How to Travel Out of Your Body (in 5 Steps)

Updated September 3, 2021
Woman Having Out Of Body Experience

Traveling out of your body, also known as having an out-of-body experience, is something that can have psychological and emotional benefits. It takes some practice, and a lot of quiet and focus, but the steps are pretty simple for anyone who wants to give it a try.

Select the Perfect Time and Place

You'll want to attempt this at a time when you won't be interrupted and can take your time and work through the process. You'll also need a spot that's quiet so you can focus, and where you can get comfortable, preferably where you're able to lie down on your back.

Many people experienced with out-of-body experiences or astral travel suggest that this position makes it easier for your astral body to separate from your physical one. Rest on your back, either with your hands at your side or gently folded on your stomach, whichever is more comfortable.

Close Your Eyes and Take Several Long, Deep Breaths

This step can take as long as you need to enter a relaxed, quiet state. Close your eyes and breathe in slowly, then out, taking slow, deep breaths. This helps you enter an almost meditative state by focusing on your breath and allowing your body to fully relax.

Make Your Mind as Blank as Possible

Once you're fully relaxed, move from focusing on your breath to allowing your mind to become blank. This might take a while, and if you feel your mind starting to wander, go back to focusing on your breath until your mind settles again. The important thing here is to be patient with yourself. The more you do this, the easier this step will become.

Picture Your Astral Body Leaving Your Physical Body

Once your mind is fully blank, this step will almost seem to flow naturally. You'll reach a point where your mind feels separate from your body after keeping it empty of thought for so long. When that happens, you can envision your astral body separating from your body. Allow events to unfold slowly, to the point where you're looking at your physical body. At first, this might be all you can do, but with practice, you can eventually work on moving your astral body further and further away from your physical one.

Reunite Your Astral and Physical Bodies When You Feel Ready

When you're ready, picture your astral body flowing back into your physical body. This might just happen on its own if noises or other discomforts distract you, but if that doesn't happen, simply gently bring your selves back together again. Once your astral body has fully sunk into your physical ones, take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

Patience and Practice

Out of body travel isn't an easy thing to do, and your surroundings and emotional state will play a large role in how successful you are. Be patience, be gentle with yourself, and if you aren't successful on your first (or first several) tries, try again when you're ready.

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How to Travel Out of Your Body (in 5 Steps)