How to Master Out of Body Meditation Simply

Updated June 18, 2021
Master Out of Body Meditation

An out of body meditation is the most important step in learning astral projection. You can practice a very simple meditation conducive to an out of body experience (OBE). A few quick steps make it easier for you to transition to outside your body.

Go Someplace Quiet

Before you begin your meditation, you want to choose a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. You need a space that you can control the room temperature. Use a blanket or coverlet since your body temperature will likely drop during your OBE.

Get Comfy

You can either lie down or sit in a chair. It is easier to drift off to sleep if you're lying down, which is why many people prefer to sit in a chair. There is still the risk of falling asleep even in a chair. If you haven't ever astral projected, you may find a recliner a good choice. Once you become adept, you can leave your body in any position without worrying you'll slip off into a deep slumber. The difference in this type of out of body meditation and one you experience when asleep is that you'll be consciously aware of your OBE journey, unlike the nightly sojourns your soul already takes.

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Create a Muscle Memory for Meditation

Once you've settled into a chair or bed, you need to relax your body. This method will enrich your meditation by freeing your mind from your body so you can focus on the out of body process.

Practice this technique to establish a pattern. Eventually, it will allow you to fall immediately into a meditative state no longer needing these steps. The more you practice, the more your body will respond with a faster and more efficient relaxation and meditation. This becomes a type of muscle memory.

Place a Protective Bubble of White Light

Always protect yourself when traversing the spiritual realm. This is easy to do. Simply envision yourself encapsulated by white light. This should be a seamless bubble of white light with you floating inside it.

Relax Your Body

Take three deep, slow cleansing breaths and allow your body to relax into the chair or bed. Feel the tension in your muscles releasing. It's vital that you relax your body completely before attempting a meditation.

  1. Close your eyes and focus on relaxing your muscles. The best way to do this is to start with your toes. Consciously, envision your toes and relax these muscles and the ones in your feet. Move the wave of relaxation up to your ankles and the calves of your legs.
  2. You will continue relaxing all your muscles as you move the releasing of tension in your muscles. Allow your body to sink deeper into the bed. Feel the wave of relaxation moving all the way up your lower body and then your torso.
  3. Let the warm wave of relaxation move over your shoulders, and down your arms and hands. Release the tension from these muscles. Allow the wave of warmth to spread over your chest and move up your neck, face, top and back of your head.
  4. You should now be completely relaxed with your body sinking into the chair or mattress. Take three more deep breaths, relaxing more when you release each breath.

Use Mantras to Stay Awake

Once your body is completely relaxed, you can begin your meditation. This is the part where it is very easy to drift off to sleep, so remain focused. Some people repeat a mantra to keep them from falling asleep. Choose a short phrase that will help you to focus. It can be an ancient Hindu mantra like "Om mani padme hum" (Praise to the Jewel of the Lotus), or "Om" (the sacred sound of the universe).

You can make up your own mantra to keep you awake and focused or one that makes no real sense to anyone else, such as your favorite flowers. These include:

  • "I'm awake and engaged."
  • "I'm focused and aware."
  • "Roses, tulips, and marigolds."
  • "I'm astral projecting."
  • "I'm safe and protected."

Since your body is so relaxed, your mind wants to join it. If you fall asleep, don't be upset. It can take several attempts before you master the meditation part.

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Start Your Meditation

There are many methods for meditating. You'll clear your mind and focus on your mantra. Repeat it silently over and over in. Some people prefer to use a guided meditation. This is a much easier way to meditate for astral projection, since your guide will keep you awake and focused. You can also use a recorded guided meditation to help you achieve that deep, trancelike state of mind. Some people prefer to use meditation music that is composed to assist in out of body meditation.

However, if you wish to do this meditation on your own, you should first envision yourself walking along a winding garden path. The path transforms into a beautiful moss covered set of rock steps that take you to a lush pond surrounded by green trees and a forest bed of ferns.

  1. As you take the first step leading down to this lush scene, you'll begin a countdown from 10 to 1. With each step you take, you'll countdown the next number.
  2. The second next step is just off to your left, and the next is to your right as climb down in a spiral staircase to the forest floor below.
  3. Continue walking and descending until you get to number 1. At that point, you're at the bottom of the mountain steps.
  4. Take a moment and look around and enjoy the beauty surrounding you.
  5. Walk five steps to the mirrorlike pond. Counting each step starting with 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.
  6. You can now see the reflection of the sky on the surface of the water. Blue sky and big fluffy white clouds move over the water.
  7. Slowly, lean over to see your own reflection in the water. Smile at your reflection and know you are safe.
  8. You notice a silver cord that is connected to your abdomen in the third chakra region. Look at the cord and lift your eyes and see it is connected to your reflection in the water.
  9. Your reflection lifts out of the water and hovers above the surface.
  10. You are safe and enjoy floating above the pond. You now look up at the clouds overhead and begin to float toward them.
  11. When you purposefully return to your body, make your re-integration of your soul and body a gentle return. Countdown from 5 to 1, and then open your eyes. It may take a few minutes for you to feel fully returned to your body.

Out of Body Meditation Tips

If you don't have an out of body experience your first few tries, don't get discouraged. It takes practice and patience. You will eventually have an OBE once your mind, body, and soul are adjusted to the idea and you've released all primal fear of such a separation.

Your first astral projection may be short-lived. When most people discover they're outside their bodies, they immediately return to their bodies. This is a natural fear response of the body clinging to your soul and the life force energy it generates. Keep in mind that your silver cord keeps you tethered to your body, and this keeps you safe. You can follow your cord back to your body any time you wish to return.

In addition to music, you can use crystals, incense, and nature sounds to help you in your meditation. The more you practice your out of body meditation, the easier it will become to achieve astral projection. Your body will slowly become conditioned to your conscious out of body experience and allow you to travel farther and longer each time.

Some people find they are highly energized after an OBE, while others feel wiped out and exhausted. Everyone is different and there's no right or wrong way to feel after an astral projection.

Mastering Out of Body Meditation

The key to mastering an out of body meditation is to remain awake and focused. It will require practice to train your body, mind, and soul for intentional astral projection, but the reward is having amazing OBEs.

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How to Master Out of Body Meditation Simply