Lisa Williams: Who Is This Well-Known Medium?

Updated August 27, 2021
Psychic Medium Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams is a well-known medium, but she didn't always embrace her gifts. It wasn't until her grandmother died that she accepted her destiny as a medium and went on to land her own TV show.

Lisa Williams, Reluctant Medium No More!

Born in Birmingham, England in 1973, Lisa Williams grew up seeing dead people, except she didn't know they were dead. She believed the people constantly coming in and out of her home were family friends just stopping by for a visit. She was a young child and had no idea that she was the only one seeing the people. It all became clear to her when one of the visitors started telling her about how she died. That lightbulb moment drove home to Lisa that all the people she was seeing were actually ghosts!

As you might expect, her parents shrugged off her stories of the visitors, chalking it up to a child with an amazing imagination. Lisa was like so many psychic mediums, it wasn't something she wanted. She chose to ignore her gifts most of her early life. She often tells the story about her grandmother, a renowned British medium to celebrities, politicians, and international CEOs, Frances Glazebrook.

Frances didn't use her mediumship gift until Lisa's grandfather died. Lisa had no idea her grandmother was a medium, since she, too, had denied or hidden her psychic abilities. However, once her grandmother started conducting readings, her reputation grew, and she was soon sought after by wealthy business people around the world.

Following Her Grandmother's Footsteps

When Frances died in 1996, Lisa was confronted with her own psychic medium gifts. She finally decided it was time to stop running away from her gifts and to embrace them the same way her grandmother had. She began giving readings to her friends and before she knew it, her talents were in big demand. She passed on messages for deceased loved ones and saw the comfort her work brought to the grieving. Soon, she branched out and began assisting the police whenever possible. Before this single mom knew it, she was supporting herself and her son as a full time psychic medium.

She found herself truly in her grandmother's footsteps when she began conducting readings for business leaders and celebrities. Her work eventually took her to New York in 2004. It was during this visit that her entire life took a big turn when her abilities were recognized by the very influential TV talk show host/producer, Merv Griffin. It was fate that Lisa gave a reading while visiting in New York, only to discover afterwards that the person was a senior staff member for Merv Griffin's show. Merv produced Lisa's first show, Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead, that aired on the Lifetime network for two seasons (2006-2007).

Hit TV Show and Appearances

With her hit TV show, Lisa Williams traveled nationally. Her live performances were always sold out. She gave readings to members of the audience and relayed messages from their deceased loved ones. In various interviews, Lisa shared some unique experiences she had during a few of her shows where some people thought she was a comedy act because of her natural light-hearted fun personality. But there were also serious undertones to most of her shows.

In one case, Lisa reports she provided a reading for a skeptic from the audience. As a skeptic herself, she believes that the only way to give an authentic reading is to try to offer as many details and facts as possible. In this one instance, she told the skeptic that the spirit of a deceased loved one told her that the skeptic's mother had a calcium deficiency. Shocked, the skeptic asked, "Where would you come up with a calcium deficiency for my mother? She just got diagnosed with a calcium deficiency today."

Another convincing aspect of Lisa's life was how her own father tried to ignore her abilities because he didn't understand them and didn't want to talk about what she did. She reported that her father was proud of her, but had never attended one of her shows until early in 2008. She said once her father saw her show, he accepted her abilities and told her, "I can't understand it. I don't want to understand it, but what I do know is that you help so many people, and I know you're not a liar, so I know that obviously this goes further."

Lisa also discussed how she felt about her prediction of the 2004 tsunami that claimed the lives of over 30,000 people. She explained how such predictions affect her as a person and how the impact of such a natural disaster brings people around the world together.

Lisa's Second Show

Merv Griffin passed away in 2007, but he'd helped launch Lisa's career and she skyrocketed in popularity. With the end of her show in 2007, she quickly had a new show lined up. In October 2008, Lisa hosted her new TV show, Lisa Williams: Voices From the Other Side. The reality TV show was a typical day in the life of Lisa Williams. She gave readings for people on the street and also conducted studio readings for individuals. The show ran for one season. Throughout the show, people were flabbergasted by Lisa's accuracy. Like always, the messages she relayed from deceased loved ones were always a comfort to each person. She didn't slow down after the show came to an end. In fact, the following year, Lisa toured Australia. She also made a few appearances on other shows, such as Deal or No Deal (2008), and she was a guest on America's Psychic Challenge. In 2009, Lisa began Hay House Radio show and of course, she wrote several books.

What Is Lisa Up to Now?

Always busy and growing to reach the next level, it seems like it was only natural that Lisa would turn her life experiences into a teaching tool. Today, she shares her expertise as a spiritual teacher. To have a broader reach, she founded the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD) and teaches several online courses, as well as three certification programs. These include Certified Psychic Investigator (forensics), Certified Spiritual Advisor, and Master Teacher™. She personally trains and certifies each Master Teacher. The courses are either online or a combination of online and in-person. The forensic certification program takes 12 months to complete, while the other two require nine months. Be sure to check the website for the dates when the next courses begin.

Well-Known Medium, Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams came into her own fairly quickly when she stopped denying her true self as a psychic medium. She now shares her wealth of knowledge with those desiring to advance their own abilities while helping them to grow in their spirituality.

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Lisa Williams: Who Is This Well-Known Medium?