Haunted Places in Indiana

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When you think of paranormal activity, haunted places in Indiana may not pop into your mind first, but Indiana does offer a variety of ghostly haunts.

Seeking Haunted Places in Indiana

Whether you live nearby and are looking for a day trip filled with local history and spiritual activity, or you are planning a cross country paranormal trip, Indiana offers a selection of haunts for your perusal.

Central State Hospital

Now closed, the Central State Hospital on Washington Street, just west of downtown Indianapolis, has a 146-year history as a psychiatric treatment facility. The patients who were treated there ranged from the mentally handicapped to the criminally insane. The hospital was overcrowded much of the time, and patient living conditions were less than optimal. The most severely afflicted were housed in the basements where there was little light and poor ventilation. Rumors abound of patients being shackled to the walls in an effort to keep them from harming themselves or others.

Since its closing in 1994, night guards, police officers and others have reported hearing screams in the now deserted buildings, and apparitions of patients in gowns or robes running down the halls, or across the streets. Combine this with the many ghostly stories told by the medical staff while the hospital was still open, and you have the makings of a great haunting.

Belle Gunness

No trip to haunted places in Indiana would be complete without a trip to La Porte, the hometown of Belle Gunness. In 1908, Belle's home burned. The resulting investigation revealed that she was a serial killer. Not only did her three children die in the suspect fire, but authorities also found a number of male bodies buried in her hog pens. On his deathbed, her handyman and accomplice admitted that Belle had made a career out of using matrimonial ads to lure men to her home, where she killed them for their money. In order to cover her tracks while she escaped town, she planted a female body of a derelict in the bed with her children before burning down the family home.

Hannah House

Once known as the house that reeks of death, the Hannah House in Indianapolis is speculated to have been one of the many stops along the underground railroad where escaped southern slaves were smuggled on their way to safety. Legend has it the house suffered from a basement fire, killing several slaves who were hidden there. Since that time, smells of death, moving objects, strange sounds and unexplainable opening and closing of doors have plagued the historic home.

Willard Library

Staff and visitors have seen the lady dressed in gray roaming the basement area of the Willard Library on First Avenue in Evansville. In fact, she was once captured on a security camera near the restrooms.

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Diana of the Dunes

Since 1925, people have reported seeing the lovely figure of a naked woman running along the beach and swimming in Lake Michigan at the Dunes State Park, located east of Gary, Indiana. The apparition is said to be that of Alice Marble Gray, a magazine editor from an influential Chicago family. Alice loved the area as a child, and made her home there for many years until her marriage to an abusive husband. When his mistreatment finally led to her death, she returned to the area and resides there still.

House of Blue Lights

The House of Blue Lights legend revolves around the Skiles Test Estate in Indianapolis. When Test's wife died, he supposedly had her encased in a glass coffin, and surrounded it with blue Christmas lights, because he believed that blue lights would attract ghosts. Apparently, he experienced some success, because a ghostly blue lady or light has been seen floating in the area, even now, long after the Test estate was demolished.

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Haunted Places in Indiana