Guardian Angel History and Stories Across Cultures 

Updated May 19, 2021
Angel in the clouds

The history of guardian angels is ancient, with endless stories of their mission and acts of love. These angelic human protectors are responsible for the safety of individuals and often entire cultures or countries.

Little Girl Saved

Angel Reach tells how a young girl was run over by a delivery truck. The truck driver confirmed that he felt two bumps as the front and back wheels rolled over the girl. The truck driver stated that he threw up at the horrible sight of the child lying underneath his truck. The girl was rushed to the hospital. When the ambulance arrived at the hospital, the child was unconscious. The medical staff set about examining her but were shocked to find the only mark on the girl was a tiny bruise on her shoulders.

After she regained consciousness, the girl child described how a man in a long white robe had lifted the truck, so the wheels didn't run over her. She was released from the hospital the following day with all the tests coming back negative. She was unharmed. Needless to say, the medical staff couldn't explain how the child came so close to death but was unscathed. The only answer could be intervention by an angelic being.

Guardian angel holding children

Angels Care for Family at Deathbed

Guideposts features a story told by a man whose mother had a stroke and it was discovered she also had cancer. She suffered for several months, with his father caring for her at home, along with the help of him and his siblings. The mom eventually ended up back in the hospital and on her deathbed.

The family was called to the hospital, and they gathered around her hospital bed. The man described how frightened he was to lose his mother. He worried about his father and how he would cope. He began to pray for his mother, his father, himself, and the rest of his family, struggling with how they would survive without her presence in their lives.

He describes that upon finishing his prayer, an intense bright light filled the room. He seemed to be the only one who saw it. He was shocked to see two very tall male figures step out of the light and stand on either side of his father. As his mother drew her last breath, the two angels supported his father. The man described his father at that moment appeared to be held up by wings of light. The fear he felt was replaced with an overwhelming sense of love and peace.

Guardian Angels Save Woman From Mugging

Works By Faith Ministries showcases a story about a woman named Stacey who walked home in the dark. Along the way, she saw a dark figure loitering by a building she had to pass in order to get to her apartment. Frightened, she called upon her guardian angel to protect her. Praying silently, she hurried past the man and escaped into the safety of her apartment.

Some time later several sirens sounded, and she saw the lights of police cruisers near the building where the man had been standing. The next morning, she learned a young woman in the area was attacked soon after Stacey had come home. Contacting the police, Stacey was able to identify the man. Curious why he hadn't attacked her when he'd a perfect opportunity, the police inquired. The man explained he'd seen her with two big guys and dared not attack her. Clearly, two guardian angels had responded to Stacey's prayer for protection.

Angel Beside You

Charisma Magazine highlights the story of a young preacher, Dr. Ron Phillips, caught in a winter storm in northern Alabama. After nearly sliding off the side of the mountain, he cried out for God's help. The response took him by surprise when he was instructed that his guardian angel was already there to help him stay on the road.

Suddenly, he saw a glowing figure sitting in the passenger seat beside him. Once he safely reached the base of the mountain, Dr. Phillips discovered the road was closed. As he talked briefly with the state trooper, he looked over at the passenger seat and glimpsed a man sitting there, as did the officer. Dr. Phillips concludes his story with the reminder that God's angels simply wait to be asked for their help.

Messages From the Heart

The following story comes from editor, medium, and author Karen Frazier. In February 2020, Karen discovered small glitter hearts on her kitchen counter with no idea where they'd come from. Karen and her husband Jim were empty-nesters, and neither had purchased any glitter hearts. They continued to find these hearts throughout the week in odd places, like the sink or in the entryway. She eventually reasoned they were love messages from her father, who had died two years earlier. During this time, Karen didn't know Jim was having chest pains. Even though she'd psychically picked up that something wasn't right, he'd denied he wasn't feeling well, mostly likely from being in denial.

Later that week, Karen and Jim took a trip to Canada and his chest discomfort increased. They returned home, and Jim grew worse. He ended up needing an angiogram and two stents. Karen and her friends surmised the glitter hearts were warnings about Jim's worsening heart issues. In fact, her friend Kristen pointed out the first heart had been found the first day Jim's chest pains worsened.

But the heart story wasn't over. Karen says, "Saturday morning as I drove to pick Jim up from the hospital in Vancouver and bring him home, I said to the universe, "If the hearts were a warning about Jim's heart, please send me another heart." Then, I promptly forgot about it because I was exhausted."

With no more hearts showing up, Karen and Jim forgot about them. As an energy worker, Karen says, "My urge was to clean the house top to bottom and energetically cleanse the house of all the spiritual energy associated with Jim's illness so we could get a fresh start. We even bought a new vacuum so I could suck up every little of lingering energy. When we were putting the new vacuum together, I found a heart next to the couch on the floor."

