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Were you a fan of the Most Haunted Live shows? If so, you were one of the thousands who tuned into these popular shows when they were on television. Although the style of the show changed over the seasons, one thing remained the same - great spine-tingling stories with the familiar host of the show, Yvette Fielding.

History of Most Haunted Live

A spinoff of the popular British show, Most Haunted, the series Most Haunted Live ran from October 2002 to 2010. In 2010, the show didn't air an annual Halloween investigation. Instead, Most Haunted Live concluded its run with the airing of the July 21, 2010 show. completing its 10-episode final season. Neither show was renewed after their respective 2010 seasons. It wasn't until 2014 that Most Haunted returned.

Most Haunted Live Last Episode in 2015

According to Higgypop, the Most Haunt Live didn't return until Halloween 2015. However, it was the last time the show aired. Since then, Most Haunted has aired specials advertised As-Live. The term refers to the episodes having been filmed the same day the show is televised. Higgypop explains that the episodes tend to be longer than the regular Most Haunted shows and are unedited.

Most Haunted Live Gettysburg

On October 10, 2008, the show traveled to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to record paranormal activity, including electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and ghosts on film. While the video was somewhat fuzzy at times (since the videos were shot at night), they did seem to capture some interesting voice and noise phenomena. This particular show was on the air for seven hours straight.

One notable point in the show was when the crew visited the haunted barn. They heard knocking noises while they were walking through the building from the top floor to the basement. A psychic traveling with Yvette believed that there were people who were "underneath them". As it turned out, the basement of the barn had been used to store dead bodies before they were buried.

Another notable point was when Yvette's husband, show producer Karl Beattie, blindfolded her and led her to an undisclosed location in the woods. He then took the blindfold off, handed her a web camera and promptly left her alone there. She was obviously unsettled and kept hearing strange noises nearby, especially when she asked any ghosts present to "come to the camera". Footsteps could be heard crunching in the leaves, but her husband and the crew were far enough away that they couldn't have made the noise. Yvette finally decided that she'd had enough, and started following the camera power cord back to where her husband and crew were waiting.

While it is unknown what was making the noises (perhaps deer, raccoons or skunks?), one thing is clear, the live show attracts many viewers if only to see Yvette get scared.

Audience Participation

A unique feature of the live shows was the ability for viewers to participate by sending their comments to the crew. Viewers could send in warnings, ask questions about what they were seeing during the live broadcast and provide information on the haunted sites. Oftentimes, viewers saw or heard things that weren't readily noticed by the crew recording them. The comments were then shown to other viewers, by streaming them across the bottom of the television screen.

Most Haunted Live Team

A fun group of paranormal investigators got together to pull off these live shows. The individuals responsible included:

  • Yvette Fielding - Executive Producer and host of the show. Her scariest live adventures included the Eastern State Penitentiary and Edinburgh Vaults.
  • Brian Shepherd - Medium and Psychic Artist. His scariest live adventure was Chislehurst Caves.
  • Karl Beattie - Director and Producer. His scariest live adventure was Michelham Priory.
  • Cath Howe - Makeup Artist. Her scariest live adventure was Tynedale Farm, Pendle Hill.
  • Stuart Torevell - Lighting Rigger. His scariest adventures included Old Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, and Niddrie Street Vaults.
  • Ciaran O'Keefe - Parapsychologist. His scariest adventures included Eastern State Penitentiary and Townley Hall, UK.
    Yvette Fielding
    Yvette Fielding

Most Haunted Weekly Show

The Most Haunted Live show was in addition to the weekly show, Most Haunted. The current Most Haunted episodes are currently aired on various UKTV channels. The weekly show was slightly different. The crew would visit a site for 24 hours and only select recordings were shown in a one-hour format. The crew also differed on the weekly show and sometimes included:

  • Derek Acorah - Psychic Medium
  • David Wells - Psychic Medium
  • Jon Gilbert - Investigator
  • Lain Cash - Investigator
  • Geoff Adams - Investigator

Nostalgic Viewing of Most Haunted Live

If you love to watch psychic investigations, this show should certainly intrigue you. You can watch recorded live investigations of haunted sites through the eyes of the psychics and the host, much the same way many paranormal investigation groups do. The show was originally aired in the U.S. on the Travel Channel. You can catch many of the recorded Most Haunted Live episodes on Netflix or Amazon (free to Prime members).

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Most Haunted Live Overview