How Do Psychic Mediums Work? Insight Into This Ability

Updated June 16, 2021
A hand holds an iron pendulum over laid out tarot cards

Psychic mediums are able to communicate directly with spirits. They can use numerous methods and tools to boost their natural psychic abilities.

How Psychic Mediums Connect With Spirits

As a conduit between the physical world and the spirit world, psychics capitalize on their other psychic abilities, such as being an empath or clairvoyant. There are many psychic abilities that a psychic medium may possess. Most psychic mediums find that their individual abilities work in unison to provide them with different pieces of information.

For example, psychic mediums are sensitive to the energy surrounding people and spirits. This ability usually works with other psychic abilities that aid them in interpreting what they are perceiving when communicating with the spirits of the deceased.

Some mediums believe their spirit guides provide them with a stronger connection to the other side. These psychic mediums work with a spirit guide who serves like a spirit ambassador or interpreter. Other mediums don't need a liaison in the spirit work, preferring to speak directly with the spirit. It's a personal choice and depends on what type of communication the medium is most comfortable using.

A psychic may use natural elements to enhance or boost their abilities. This might be something as simple as wearing a quartz crystal pendant. The quartz amplifies their frequency to create a stronger connection with the other side. Other boosters might be the use of essential oils, incense, or herbs.

Trance Mediumship

Another form of mediumship is trance work or channeling. This type of communication shouldn't be confused with the Hollywood portrayal of the character Oda Mae Brown in the movie Ghost, who battled with a spirit for control over her body.

It's important to distinguish between possession and trance mediumship. Possession is a violation of the person, usually by a malevolent entity or demon. An experienced medium is not inviting this type of interaction with spirit. True trance mediums understand the principle of free will, how to exert free will, and how to evoke various spiritual protections while working with spirits.

An adept trance medium shares her/his consciousness with the spirit. The medium never relinquishes her/his body to the spirit. The connection is more of a telepathic mind to mind communication. The degree of connection depends on the medium's abilities. That connection can often include a change in voice, accent, and even speech pattern differences.

Divination Tools

When connecting directly with various spirits, the psychic medium uses a preferred method of communication. This communication can be through divination tools, such as tarot card or angel card readings, a Ouija board, crystals, pendulum, and other aids.


The tools serve as a telephone call that opens the line of communication with the spirit world. Some psychic mediums only need to close their eyes and they're plugged in almost instantly. Just as everyone has a different set of abilities and degree of mastery, no two psychic mediums work exactly the same way.

Biggest Challenge for Mediums

The biggest challenge a medium must face is to accept and trust the information they receive. Self-doubt is a natural part of having psychic abilities and at some point the medium realizes the most essential part of a reading is to trust the information.

This can be difficult when a client denies information because it embarrasses them, scares them, or makes them uncomfortable that a stranger knows secret or private information about them. A psychic medium understands all they can do is convey what they are told, see, sense, or know. When they do this, they are living up to the soul responsibility of having psychic abilities.

Understanding the Work of Psychic Mediums

Communicating with deceased loved ones is the motivating factor for contacting a psychic medium. The unexpected results when consulting a psychic medium is how that contact with the other side can open a new world of possibilities for you.

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How Do Psychic Mediums Work? Insight Into This Ability