How Psychic Trance Mediums Channel Spirits

Psychic Trance Medium

Psychic trance mediums know how to channel spirits. There are many techniques a psychic medium can use to attain a trance state of being.

Learn How Psychic Trance Mediums Channel Spirits

A trance is an altered state of consciousness. It can be induced through different meditative methods or hypnosis. Psychic trance mediums have a natural ability to ease into an altered state of consciousness. Some may learn through meditation to expand their consciousness and ultimately achieve trance mediumship.

Understanding a Trance and Channeling Spirit

A psychic trance is a linking between the spirit and the medium, with the spirit using the medium's body and mind. This control is known as overshadowing. A genuine trance medium relinquishes control over to the spirit. A modern example of this type of control is depicted in the movie Ghost when the character Oda Mae Brown is overtaken by an uninvited spirit named Orlando.

Trance Medium vs Non-Trance Mediumship

The difference between a trance medium and non-trance medium is about control. One maintains control while the other gives up control.

Non-Trance Mediums

A non-trance medium establishes a mental connection with the spirit but is in full control of her/his body and mind. This type of medium relays what is being communicated to them by the spirit. The medium often uses divination tools as the vehicle of communication with the spirit world, such as tarot cards or a pendulum.

Trance Medium

A trance medium allows the spirit to speak through them and take control of their mind and body. This can be seen in a psychic trance medium speaking with an accent or even speaking a foreign language unknown to them. In an extreme deep trance, the medium can display physical mannerisms and gestures specific to the deceased. Edgar Cayce is one of the best-known psychic trance mediums.

Type of Sessions With Psychic Trance Mediums

There are a few ways a psychic trance medium can conduct a session. Some opt for the method used by Edgar Cayce, known as the Sleeping Prophet, where various types of information are given during a Q&A session. Another form is a healing session where a spirit healer takes over the medium's body. Some mediums prefer to conduct a séance.

Psychic Trance Medium

Meditative/Hypnotic Session

A psychic trance medium can go into a meditative or hypnotic state of consciousness for a trance session either lying down or sitting up. This method is often favored where a conductor (human guide) asks the spirit questions and conducts the Q&A session. Edgar Cayce's wife, Gertrude usually served as the conductor. His secretary, Gladys Davis, took notes and provided transcripts of the sessions.

Healings via Trance Mediums

Another type of trance mediumship is healing. In these instances, the medium allows overshadowing by a spirit healer. During a session, the medium turns over their mind and body to the spirit healer who then proceeds to conduct energy work on the client. There are many reports of people having instantaneous healings.

Séance With Trance Medium

Some mediums prefer the venue of a séance for communicating with spirit. Fifth-generation psychic trance medium and author Maureen Wood began conducting séances when she was a teenager. "I used a combination of spirit communication and automatic writing," she explains. Things intensified and after three years, Maureen stopped conducting séances.

Trances and Degree of Spirit Control

Depending on the psychic trance medium, the amount of control the spirit has over the medium can vary. These all center around the medium and her/his ability to relinquish control to the spirit. The degrees of trance have a range from light to extremely deep trance levels.

Psychic Trance Mediums Preference of Control

Not everyone is confident enough or trusting enough to relinquish complete control of their physical and mental being to a spirit. There are certain precautions a trance medium needs to take to avoid possession.

Free Will

The exertion of free will is something recognized as absolute in the spirit world. Even God doesn't interfere with individual free will. It is only through the exertion of free will that a soul chooses to return to God. Therefore, when the person (their soul) relinquishes control over the physical body, it must be by free will. Otherwise, it becomes a possession, which is a violation of spiritual law. If a person gives up that control by free will, the spirit has the right to enter the person's mind and body.

Danger of Giving Up Control

There is a danger for anyone relinquishes their free will. The spirit may be a lower-frequency entity attempting to deceive the medium. If this happens, it will be very difficult for the medium to reclaim their body and can only be done by the exertion of free will. This sets up a battle of spirits.

Safeguards Don't Always Work

Even when a psychic trance medium is trained and understands the risks, the work can take a toll on the medium. There is a mix of possible dangers, some even sinister. Maureen explains, "Although I had been trained by my mentor in ways to protect myself, I never truly understood the depth of what I was doing and the havoc it could wreak on my life." It was 25 years before she conducted another séance.

Some of these negative side effects include:

  • The emotional and physical energy expenditure can become exhausting and even debilitating, when low-level entities take control.
  • Low-level dark entities are attracted to the psychic's light or energy and can deceive their true nature and intent.
  • Friends and families can lean too heavily on the psychic's abilities, constantly seeking advice or validation.

Protection Techniques for Psychic Trance Mediums

Prior to going into a session, the medium will meditate to establish a strong and solid connection to the spirit world. The medium will install several safeguards to prevent demonic and other low-level entities from attempting to hijack them.

  • Prayer is a common practice used to invoke divine protection.
  • A medium often wears or carries a blessed religious symbol/talisman, charm or crystal for spiritual protection.
  • The medium will encase themselves in a bubble of white light to prevent anything not of the Light from entering.
  • Calling on spirit guides, God, Christ or other spiritual beings to stand guard and protect them is a common choice of protection for mediums.
Older man praying

Many Methods of Spiritual Protection

You can explore other ways to protect yourself from psychic attacks. "Having a strong faith and knowing I am protected gives me the courage to persevere," Maureen says. "I often bring along numerous methods of protection: protective stones (black tourmaline), rosaries, holy water, liquid sage, and coins (metal for grounding)," Maureen explains.

Serious Dangers Exist

Even experienced trance mediums run into issues that are considered dangerous. Maureen advises, "Although I consider myself strong and protected, I am not foolhardy. I consider the extra protection is like peeling away an onion. If a spirit tries to hurt me, they will need to break through the layers."

Psychic Trance Mediums and Paranormal Investigators

Some trance mediums work alongside paranormal investigators. Maureen is part of the ghost hunting team, New England Ghost Project (NEGP). In spite of spiritual protection, Maureen admits, "There is still a small level of risk associated with every investigation."

Spirit and Human Resolutions

Psychic trance mediums work in service to the living and the dead aka spirits. Maureen believes she helps the living by validating ghostly encounters. She helps the dead by assisting restless spirits to find peace.

Emotions Anchor Spirits to Physical World

Some people believe spirits are often tethered to the physical world through emotions. This is often a negative emotion. Maureen explains, "It's my belief that I'm giving that spirit a chance to release whatever it is they are holding on to." Through communicating with the spirit world, she guides them to let go. "By letting go of the denser energy, anger for instance, spirits can choose to stay, or move on to that better place."

Explore How Psychic Trance Mediums Channel Spirits

It's best to understand how psychic trance mediums channel spirits. That way you can decide how you'd feel being overshadowed by a spirit and to what degree of control you'd allow.

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How Psychic Trance Mediums Channel Spirits