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If you've ever wondered about your psychic abilities, there are many free online tests that can help you determine whether you have them. These tests look into various aspects of psychic ability and range from simple to quite complex.

Eight Psychic Testing Websites

The following websites have multiple types of psychic tests that evaluate different types of abilities.

Psychic Science

The website Psychic Science has an interesting array of psychic ability tests and online games. On the site, you'll find tests for:

  • Psychokinesis, which measures your abilities to manipulate objects with your mind
  • Extrasensory perception (ESP), which measures your ability to telepathically sense information
  • Precognition, which is your ability to predict future events

The Zener Card Test

At Psychic Experiences you can take a popular test known as the Zener Card test. The test is extremely simple, and it's based on the work of psychologist Dr. Karl Zener of Duke University, North Carolina, in the 1920s. The test Dr. Zener constructed uses a set of 25 cards featuring one of five possible symbols (a circle, square, star, cross, or waves). To determine whether you have extrasensory perception, you guess which symbol will appear on each card.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) was founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, with the goal to explore psychic functioning and its impact on society using science with an open mind. The Institute provides three interactive games developed by Dean Radin, IONS' senior scientist. Each game is intended to test different aspects of psychic ability.

Additionally, the games collect sample data from the public for use in the Institute's ongoing research.

  • The Halls of Healing include three games that test elements of psychic functioning called "intention," "attention," and "intuition."
  • The Garden of Dreams is a second set of three games that tests and trains intuitive skills.
  • Wild Divine is an adventure game in development that promises to provide biofeedback to players that, the website claims, gives players the ability to interact with the game through thought, breath and other forms of biofeedback.

The Boundary Institute

The former Boundary Institute, run by Dr. Richard Shoup, Ph.D, and Thomas Etter, no longer exists, but its tests are now maintained by IONS. These free informal tests measure psychic functioning based on techniques used in formal lab experiments. The tests require completion of a registration and a questionnaire. Once you complete the tests, the webpage immediately provides your results.

Tests include:

  • Lottery Test
    Lottery Test
    Remote viewing, which measures your ability to picture something in your mind
  • Card tests to measure ESP
  • A lottery test to measure precognition
  • A location test to determine whether you can psychically track something to a physical location

Fourmilab Switzerland

John Walker, the creator of AutoCAD (a CAD drawing and design program), created the Fourmilab website to provide the public with information on the subjects of computing and science. Walker's site hosts a page providing free RetroPsychoKinesis experiments. Retropsychokinesis is the ability to alter random data before that data is displayed. Since computers are ideal "random-number generators," John provides the public with three fascinating (and oddly addictive) biofeedback Java applets that promise to test this psychic ability. The tests include:

Psychic Guild

The Psychic Guild website has two free tests online. One tests your ESP and the other tests precognition. Both do so by predicting a card symbol, color, or number.

Online Tarot Reading

Online Tarot Reading is a way to test your skill with using tarot cards to predict the future. The hidden cards are from a 22-card deck with special symbols that tell a story once they are revealed. Psychics believe the power of the ability of these cards to foretell the future comes from the card handler, not the cards themselves.

Telekinesis Tests

Telekinesis is another fascinating psychic ability, and this test is one of the more fun ones. Meditate or concentrate on moving the bar either to the right or left. The goal is to cause the computer generated random number algorithm to sway more to one side or the other.

Evaluating Your Results

One small sample is not enough to determine whether you may have abilities. Instead, you need to test your abilities multiple times so you can arrive at an average. For example, you are more likely to get an accurate picture of your ESP abilities if you work with 500 Zener cards than if you only test 10. Take the test multiple times and keep track of your results. Then, you can average how well you did and see whether your abilities over time are higher than chance would dictate.

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