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How Can I Tell if I'm Psychic?

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How Do I Know I'm Psychic?

Psychic abilities manifest in several ways, but some are so subtle you may ask, "How can I tell if I'm psychic?" Some signs that you're psychic are too strong to ignore. It's no wonder that people just discovering these talents often become confused about what's happening to them. Learn the signs of psychic abilities along with key points many psychics experience as they get in touch with their extrasensory powers.

Psychics Have Supernatural Experiences

Many people with psychic abilities first take note of them after having one or more supernatural experiences. This can be as simple as getting a strong feeling that someone is "with" you even when nobody is around, or perhaps you've actually seen a shadow or a full-blown spirit apparition. There's a theory that the spirits can sense when a living person has extrasensory powers, and they will try to make contact with them. Has this ever happened to you?

Psychics May Experience Premonitions of Events to Come

Have you ever had a vivid dream while either sleeping or awake? Did the events of your dream ever come true in part or in whole? This can be another sign that you have psychic abilities.

Psychics Often Just Know Things

Different from a premonition, some people with psychic powers actually seem to have innate knowledge of people and places they've never heard of or visited before. There's a theory that these people can actually tap into traditionally unused portions of their brain to reach a "universal consciousness" that holds a store of knowledge.

Some Psychics Have Empathic Emotions

It's one thing to understand and sympathize with another person's emotions, but people with genuine empathic psychic abilities can actually feel those emotions as if they were their own. The experience can be overwhelming and make you feel like you've temporarily lost control over your own mind and body.

Psychics Display Strong Powers of Intuition

Most people have some level of intuitive powers, but the true psychic usually finds his/her abilities are stronger than that of the average person. Try paying deeper attention to what your intuition tells you and try to act on that information in as safe a way as possible. If your intuition turns out to be right, you can actively try to develop your power as you learn to trust what you sense.

Ability to See and Read Auras

Some psychics are able to see auras. The auric energy that surrounds each person and every living thing can be seen by some adepts. Other psychics can train to open their third eye so they can witness auras and interpret the meaning of each area of discord or disease.

Drawn to Divination Arts

Most psychics have an innate attraction to divination arts. It may feel like curiosity, but when you begin exploring and practicing these ancient arts, they feel familiar and comfortable. Most psychic find reading tarot, using crystals and other psychic tools easy to understand.

Second Sight and ESP Abilities

Psychics possess ESP Abilities (Extrasensory Perception), which enable them to perceive things that are out of the realm of the typical five human senses. ESP is often referred to as "second sight". This ability allows a psychic to know and understand things that could be classified as precognition, visions, premonitions or remote viewing.

Spontaneous Automatic Writing

Automatic writing (psychography) is a specific psychic ability that some intuitives have. This ability allows psychics to write down information not from their conscious mind. Their hand is guided from their subconscious mind with forgotten knowledge or a spirit the psychic is channeling.

Channeling and Other Communications With Spirits

Channeling is one way psychics or mediums communicate with spirits and other supernatural entities. While automatic writing is one venue for such communication, there are many others. Some psychics/mediums allow themselves to be conduits for the spirit to take control of their bodies to speak freely and interact. This type of communication should only be undertaken by experienced psychics since it can be easy for demons and lower spirits to fool novices and possess them.

Psychometry Ability

The ability to read objects simply by touch can also apply to people. Touching a person with a handshake or simply a touch on the arm often transfers information to psychics. It is believed that inanimate object somehow retain residual energy from events or people who owned them. A psychic with psychometry abilities is able to touch the object or person and pick up pieces of information. This can be conveyed in visual images, auditory and olfactory sensations.

Telepathy, a Psychic Gift

Some psychics have a natural talent for telepathy. This ability can be consistent or it can come and go depending on the circumstances. The psychic's ability to read a person's mind or to inject their own thoughts into a person's mind is always in need of rules and guidelines to avoid being invasive or violating the other person's privacy.

Astral Projection/Out of Body Experiences

Astral projection is a believed to be a spontaneous reaction to sleep. A psychic is able to recall their soul transitioning out of the body. Psychics can hone this ability to conduct out-of-body experiences at will to travel in any dimension they wish.

Tests for Psychic Abilities

You can test your ESP abilities with Zener cards by attempting to guess which of the five cards is next in a series. Other free ESP tests can be found online. You can also create your own tests. For example, you can use a regular deck of cards. Have a partner hold the card up and concentrate on it while you attempt to read their mind. Devise other ways to test your abilities by focusing on one at a time.

How to Tell if You're Psychic

People who are really psychic may exhibit one or more of the preceding traits. The best thing you can do is keep a diary of your experiences and try to find a rational explanation for them. If your experience can be explained, then it most likely wasn't psychic in nature. However, if something defies a rational explanation, it may be a genuine psychic experience worth deeper exploration. There are free ESP quizzes and psychic tests online you can try to see if you have any psychic abilities. You can then take steps to develop your psychic abilities.

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How Can I Tell if I'm Psychic?