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Funny Ghost Videos

Funny Ghost Videos

Looking for a hilarious diversion away from funny cat and dog videos? Funny videos with ghosts can be filled with plenty of laughs too, especially when you watch these funny clips.

SNL Most Haunted

When Saturday Night Live and Hugh Laurie spoof Most Haunted, you can't help but laugh.

New Student at Dance Class

Just go to the other room and grab an extra dance mat. No big deal, right? As it turns out, the empty room one door over isn't quite so empty after all.

Ghost on Babysitter Cam?

What would happen if your babysitter cam picked up a ghost? Could it possibly look like this?

A Lego Mario Halloween

As it turns out, Super Mario can't avoid the haunting of Luigi's Mansion even when he makes the leap into the world of stop-motion Lego animation.

The Ring Girl Is Real

What would you do if Samara from The Ring horror franchise literally crawled out of a television in an electronics store? Paramount Pictures set up this prank to promote the movie Rings, and it quickly went viral with millions of views on YouTube.

Surprise Elevator Encounter

Another hidden camera prank that quickly went viral, this clip comes from a Brazilian television show called Silvio Santos. In it, unsuspecting victims are unexpectedly joined in the elevator by a little girl with a doll. The Elders React video is a great follow-up too.

Pen Pineapple Apple Ghost

The Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (PPAP) viral video netted Japanese entertainer Piko Taro "hundreds of millions of yen a month." Unsurprisingly, YouTube was subsequently flooded with riffs and parodies, including this ghostly variation.

A Hair-Raising Situation

Leading up to the release of The Last Exorcism Part II, producers set up a wonderfully terrifying prank at the local hair salon. Make sure you watch this one all the way to the end!

Dying of Laughter

Halloween doesn't need to be filled only with the horrors of scary places and spine-chilling stories. It can be a lot of fun (and very funny) too! You'll be laughing all the way to the grave.

Funny Ghost Videos