Do You Have Psychic Abilities? 13 Possible Signs

Updated May 20, 2021
Man from a psychic vision

Psychic abilities manifest in many ways, but some are so subtle you may miss them. It's no wonder those just discovering these gifts often become confused over what's happening to them. Learn the signs of psychic abilities along with key points many psychics experience as they get in touch with their extrasensory powers.

Unexplained Strange Happenings

If you've experienced strange things that you simply can't explain, you may be psychic. When first recognizing you are psychic, you tend to discount unusual things as just your imagination. You may get so deep into denial that you do everything you can to distract yourself. Eventually, you can't outrun yourself. Some of the things you may be experiencing that other awakening psychics do include:

  • You have a strong feeling that someone is "with" you, even when nobody is around.
  • You see a shadow fluttering about from the corner of your eyes, but when you look, nothing is there.
  • Objects are moved from where you placed them.
  • You find objects in your home that don't belong there, such as jewelry, odd small objects you don't recognize, or even a white feather that isn't from a pillow.

There's a theory that spirits can sense when a living person has extrasensory powers, and they will try to make contact with them. This might be what is happening to you.

Boy standing in the woods looking at a supernatural ghost

Premonition of an Event That Happens

Have you ever had a vivid dream while either sleeping or awake and later, it happened just as you saw it unfold? Many psychics have the gift of premonition. Unfortunately, a premonition is a spontaneous happening and not something you can control, like an on demand skill.

Many psychics claim this is more of a curse than a gift since they don't always receive actionable information. For example, you may see a house on fire, but not know where it is, much less whose house and timelines don't generally exist so you don't know when the house will catch on fire. This type of premonition can be overly frustrating. Try to relax and don't feel guilty. You cannot control this type of psychic information.

Know Things You Shouldn't

You may know things that logically, you have no way of knowing. There is no reason why you could have such knowledge, yet you do. Some people with psychic powers have innate knowledge of people, events, and places they've never heard of or visited before. There's a theory that these people can actually tap into unused portions of their brain to reach a "universal consciousness" that is a storehouse of knowledge.

This type of information doesn't come to you in a vision, it is simply a knowing. You have no doubt about its validity. You may have a feeling in your core being that this is truthful information and that it is genuine knowledge.

Sense Other People's Emotions

When you walk into a room, you are instantly overwhelmed with a barrage of emotions. You can't understand why you are suddenly feeling so many contradictory things. You feel sad, yet you're really excited to be there, and then you have to fight a powerful feeling that you need to escape the room.

People with genuine empathic abilities can actually feel other people's emotions as if they were their own. The experience can be overwhelming and make you feel like you've temporarily lost control over your own mind and body. You'll need to train yourself to sift through other people's emotions so you can stay connected with your authentic feelings. It takes a little practice, but you can regain control over your feelings and learn to assess what emotions belong to you and which ones don't.

Young woman holding elder hands

Instincts About Situations

Do you tell people you have good instincts? When you listen to that inner voice, it never steers you wrong. While most people have some degree of instinct, but psychics have a double dose of intuition that works hand-in-hand with instinct.

Usually, a feeling comes over you that trumps how you feel with just an instinct. Intuition gives you an inner feeling that something isn't as it seems. For example, you might be in the middle of a business deal and you're overcome with a sense of dread or a feeling of anxiety or anger. This is your intuition trying to alert you not to go through with the deal. It is never wise to ignore intuition, especially when it's nearly screaming at you not to sign those documents.

If you're having a difficult time trusting your intuition, stop overthinking it. If you have an analytical mind, you most likely dissect everything your intuition tries to tell you. Instead of arguing with yourself, next time it happens, act on that information/feeling in as safe of a way as possible. If your intuition turns out to be right, you can actively try to develop your abilities as you learn to trust what you sense and feel.

See Sparks of Color Around People

You may have instances when you see tiny sparks of color flashing around people. This can be so subtle that you blink your eyes, trying to clear whatever is interfering with your vision. If this happens frequently, the first thing to do is have your vision tested, just in case it is something medical. Once medical conditions are ruled out, you're left with the possibility you're seeing auras.

Some psychics are able to see auras. The auric energy that surrounds each person and every living thing can be seen by some adepts. These are just electromagnetic energies that all living matter emits. If you have this ability, then you can learn to develop it. You can learn to open your third eye to witness auras better and even interpret the meaning of people's auras, such as areas in their physical body that may be suffering from energy discord or possible diseases.

