Interview With Psychic Medium Linda Dalton

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Linda Dalton

In this interview with psychic medium Linda Dalton, you will meet an unassuming and wonderfully gifted psychic counselor.

Interview With Psychic Medium Linda Dalton: Not Only a Psychic

Unlike many mainstream psychics who seek out the stage or an entertainment venue, Linda Dalton does not look for fame or fortune, and she doesn't allow herself to be defined by her ability. She is a psychic counselor to friends, family and occasionally even to assist law enforcement in solving difficult cases. Alongside her husband, Matt, Linda operates a website called Lost & Found where she provides authoritative articles and advice.

The Young Psychic

LTK: Could you describe how you first realized that you had psychic abilities?

LD: For me, when I was a little kid, it was kind of like I could tell what people were feeling. More of an empathic type of thing, you know? When I was in grammar school, if one of my friends were upset about something, I knew that.

LTK: Was there some point when someone told you that being psychic was a special ability?

LD: You know, I'm not sure if I could define it as a particular point when I said, "Oh, not everybody does this." It was more like a slow realization. For example, you know when you're thinking something and it's almost coming out of your mouth because you're thinking really hard about it? Well, for me it was like somebody said it out loud. It just came out in the weirdest ways, like passing the salt to somebody before they asked for it.

Psychic Abilities

LTK: You mentioned on the website that your abilities changed along with your increased knowledge about them?

LD: Right, I liken the whole psychic thing as being able to sing. Everybody has this ability. Whether they choose to do something with it or not is completely up to them. And some people have a stronger ability than others. Some people sing at the Met, and other people sing in the shower.

LTK: So you feel that everybody has a certain degree of the ability then?

LD: Oh absolutely. I mean, this is just another sense just like hearing, touching, seeing...and it's just your intuition or whatever. How many times have you been thinking about a song, and you turn on the radio and that song's playing? How many times have you thought about somebody and all of a sudden the phone rings, or you see that person? So I don't think it's any more special than that; it's just that some people have a stronger ability for it.

LTK: What are your personal spiritual views regarding the ability?

LD: Well, I do believe in God and I do believe there's a higher energy out there. I was raised Catholic, so I've got the whole angels and devils thing. So yeah, I really do think that this is an ability that's given to us just like anything else. Just like being able to sing or being able to paint. You use it best by connecting to spirits, connecting to God, connecting to the kind of energy for what you're looking for. I'm a very prayerful person, and I always say "thank you" is the best kind of prayer you can say. This is a gift, it's not me, it's just something that I can do, but it doesn't define me. You're a whole person, and this is just a part of it.

Psychic Counseling

LTK: What's your general approach when you counsel people?

LD: Generally, people come to me and say, "I'm having a bad feeling." Before we even consider whether you're haunted, let's take a look at what the practical reasons could be for this. You want to take a look at what's going on in their life or at work. It's not like I want to know what they want to know about. It almost doesn't matter, because when I do a reading and turn the tarot cards over, it doesn't matter if they tell you, "Well, I'm worried about my job." When, in reality, they're facing a divorce. The cards will usually give me the correct information.

Real Life Psychic Experiences

LTK: Could you share a few of your most significant experiences?

LD: Well, my friend called me knowing that I did this, and asked if I'd be willing to take a look at a case. All he said was that a woman named Joyce, who worked for the INS as a legal analyst or lawyer in Washington, was missing. So, I sat down and did my readings, and I saw this Asian woman at Dupont circle going into Starbucks ordering tea. When she left, she was taken by someone she knew. I saw the person who took her. I saw that she was already dead by the time they contacted me, but it was going to be at least March before they found her, and they were going to find her submerged in a river. So I called my friend back, and I told him all of the information. The woman's friend in DC called me back. Apparently I had hit most of the facts, including that she was Asian, her name was Joyce Chang and she was last seen leaving Starbucks after ordering tea, and she went missing after leaving. I said, "All I can tell you is it's going be a while before you find her, but I'm afraid she's already gone." And then they found her April 1st in the Potomac River.

LD: There was also a case where a friend's grandson was missing. It was early spring. I said, "Look, his dad took him, he's in a cabin in the Kentucky area, but he's going to be moving around a lot. Don't worry, you'll have him back by Thanksgiving." They found him. Sure enough he'd been in a cabin at that place, and they had him back by Thanksgiving. So you know, all you do is you just look at what's going on in your head, and then have enough trust in what you're seeing to put it out there.

LTK: So you actually see very specific things?

LD: Yes. Do you remember Sandra Leavy, who went missing in Washington, DC a number of years ago? Well, she'd been missing for about nine months or so, and all of a sudden I got a picture of her in my head. Well, my sister lives in Washington, D.C., so I called her and I said, "I've got to come out, she's in Rock Creek Park. I have to find her." So I flew out there, and Carol and I spent a Saturday going through Rock Creek Park, which is huge. I saw the slope of a hill and a location, and I was trying to find that spot that I saw. Carol was freaking out. So, we stopped after we'd done one side of the park and we were going to go to the other side of the park, but she'd had enough. I said, "But she's here, they're going to find her." So, I flew home on Monday, and they found her on Wednesday, in Rock Creek Park, in the other side of the park that we hadn't searched.

Public Reaction to Psychics

LTK: Does it bother you, knowing the answer to a case in the news and not being able to do anything about it?

LD: All I can do, and I have done this in the past, is to call it in to the authorities. But you know, what can they do?

LTK: How do they usually react?

LD: Well, usually they're very polite, and I'm sure that they're willing to listen to all kinds of things. No one's ever said, well you're just a crackpot, forget it. But they must get hundreds of calls like this, so I do what I can. I put it out there, and if something happens, great. If I can do something physically to go someplace then I'll try to do that too.

LTK: Do you ever avoid telling people that you're psychic?

LD: Yeah, well I'm a librarian, so I suppose finding answers one way or the other is part of my work, you know? *laugh*

LTK: *laugh*... Thank you so much for your time, Linda. It's been wonderful chatting with you.

LD: Thank you Ryan, it's been a real pleasure.

Final Words

At the end of this interview, the interviewer performed a test with Linda, challenging her to describe a recent event in the family (a death). Linda's subsequent reading via email did not describe the death, but instead accurately described a major family transition taking place in the interviewer's family life. It was enough to easily convince this LoveToKnow interviewer that Linda Dalton is, in fact, an authentic psychic.

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Interview With Psychic Medium Linda Dalton