7 Sites to Get Ouija Sessions Online for Free

Updated July 9, 2021
Online ouija

There are several free Ouija board readings available online. You can try some of these out to see the type of responses you receive. Some provide very sophisticated programs while others seem more limited in their response capabilities.

My Ghost Story

The Ouija board offered by My Ghost Story is the closest virtual board you can get to a real Ouija board online. My Ghost Story offers a touchscreen planchette. Theoretically, you could operate the planchette the same way you would a real one. You may use it by yourself or get a couple of friends to try it with you. Dubbed, The Enfield, the board was created by artist Dan Lake who states he was inspired by the movie The Conjuring 2 (The Enfield Haunting). The website instructions warn to keep your questions short and uncomplicated, so you don't confuse the spirit(s). Before you close the screen, be sure you bid the board and spirits goodbye by moving the planchette over the word.

BrainJar's Online Ouija Board

BrainJar is a website offering helpful tutorials, articles and a few experiments in programming that you can test out or play, such as the Ouija board. To use the Ouija board, you must type your question and then move the mouse to hover over the planchette. When the planchette begins to move, you need to move your mouse to keep up with it or the planchette will stop. Each letter will appear in the response box below the Ouija board. When finished, the planchette stops in the center of the board. Be sure you click goodbye just as you would with any Ouija board reading.

Psychic Science Spirit Board

Psychic Science offers a Spirit Board Ouija Game. You have the option of selecting the type of spirit control you wish, such as your control or one of their computerized spirit personalities. These include Ranwiss (wise), Vanda (cryptic), Savitar (wordy), and Bronco (unruly). You can also request lottery numbers with you on control or rely on Vanda.

e-Tarocchi Online Ouija Board

The Ouija board provided online with e-Tarocchi is intuitive in its responses. It is very similar in design as BrainJar's but doesn't provide a response bar, so you'll need to pay close attention or have someone jot down the letters for your response message.

Museum of Talking Boards

The Museum of Talking Boards claims to be "the Internet's leading website on Ouija Boards past and present." The website features a classic online Ouija Board. You can type your questions and move the mouse over the planchette, making sure to follow it as it moves about the board. You may wish to try out some of the historic Ouija boards or spirit or mystic boards featured on the website that are historic.

Ouija Board Apps

Two children using a mobile ouija app

There are also ouija board apps available for phones or tablets, which can be an interesting way to try out a virtual ouija board when you're on the go or out with friends.

Spirit Board Simulator

This app is available both on the Google Play store and the Apple store. To use the spirit board app, you ask the question you'd like answers to out loud, and then wait for the spirit board to answer. A few reviewers stated that the app scared them a bit in terms of the answers they received. Others complained about the ads being in the way, but in general, it has positive user experiences on both of the app stores.

3D Spirit Board

This app is only available for iPhone or iPad. While user reviews are mixed, it could be worth a try to see if you receive a response to any questions you may have.

To use the app, you (and anyone you're using it with) need to have your hands on the device and hold it parallel to the floor. The energy from the spirits you're communicating with will make the device tilt, according to the description, which will move the planchette and give you your answer.

Do Online Ouija Boards Really Work?

Is there a free online Ouija board that really works? This can be answered by those who use them. Some boards are clearly games that are limited by their algorithms. However, a true virtual board that allows you to open communication with the spirit world can work the same way a board in the physical can work. The success in contacting the spirit world depends on the individual and if they are attuned to the frequencies of that world. When that connection is established, it's believed the spirit world is invited into this dimension.

Finding the Best Free Ouija Readings

Some free online Ouija board readings are limited while others are highly intuitive, and some offer a very real experience with touchscreen capabilities. When it comes to a free Ouija reading, choose the one that offers you the best experience and results.

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7 Sites to Get Ouija Sessions Online for Free