Funny Ghost Videos

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Funny Ghost Videos
A Glowing Apparition!

Just like most areas of the paranormal, hauntings are ridiculed in the form of countless funny ghost videos throughout the Internet. The following article outlines some of the different types of joke ghost videos you'll find on the web, and the different reasons people create them.

Funny Ghost Videos Represent Fear

In many ways, funny ghost videos are a form of expression that people use to reference a subject that, deep down, scares them. Humor is a common and normal human reaction to anxiety and fear, and many of the humorous videos you'll find online are clear hoaxes that fall within this category. Additionally, you'll also find videos where extreme skeptics intentionally try to create ghost videos so real that they can fool large groups of people. The intent here is to prove how easily people are tricked into believing the unbelievable. However, the remaining humorous ghost videos don't really fit any specific category; they're just plain weird.

Skeptics Expose an Irrational World

In February of 2009, the U.K. newspaper The Sun published a fascinating news report of a schoolboy having captured the video footage of a ghost on his mobile camera. Within just a few days, the news report spread from the U.K. tabloid throughout the entire Internet, and many people were convinced that the eerie shadow that dashed across the boy was, in fact, a real ghost. Not long after the video was released, magician Andrew Mayne admitted that the cell phone video was part of his own magic trick called Ghost Vision. In this case, skeptics thought the ghost video was humorous because it had fooled not only regular citizens around the world, but also major news outlets in both the U.K. and Sweden.

Practical Jokes and Ghost Videos

Almost as soon as videos became available on the Internet, fake videos of ghosts began to pop up. In some cases, these fake videos were actually rather scary - sometimes with a very calm scene followed by the sudden and shocking image of a grotesque and extremely scary face appearing on the screen. As these very scary, bogus ghost videos spread across the world, people thought it would be especially funny to videotape their friends watching these scary ghost videos. A very significant portion of comical ghost videos on the Internet consist of people taping friends being completely spooked and shocked by the ghost prank videos.

  • In this YouTube video a father pranks his own son, who doesn't appear to get as scared as most people.
  • This video shows a man playing a scary prank on his coworkers, and he explains how he does it.
  • In this video, a girl is taped watching the famous car ad ghost video.

An Assortment of Ghost Parody Videos

One of the most common types of funny videos of ghosts are those that fake or parody ghost sightings, and most online video hosting sites have at least a few. While you may have to bear the most common car ad or the maze prank videos described above, you'll also find all kinds of videos featuring a ghost. In many cases, the video is funny because it's just so poorly done (sometimes intentionally) that you can't help but laugh.

  • In this video, a husband and wife team create a hilarious parody of other ghost videos.
  • In yet another video, the creator dons a white sheet and creates another ghost video parody, complete with slow motion and instant replays.
  • In a similar video, the ghost decides to do acrobatics.
  • Yet another video showing a dog being dragged by a ghost up the stairs (a video in rewind mode) proves how far some people go to create a silly ghost video.

If you've had enough of watching the amateur attempts of others to make silly ghost videos and you'd like to try your hand at making a video, WonderHowTo features an instructional video on How to Make a Ghost Video for the Web. Just remember, the white sheet thing is a bit overdone.

Why Do People Make Humorous Ghost Videos?

People create these parodies and joke videos for the same reasons that they joke about all other paranormal topics - people typically joke about things that they don't understand. Many scientists and physicists who are now famous today for their breakthrough discoveries were scorned or made fun of in their own time. It is important for paranormal researchers to keep this in mind when they come across these kinds of videos. While it can be fun to scare people or create funny videos, it's important to remember that a lot of people take this field of research very seriously.

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Funny Ghost Videos