Guardian Angel History and Stories

Ryan Dube
Guardian Angel

Historically, the belief in guardian angels has been a predominantly Christian belief. However, this belief is now so widespread in western culture that it surpasses belief in most other paranormal topics.

The History of Guardian Angels

Some scholars claim that the concept of guardian angels was born from the pagan Assyrian and Babylonian beliefs in statues of winged animals with human heads. Such artifacts have been dated all the way back to 2,000 B.C. While it is true that these physical artifacts prove that belief in such beings existed a very long time ago, this belief in angels in "human" form may not actually come from those pagan statues, but instead from the older Jewish practice of making winged animal statues with human heads. These were their interpretation of the angelic messengers throughout Jewish scriptures.

This could mean that the origin of "guardian angels" came from Jewish faith. Additionally, the New Testament seems to confirm the concept of angelic guardians when Jesus said, "Take care that you do not despise one of these little ones; for, I tell you, in heaven their angels continually see the face of my Father in heaven". (Matt. 18:10)

Stories About Guardian Angels

The concept of guardian angels can be found throughout fictional and nonfictional literary works as well as throughout modern media such as movies and television.

Real Life Angel Stories

A 2008 survey, by Baylor University, revealed that fifty-five percent of those surveyed expressed belief in guardian angels. In fact, they are one of the most widely believed paranormal phenomenons of the western world. Reading the stories below about real life encounters with guardian angels, it's very easy to see why so many people believe in them.

The following stories are from and can be read there in their entirety.

  • Where Angels Walk featured this real life story from Meg Smathers, who grew up in a household strained by an abusive relationship. On the night when her mother's abuser was planning on killing her, an angel led little Meghan to safety in the bushes just outside the house, saving her life.
  • Angels & Ghosts publishes stories provided by readers, as well as a forum where witnesses who have been visited by these entities can tell their stories.
  • features several stories, including this intriguing one by one reader who tells the story of the death of a maternal grandmother, and the presence of a guardian angle named Maryanne, a name that would later confirm to this witness that sometimes we do receive signs after someone has passed away.
  • Heavenly Miracles is a book by Jamie Miller, Jennifer Sander and Laura Lewis that features over thirty beautiful stories of such visitations and resulting miracles.
  • YourGhostStories published a story by a witness who saw a dark man in black using a cane with a snake head on the top. His eyes were completely white without pupils.
  • Where Angel's Walk also published another story about a woman who had a car accident and witnessed angels sitting on the laps of her child occupants. Her account was supported by the children in the van.

Guardian Angels in the Media

Guardian Angels have influenced movies and television for many years. Some examples throughout the decades include Highway to Heaven, a series throughout the late 1980s, where an angel named Jonathan Smith was sent to earth to help a variety of families and individuals through difficult times. Touched By an Angel was a television series throughout the late 1990's where a group of angels were sent on various missions by God. A third example, of course, is the beloved classic It's a Wonderful Life. James Stewart plays George Bailey, a man who is taught an important lesson by his guardian angel, Clarence, about what is truly important in life.

Angels Among Us

Simply conducting a web search for "real life angels" reveals many more stories like these. Skeptics often ask that if angels appeared to people so often during biblical times, why don't they anymore? The answer to that question may actually be that people are being visited as often, but they are much less willing to talk about it. However, given the overwhelming volume of witness stories, it is very likely that angels really do walk among us.

Guardian Angel History and Stories