"Then, I vacuumed the entire house, including all of the furniture, window seats, and other upholstery. The house was sparkling clean, and the energy felt so much better. Exhausted from the ordeal of Jim's illness and my cleaning efforts, I flopped on the couch next to my dog, Monkey. The couch was freshly vacuumed, and Monkey was sound asleep. I was freshly showered. I looked at Monkey several times and petted her. Then I looked away." When Karen looked back, there was a red foil heart on the couch right next to her, where there hadn't been one before.

"Just now, I got up from where I work and found another heart on the floor - moments after contemplating posting this story on my blog. I guess that was my confirmation. It took me a while to realize I'd received my answer since I'd forgotten I even asked the question. The universe tells us things - we just need to pay attention."

Messages From the Heart

Skipper Guardian Angel

Guidepost shares the story of a yacht captain who delivered boats for a living. He was sailing an older sail yacht from Rhode Island to St. Thomas when he started having engine trouble off the coast of Florida and ducked into an inlet to work on the engine.

As he pulled into the cove and headed for a creek, he noticed a shrimp trawler anchored there. The older skipper called him by name and invited him to tie off to his boat, which he did. The captain was surprised the skipper knew him until he was reminded they'd met five years earlier off the coast of North Carolina as they waited out bad weather.

As it turned out, the skipper had delayed him from sailing out at night and right into a hurricane. As they talked and the captain finished repairing the engine, he started to untether his boat to try to make it out of the inlet by night fall.

The skipper persuaded him to wait until morning since it would soon be dark, and invited the captain to join him for dinner. The captain accepted the skipper's generosity and the next morning sailed toward the inlet. Unfortunately, the drawbridge was shut down for repairs for an hour that turned into two, then three. Suddenly, the engine lights began to flash a warning, and he discovered below deck was flooded.

Miraculously, the yacht was able to limp into a nearby marina before it sank. In talking with the yard boss, the captain talked about the skipper on the shrimp trawler have saved his life again. The yard boss asked him what shrimp trawler and that he'd not seen one in the cove or creek. No one was there. There was only one way out and that would have been through the inlet. The skipper was still anchored when the captain had sailed out. He suddenly realized that the skipper must be his guardian angel, having saved his life twice.

Don't Touch That!

The following story is from the author, Sally Painter.

When I was six, I was riding a new bicycle around the driveway loop when I saw what I thought was a yellow streaked, black charred piece of paper. I leaned down to touch it.

"Don't touch that!" A loud male voice boomed behind me.

I jerked around, but no one was there. By that age, strange phenomena were as common as breathing, so I ignored it and reached toward the paper again.

"I said, don't touch that! Go and get your grandfather. Now!"

My little shaking legs couldn't run fast enough across the expansive yard to the front porch. I returned with my grandfather in tow and pointed down at the paper. He peered down at it, then very quickly nudged me behind him. Lifting a large rock from the flower bed border, he slowly dropped the heavy boulder on the paper. It made a whoosh sound, followed by dust rising around the rock.

"Do you know what that was?" he asked.

I just shrugged, having learned a long time ago that no one believed or understood the strange things I saw or heard. There was no way I was going to say this invisible man told me not to touch it. No way!

"That was a rabid bat. Had you touched it; it would have bitten you many times before anyone could have reached you. You would have probably died." He then described the multiple shot treatment for rabies and how several bites might have been too much for even the shots to save me.

I think about that voice almost every night before I drift off to sleep. My guardian angel saved my life, and it wasn't the only time.

Exploring Guardian Angel History and Stories

The mission of guardian angels in the world's culture is nicely summed up in a single line. The explanation comes from the Holy Bible found in Psalm 91 and states, "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways."

Not only is there a belief that each person has an assigned guardian angel to guide and protect them through life, but that same angelic entity also guides the person into the afterlife. Depending on the culture and religion, the guardian angel may have other duties as well.

In Classical Greece, the concept of a guardian angel was called a demon or daimon. Greek religion explained it as a supernatural power. Homer used the word god (theos) to show the god's personality while demon (daimon) was the name given to describe the god's activity of interventions in a person's life. During the classical period of Rome (753BC - 509 BC) the belief that each person had a Genius was commonly accepted. The genius was a sprit that attended to the person throughout their life. There was also the belief that a genius could be assigned to oversee a place.

Guardian Angels Stories

When you hear story after story of real-life encounters with guardian angels protecting their charges, what you may have believed to be mythology suddenly becomes reality. If you've ever had the intervention of your guardian angel, you know firsthand what a blessing these beings are.

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Guardian Angel History and Stories Across Cultures