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Are Those Really Ghosts You Caught on Tape?

Sally Painter
Man setting up camera in house

Real ghosts caught on camera appear in videos and photos all the time. You might wonder how to know if those are really ghosts you caught on tape. There are thousands of hours of camera and video footage claiming to be ghosts caught on camera. A discerning ghost hunter recognizes that what may appear to be a ghost caught on video isn't always a ghost.

Ghosts Caught on Tape

There are several types of evidence of ghosts caught on tape or camera. These range from orbs, especially colored ones to vaporous apparitions. Another type of evidence of ghosts is an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). There are several classes of EVPs that range from a faint voice to a very distant and clear one. Another type is evident only when played backwards. This is known as the seventh sense or reverse speech. Just as with video images, EVPs can be misinterpreted.

Recognizing Tricks of the Eye

Tricks of the eyes are usually innocent misinterpretations. When you begin to examine your video of what you believe is a ghost caught on tape, there are a few things you want to keep in mind.

A Big Scoop of Skepticism

You want to approach every piece of footage with skepticism. Should a logical explanation occur to you when first viewing the phenomenon, you should consider it a likely explanation. Don't automatically discount any thoughts that occur to you on repetitive viewings.

Review Information Surrounding the Event

When you begin to assess the validity that it really is a ghost you caught on tape, you want to review circumstances surrounding the moment. For example, you should answer the following questions:

  • What time of year was it?
  • What time of day was it?
  • What were the weather conditions?
  • What was the condition of the place where you caught the ghost on tape?
  • Was there a lot of dust at the location?
  • Was there natural fog or was it steamy after a summer downpour?
  • Were there other people around?
  • Was there any kind of background noise, such as traffic, a nearby park, other people present who were talking, such as a tour group in an old building?
  • Was anyone using a cellphone or playing music?
  • Were you working with other people? Do you know where they were at the time you caught the ghost on camera?

Examining Your Video Footage Frame by Frame

You want to explore all kinds of possible explanations, even ones that seem far-fetched. Once you've eliminated these and other types of possible reasons for what you captured, you are ready to go through your video footage frame by frame.

What to Look for in Ghost Video Footage

There are a few things you want to examine in the video footage of the ghosts you caught on tape. You can advance the video frame by frame to determine what the image might be other than an apparition.

  • Does the footage allow for a close up view of individual frames?
  • Did you accidentally move the camera or angle it to cause the ghost image?
  • Did you check the lens prior to filming to make sure it was clean?
  • What was the quality of the lighting at the time you filmed?

Matrixing, not Ghosts

It is possible that you are experiencing matrixing. This happens when the mind fills in the spaces to make an object look like something familiar. Your brain grasps for a ready explanation. For example, you may see what you believe to be a ghost face in an old mirror when it is nothing more than damage to the silver backing due to the aging process. One way to evaluate if you're experience matrixing is to keep in mind if you didn't see it on a first or second look, there probably isn't really anything there.

Interpreting of EVPs

This type of filling in the blank is also a frequent problem with EVPs. Many analyses of what is being said by a ghost in an EVP are open to interpretation. Not everyone hears the same words. Listen to the EVP before you have any type of discussion or analysis. Once you've decided what is being said, play it for others and allow them to tell you what they hear. You may discover they hear something different. Ask yourself a few questions about the EVP and its quality before declaring it a true EVP of a ghost.

  • Is the voice clear enough to understand?
  • Does a filter improve the EVP quality?
  • Could the voice be coming from a person in your group or someone else on the site?
  • Do others hear the same thing as you?
  • Does the EVP make sense to the context of when it was captured?

Discover If Those Really Are Ghosts You Caught on Tape

Ghosts have been caught on tape ever since the invention of the camera and film equipment. You may be fortunate enough to capture one on tape and prove ghosts are real.

Are Those Really Ghosts You Caught on Tape?