How Do Paranormal Investigators Help People (and Spirits)?

Updated June 28, 2021
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Paranormal investigators help the victims of a haunting and many times assist the spirit responsible for the haunting to move on into the afterlife. There can be many reasons for a haunting, and it's up to the paranormal investigators to discover why a spirit is there and what it may be trying to communicate.

Paranormal Investigators Help Resolve a Haunting

Most people who become a paranormal investigator have a keen interest in the paranormal. Some, like Vickie L Burnett, founder of P.O.I.N.T. (Paranormal Organization Investigating New Truths in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) see it as an opportunity to combine their interest with a deep desire to help others.

Vickie explains, "This fascination turned into a true passion when I realized that victims of a haunt are much like abuse victims; the major difference is they can't see who is attacking them or frightening them."

Many active hauntings that aren't residual energy are generated by spirits that sometimes just need coaxing or encouragement to release their connection to their former Earthly life. A good paranormal investigator understands how to appeal to this nature of a spirit. While the word trapped is often used to describe spirits that refuse to leave, the truth is they can leave whenever they wish by exercising their free will.

Why Spirits Haunt People and Places

The paranormal investigative team understands that when a person dies and becomes an Earthbound spirit, they can no longer communicate the same way they did when alive.

Imagine the frustration of being unable to talk or to be seen. You might do the same thing that spirits do to make your presence known. Spirits find all kinds of ways to make their presence known as they attempt to communicate with the living.

Some spirits have grown very adept at moving objects or vocalizing words and sounds. It's very possible that the ghost's intentions aren't to haunt the household or scare its residents. It may simply be the only way the spirit can alert them to its presence.

There are other types of spirits that simply don't realize they no longer have a corporeal body. It may just need someone to tell it. Some spirits have unfinished business, or they need to get a message to someone. Other times, a spirit may simply find it difficult to move on and remains attached to its former beloved home.

Then, there are spirits that harass and terrorize people. These may be demonic or some other type of negative presence in a home, such as a poltergeist. In all instances, paranormal investigators can help those being haunted by first understanding the why behind the haunting.

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Help for the Living and the Dead

Paranormal investigators have an arsenal of tools and equipment to first verify the presence of a spirit or spirits. Once all logical causes for the phenomenon are ruled out, they turn to other investigative methods. These are often seen on popular ghost hunting TV shows where equipment is brought into the home. Some of the equipment paranormal investigators use includes EMF detectors, infrared cameras, EVP equipment, and various electronic devices.

Once the presence of paranormal activity is verified, the type of haunting going on in a home or business is determined. This will alert the investigators about the type of approach they need to follow in order to help the residents and hopefully the ghost.

The goal is to find some form of resolution for those being haunted and a way to assist the spirit. This often involves doing research on the history of the residence and any possible tragedies that may have happened there. Former owners or tenants who passed away are considered possible spirits in the home or business.

The paranormal investigators keep the lines of communication open with the client. Investigators explain what they discover from their research and explain those findings with the clients, so they have a better understanding of what is taking place.

Most paranormal investigative teams include a medium as a team member. This person is a valuable asset in assisting both clients and spirits. The medium is able to gain insights and details about the haunting that research doesn't reveal. Vickie says, "I have also enlisted the help of outside psychics, like medium and intuitive Melissa Alvarez, who volunteers her services to better pinpoint ways to rid a home of a spirit."

If the haunting is being created by a malevolent spirit, then dark magic practices may have been used by previous residents. If someone in the home used a Ouija board, it's possible an uninvited spirit came through and never left.

Protect Privacy of Clients

Many clients wish to maintain their privacy and paranormal investigators should be respectful of these wishes. While many ghost hunters are all about the evidence they can capture, as a rule, they strive to protect the identities and privacy of their clients when requested. Some paranormal investigators don't publicize their findings. Vickie's group is one that doesn't post their evidence. She says, "Our goal isn't media attention. We truly want to help clients, and we don't feel calling attention to someone's paranormal situation will help the client or the spirits in any way."

This lack of privacy often prevents families from contacting a paranormal investigator. They've seen all the publicity such families receive on TV shows, videos online, and in various social media. The good news is the majority of paranormal investigators are respectful of their clients' privacy, like Vickie's group. However, evidence is important to investigators, and it can be given without revealing the client.

How Paranormal Investigators Help People

When conducting an investigation, the team works with clients to evaluate their level of stress and response to what is happening. Taking this pulse continues throughout the investigation. This helps to eliminate things such as poltergeist activity, especially in homes with adolescents.

After the team has evaluated the haunting, a plan of action is made based on what has been determined. The results are then shared with the client. While it's important to gather evidence of the haunting, it's far more important to the client that the team offers them a resolution to free them of the spirit(s).

At the very least, the team will provide some methods for coping with the spirit's presence if the spirit refuses to leave. There are many instances where the spirit and homeowner respect each other's presence and find a way to live in harmony. There are no guarantees that paranormal investigators can remedy your ghost problem, but they should be able to minimize it.

However, a malevolent spirit or demon will need a different plan of action, such as an exorcism. Some of these entities are like a pest infestation that requires repeated treatments to eradicate it. Much depends on the type of entity haunting the home/business, and how accomplished the exorcist is.

Ask Paranormal Investigators for Help

People suffering from a haunting reach out to paranormal investigators for help. Most paranormal teams can offer you some type of remedy and oftentimes, a resolution for the spirits.

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How Do Paranormal Investigators Help People (and Spirits)?