acquaintances have never gone to a medium, then seek out your local metaphysical shop. This business is a hub for the paranormal/metaphysical community. Everyone knows everyone and you can quickly learn who is legitimate and who should be avoided.

Find a Medium Through Metaphysical Stores

Many mediums use this venue to advertise and even conduct readings. Some shops rent rooms as office spaces to local professionals where they meet with clients. Most stores require a medium or psychic to give a reading to the owner as a way to authenticate her ability before allowing her to conduct readings on their premises.

What to Expect in a Free Reading

The best advice to anyone going into a reading is to lower your expectations. You cannot control what occurs in a reading. This is especially true about which spirit you'll be able to communicate with.

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Who Answers the Medium's Call

The medium has no more control over who answers her call than you would if were you to call a telephone number picked out of the air. While an adept medium can usually make the connection you seek, sometimes the spirit is unwilling to communicate with whoever is calling or another spirit might have more pressing information to convey to you. Be patient and be grateful for whoever answers the call. Respect is of utmost importance whenever dealing with spirits.

Ways Mediums Communicate With the Dead

A medium has the special ability to communicate with the deceased. There are several ways they can do this.

  • See the dead similarly to how the character Melinda did in the popular TV series, Ghost Whisperer.
  • Hear the spirits in the manner of the character Oda Mae in the movie Ghost.
  • Both hear the spirit while also receiving a mental image of the spirit in what is called third eye
  • Spirit communicates via dreams or visions.
  • Connect with a spirit through a guide. This can be a deceased person or angel. The guide's job is to serve as an assistant to the medium and filter out spirits that might attempt to fool the medium or interfere in the process. The guide acts as a relay between the medium and the spirit being contacted.

All of these methods are acceptable. None are more preferable over the others. Every medium is different and therefore there are several ways for them to communicate with the dead.

How to Detect a Fraudulent Medium

Most mediums are legitimate, especially those you have a face-to-face reading with. It's far easier to fool someone when conducting an online reading since an Internet search can easily pull up valuable info about you and your loved ones.

Avoid Being Scammed

There are certain things you shouldn't do when working with a medium to avoid being scammed. These include:

  • Don't give a medium too much information when you first sit down or during the reading itself.
  • Beware of a medium who asks too many questions. This method is used to gain information that the person can then mirror back to you.
  • Don't give any info to the medium about how the person died. An authentic medium will have access to this information.
  • Don't continue with a medium who withholds information in exchange for more money. If the medium withholds information and asks for more money to finish, then run. This is a scam.
  • Don't worry if all the information doesn't come through the first time. There can be a lot of information that is coming through and your session may run out before the spirit is finished. Most mediums will simply make another appointment with you. But, if you're going to be charged higher rates or the medium asks for a large sum of money upfront in order to continue, you're dealing with a con artist.
  • Don't give out your credit card information for a free reading. This is just logical, but many people do this.
  • Don't continue with a medium that uses scare tactics to extort money from you, such as you'll die or something horrible will happen, if you don't pay the medium extra. For more money, she'll intervene on your behalf. This is a costly hoax.

Working With a Medium

The ideal situation is for there to be a rapport between you and the medium, and above all trust. Use the time during your free reading to not only assess the medium's abilities, but also your comfort level and trust in her abilities and methods.

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Evaluating a Medium With Free Readings