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Orbs paranormal activity is a phenomenon that dates back to ancient times and remains an event observed often by many people today.

Orbs Paranormal Phenomenon: Digital Images

One of the most common forms of orbs paranormal activity are orbs captured on digital cameras. Examples of these are abundant throughout the Internet. While this is the most common form of photographic evidence of "orbs," it is also the most easily explained.

Digital Cameras and Orbs

The problem arose with the advent of digital cameras. Before digital cameras were common, the act of picking up "invisible" orbs on camera did not typically happen. However early inferior digital imaging chips introduced "noise" into the photo, most common with images shot in low-light conditions. In this type of lighting, the camera fails to fill in all of the pixels and will create light-colored spots. Amateur ghost hunters across the world label these "orbs" and claim they come from a paranormal source.

Dust, Pollen, and More

Troy Taylor, author of the Ghost Hunter's Guidebook and President of the American Ghost Society spent years researching this aspect of the orbs paranormal phenomenon. In an article titled "Orbs" Debunked!, Troy describes how through experimentation and careful research, he discovered the source of these digital photo anomalies. He even replicated those effects. Troy discovered that the source of these "orbs" was actually refractions of light from the flash which reflected back into the camera lens. He found this could be caused by:

  • Dust and pollen
  • Moisture
  • Insects
  • Snow and/or rain
  • Any semi-microscopic particles.

However, Troy remains open minded. In this article he also wrote, "I do believe that there are genuine, paranormal images that appear and which are sometimes captured on film."

There are very real orbs that are spotted even today throughout the world. Witness accounts and photographs prove that orbs exist as a very real and visible phenomenon. Today, these events are commonly called "spook lights".

Authentic Spook Lights

Throughout the country and the world, strange orbs are spotted in the skies, near the ground and often even inside homes that are thought to be haunted. These visible orbs represent anomalous activity that remains unexplained by science. Whether the cause is environmental, spiritual or something else remains unknown.

There are a number of "hot spots" in the U.S. where locals and visitors see such lights regularly.

Missouri: The Hornet Spook Light

One of the most famous spots in the country where anyone can view such lights is along a four mile gravel road called "Devil's Promenade" in Hornet, Missouri. According to local witnesses, an intense ball of "fire" moves along the center of the gravel road, hovers over treetops and performs other high speed maneuvers almost every night, as it has for decades. Evidence: A publication called the Ozark Spook Light reported on the light in 1881. The Army Corp of Engineers, as well as a number of investigators studied the phenomenon and so far fail to provide a conclusive explanation. Photo evidence is available at the Legends of America website.

Dover Lights

Just 17 miles from Dover, Arkansas, locals report that lights are visible almost nightly along a dirt road just off Highway 7. The lights appear within a valley in the Ozarks and often put on a show for visitors. Some witnesses report that the lights respond to flashlights directed toward them, as well as noise such as shouting.Evidence: Evidence exists in the form of witness statements and photographs.

The Brown Mountain Lights

The famous "Brown Mountain Lights" appear just over the top of Brown Mountain in North Carolina. Witnesses say the lights move erratically, and other witnesses claim that on some dark nights there are so many of them that they are difficult to count. These mysterious lights continue to appear above and around the mountainside even today.Evidence: The lights were first reported by German engineer Gerard Will de Brahm in 1771. They've defied logical explanation throughout the years, even after investigations by the U.S. Geological Survey, the United States Weather Bureau and other investigators.

Current Research

Some significant scientific research is under way by a number of scientists regarding what could cause this phenomenon.

One example is physicist Friedemann Freund, who seeks to prove his theory that fault line stresses within the earth's crust create charges that rise quickly to the surface of the earth, where they ionize the atmosphere. Photographs of "earthquake lights" by Japanese researcher Yutaka Yasui in the mid 1960s support this theory. Freund hopes to duplicate these phenomenon in the lab.

NASA astronomer Dr. Sten Odenwald provides one of the most comprehensive and scientific investigations of the most famous "hot-spots" of orb and light activity throughout the U.S. His detailed notes are available on his website,

Current Orbs Paranormal Theories

As with most unexplained phenomenon, explanations are plentiful but answers are few. Some investigators have suggested that many of the orbs are nothing more than headlights of distant vehicles, swamp gas or ionized air from tectonic activity within the earth. Others have suggested that the phenomenon is a manifestation of spiritual activity, and point to the local legend and folklore that suggests significant historical events took place in the area just before the phenomenon was first reported.

Regardless which theory one prefers, one thing for certain is that there are enough eyewitness accounts and photographic evidence to suggest that something very real is taking place.

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Paranormal Orbs