4 Mini Readings With Clairvoyant Psychic Experts for Free

Updated August 25, 2021
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If you want to consult a psychic but don't wish to invest a lot of time or money to start, then a free mini psychic reading may be just the ticket to get your toes wet. These readings can help you decide whether you vibe with a psychic and whether you might want to invest more for a full reading.

Psychic Source

One of the oldest online psychic readings websites, Psychic Source features psychics that use various divination tools, such as tarot, horoscopes, dream analysis, and more to assist them in giving you insight into any issues you're facing. The website states their psychics are certified and experienced in their areas of expertise.

There are several filter options designed to help you choose the right psychic for your needs. These include the psychic's specialty, such as career psychic, clairaudient, clairvoyant, energy healing, intuitive, and so on. You can choose as many options within each filter category as you like. Perhaps you're interested in finding your soul mate, or you're going through a divorce. You can select these and other options under the love, relationships & family category. The same drilling down is available for the other categories of career & finance; life, destiny & meaning; and loss & grieving. Some examples include coping with death, auras, chakras, breakups, and more. You can also specify a psychic who uses certain tools, such as angel cards, crystals, tarot, and others. In addition, you can request a specific style of reading, with choices of compassionate, direct, expressive, thoughtful, or wise.

Choose how you wish to communicate with the psychic. The available options are phone, chat, or video. However, not all psychics participate in all three, so check their listings to ensure you know what type of communication is available. The site is available 24/7. If you're a new customer, you receive an introductory offer that includes 3 free minutes with your paid reading. The rate for your first reading is $.66 per minute. You can see the psychic's normal rate slash through with the special first-time offer. That rate will be applied to your subsequent readings with that psychic. The website offers a customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren't happy with your last paid reading-it's free. You must register before you can get a psychic reading. You'll be required to supply your first and last names, email address, password, gender, and date of birth. If the psychic isn't online or available, you can click on set up an appointment to schedule your reading.

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How many times have you tried a psychic, only to discover your energies just aren't a good match? How many times have you been able to change and talk with a different psychic without it costing you anything? Chances are your responses to both circumstances don't include having a free 3-minute reading with more than one psychic to see which psychic is the best fit.

Kasamba offers first-time visitors a free 3-minute reading from any of their psychics. This offer is for each new psychic you try. The goal is for you to find the right psychic that you can then engage for a longer and paid reading. According to the website, each psychic is screened and certified as an expert in whatever form of divination they use, such as tarot, runes, horoscope, or dream interpretation. With the Kasamba app (Android and iOS) or your laptop, you can reach out to a psychic 24/7. Just choose your preferred way of communication via email, chat/text, or phone call. On your first visit to the website, take some time to read about the psychics and their abilities. The listings feature a photo, short bio, star rating, and number of reviews.

There are quite a few available psychics, so you may initially need to rely on your intuition when selecting one. Remember, you can try a free 3-minute reading with more than one psychic on your first visit, so take your time. If you feel the psychic isn't a good match, then try another one. Each psychic sets their per minute rate, so you'll find a wide range of fees, from a few dollars to nearly $30 a minute for the top psychics with several thousands of reviews. If you decide to continue beyond your free 3-minute reading, you'll receive a 50% discount on that first session. If you aren't happy with your reading, you can request a refund. Once you select your psychic reader, you'll need to set up an account through a quick registration process. This includes creating a username, password, and selecting your payment method (credit card or PayPal). Once you're registered, you can begin your free 3-minute reading.

California Psychics

Founded in 1995, California Psychics presents a large network of psychics with a variety of abilities. They boast over 2 million clients served. There are three tiers of psychics that may help you as a new customer. These include popular psychics, preferred psychics, and premium psychics. An introductory rate for each range from $1 per minute (popular), $2 per minute (preferred), and $4 per minute (premium). When you sign up for Karma Rewards, you receive a $20 reward that can be used for a reading. You also receive a free detailed birth chart, a birthday gift, and additional special offers. You earn points every time you make a purchase.

Some psychics only offer phone call readings, while others also offer chat readings, so make sure you understand which form of communication the psychic you select uses. Each psychic sets their rates, so you'll find a range of rates. You'll also find special pricing on some listings. Each psychic listing shows how long the psychic has been with the network, the number of readings they've conducted, their specific abilities, specialty/topics and if they use any divination tools. If you're having a difficult time deciding which psychic to choose, try the Match Me tool. You select the interest, style of reading, and type of psychic tool or no tool.

The website states they put psychic applicants through several steps and screening to ensure the psychic is credible with good proficiency and performance. They also conduct background checks. Customer ratings and accuracy determine the psychic's ranking. There is an emphasis on non-judgmental readings. Like other sites, services are available 24/7. If the psychic you wish for a reading isn't available, you can click on call back to set up a time. You need to register before you can get a reading or Karma Rewards. The registration requires your first and last names, email address, password, and date of birth.


Oranum has a large network of psychics. You receive a free 10-minute reading available as a first-time customer. The psychics have different abilities and specialize in specific divination tools, such as clairvoyant, tarot, astrology dreams, guides, family, love, and so on. All the psychics are available for free online psychic chats. But, before you choose a private reading, you need to register. This requires a username, email address, and password. You must become a member, but signing up is free and allows you to choose a nickname you'll use in the psychic chat rooms.

The Absolutely Free Psychic Readings allows you to meet with a psychic for your free reading. The link takes you to this area as part of Oranum. Readers in the chat room give randomly selected people a free mini reading. You'll need a bit of patience to get your free mini reading. Once you've completed your free mini reading, you can then have a private reading with the psychic you choose. You'll need to purchase what are called coins. When you set up your account, you can add coins to your reserve. The psychics set their prices per minute using coins, so be sure you understand the amount you'll be paying for your psychic reading.

What You Can Expect From Free Mini Readings

What can you expect from a free mini clairvoyant reading? Depending upon the psychic you choose, you may be able to listen and then ask questions. The websites listed offer free mini readings. However, most psychic websites only offer the first few minutes of your paid reading for free.

Keep the following in mind:

  • If you are allowed to talk to the clairvoyant as soon as the session begins, steer the reading to the area you want to know about, whether it is your love life, a career move, and so on.
  • If the website doesn't offer a transcript of your reading, keep a pen and paper nearby and take notes as the psychic talks. Doing this will allow you to revisit specific areas of concern.
  • Keep in mind a mini session won't give you much information, and you'll have to pay to hear more.
  • Don't stick with the same clairvoyant if you are unsatisfied.
  • If you're concerned about using your e-mail address for these sites, set up a free e-mail account and use that address for your readings.
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Mini Readings With Clairvoyant Psychic Experts for Free

Mini readings with a clairvoyant psychic that are free offer you a brief sample of the psychic's abilities. If the free mini reading intrigues you and makes you want to know more, you will need to pay for a more in-depth reading. Whether you want to try a free mini reading for fun or you wish to work with a clairvoyant on a regular basis for major life decisions, a free reading is an excellent way to discover the psychic that can help you.

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