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Ghost Adventures

Since it burst onto the scene with a documentary on the SciFi channel in July of 2007, Ghost Adventures has held the rapt attention of fans of the paranormal. With its focus on dark hauntings and an extremely confrontational approach to ghost hunting, the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures is now a Friday night television appointment for millions of fans around the world.

About the Show

Ghost Adventures airs on Friday nights on the Travel Channel. The crew, led by Zak Bagans, travels to some of the most notoriously haunted locations in the world, where they are locked in overnight. According to Bagans, there is no camera or sound crew. Instead, the three crew members - consisting of Bagans, investigator Nick Groff and cameraman Aaron Goodwin - go it alone.

The Ghost Adventures Crew

  • In his 20s at the time, Zak Bagans didn't believe in ghosts until he lived in an old apartment in Trenton, Michigan. In his first month of living there, he had a ghostly encounter that set him on a search for answers. Now 32, Bagans has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal. Now he combines that fascination with his experience as film maker to bring the experience to the small screen.
  • Nick Groff also had a lifelong interest in the paranormal as well as a film school background. He and Bagans met when Bagans was the wedding DJ for Groff's wedding. The two hit it off and discovered a mutual love of the paranormal.
  • Aaron Goodwin is an experienced cameraman who was a friend of Groff's. When Groff and Bagans decided to embark on their paranormal adventure, they took Goodwin along to document their experiences. Most of the camera work in the documentary and series comes from Goodwin's camera.

Where It All Began

In 2006, Bagans jumped into a car with Groff and Goodwin and went to explore the old mining towns of Nevada. What resulted was amazing footage that they put together into their documentary. The most significant piece of footage on that trip occurred at Nevada's Goldfield Hotel where they captured a brick flying in a whirlwind in the basement of the abandoned building. The three were terrified - and hooked.

Returning from their trip, the three put together some of their best raw footage into a feature-length film. They started entering the film in film festivals. The documentary was nominated for the Best Feature Film at the Eerie Horror Film festival and won the Grand Jury prize at the New York Independent Film and Video Festival.

Shortly after that, the documentary was picked up by SciFi, and a year later, the Travel Channel aired the series in the popular Friday night prime time slot.

Approach to Investigation

The Ghost Adventures crew is known for their highly confrontational style. Known as "provoking", the theory behind talking tough to ghosts is that the emotional energy invested in provoking may stir up a haunt - especially a darker one. The crew places themselves in scary situations in pursuit of evidence, often isolating one of the members to sit in the most active spots of the location they are investigating. This approach has turned up a number of interesting results including EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), video and photographic anomalies, and a dark figure captured using a method called ITC (instrumental transcommunication.)

All of the evidence they gather is run by independent experts, such as audio, video and photographic experts. The experts can help rule out the more mundane explanations for the evidence that they gather making it more likely that the origin of the remaining evidence may be paranormal.

The team specializes in what they refer to as "dark" or "demonic" hauntings. While they search for ghosts, their investigations are actually driven by a desire to help the living - especially those terrified by dark entities that may occupy their homes or businesses. They work with experts to help deal with the dark nature of many of the hauntings, including a Catholic archbishop who specializes in demonology.

If you've never seen the show and you have a fascination for the paranormal, you're sure to love the combination of high emotion, scary evidence and adrenaline that characterizes the show. Tune in to the Travel Channel on Friday nights and let Bagans and crew take you on an adventure.

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Ghost Adventures Overview