Attracted to Divination Arts

If you're intrigued with tarot cards, Ouija or spirit boards, numerology, astrology, and any number of divinations, you may be psychic. Most psychics have an innate attraction to divination arts. It may feel like curiosity, but when you begin exploring and practicing these ancient arts, you feel right at home. The divination method feels familiar and natural. Most psychics find reading tarot, using crystals and other psychic tools to be easy to understand and quickly master them.

Woman reading tarot cards in spiritual room

Second Sight

If you have moments of great insight into a situation, relationship, or individuals, you may have the gift of second sight. ESP is often referred to as "second sight". This ability can be all encompassing to include precognition, visions, premonitions, or remote viewing. Second sight is a catch-all phrase that is often more preferable than psychic. Psychics possess ESP Abilities (Extrasensory Perception), which enable them to perceive things that are out of the realm of the typical five human senses. This ability allows a psychic to know and understand things that others just don't see.

Spontaneous Automatic Writing

You may have experienced an unusual event while writing in a journal or other type of writing. You may suddenly realize you zoned out for a bit and when you look down at what you wrote, you don't recognize it as yours. If you've had this happen to you, you experienced an usual event of spontaneous automatic writing.

You may have tapped into the conscious stream and began writing the information you were receiving. You may have written from your subconscious mind with forgotten knowledge. If neither of these things happened to you, then a spirit may have taken control, and you unknowingly channeled what the spirit wanted you to write.

You need to ascertain which of these happened before going forward with more automatic writing. It is always advisable that you remain in control of your body, mind, and spirit. It takes a very adept and skilled individual to willingly turn over their body to a spirit. Possession is always the fear for allowing another entity to drive your physical vehicle - your body. It is never advisable for someone new to their psychic abilities to start with channeling. There are certain precautions and spiritual protections you must take before delving into that form of divination.

Channeling and Other Communications With Spirits

Channeling is one way psychics or mediums communicate with spirits and other supernatural entities. While automatic writing is one venue for such communication, there are many others. Some psychics/mediums allow themselves to be conduits for the spirit to take control of their bodies to speak freely and interact. Again, this type of communication should only be undertaken only by experienced psychics since it can be easy for demons and lower spirits to fool novices and possess them.

Woman Performing Seance With Spirit roaming In Background

Flashes of Scenes

You pick up a paperweight at a yard sale and in your mind's eye, you see a house by a creek and a woman on a porch swing, holding a small child. You just experienced what is known as psychometry.

Psychometry is the ability to read objects simply by touch and can also apply to people. Touching a person with a handshake or simply a touch on the arm often transfers information to psychics. It is believed that inanimate objects somehow retain residual energy from events or people who owned them. A psychic with psychometry abilities is able to touch the object or person and pick up different types of information. This can be conveyed in visual images, auditory, and olfactory sensations. There can also be an empathic component to the information that is emotional.

Know What Someone Is Thinking

Some people have a glimpse of telepathy when they blurt out the same thing another person is about to say. Sometimes this can just be a case of familiarity, but in other instances, it can be a moment of telepathy.

Some psychics have a natural talent for telepathy. This ability can be consistent, or it can come and go depending on the circumstances. The psychic's ability to read a person's mind or to inject their own thoughts into a person's mind is always in need of rules and guidelines to avoid being invasive or violating the other person's privacy. This is one ability you definitely need to self-govern when using.

Found Yourself Out of Your Body

It is usually so shocking when you find yourself floating outside your body that you instantly snap back inside with an involuntary, knee-jerk reaction. Known as OBE (Out of Body Experience), some people train all their lives in the hope of mastering this ability so they can be consciously aware of their astral travels.

Astral projection is believed to be a spontaneous reaction to sleep. While everyone ventures out of their bodies when sleeping, few are aware of it since astral travel is often cloaked or blended with dream matter. This makes it difficult to distinguish between what was astral travel and what was a dream. Some psychics are able to recall their soul transitioning out of the body. Psychics can focus on this ability to conduct out-of-body experiences at will and even travel in any dimension they wish. You can practice meditation to master this ability. Yoga and meditation can train your body and mind to work in unison to provide a good support system for OBEs.

Woman practicing astral projection on her bed

How to Tell if You're Psychic

People who are really psychic may exhibit one or more psychic traits. The best thing you can do is keep a diary of your experiences and try to find a rational explanation for them. If your experience can be explained, then it most likely isn't psychic in nature. However, if something defies a rational explanation, it may be a genuine psychic experience worth deeper exploration.

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