How Do Paranormal Investigators Help People (and Spirits)?

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How paranormal investigators approach a haunting determines if they can help homeowners and spirits. The first goal is to decide if a ghost is actually on the premises or if there is a logical explanation for what is being experienced by the homeowners.

Desire to Help Others

Most paranormal investigators begin their careers from a deep interest in the paranormal. Some, like Vickie L Burnett, founder of P.O.I.N.T. (Paranormal Organization Investigating New Truths in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) see it as an opportunity to combine their interest with a deep desire to help others. Vickie explains, "This fascination turned into a true passion when I realized that victims of a haunt are much like abuse victims; the major difference is they can't see who is attacking them or frightening them."

Vickie Burnett
Vickie Burnett

Help the Living and the Dead

Many paranormal investigative groups offer help not just to the living but to the dead. Spirits unable to move on to the next world of existence can be coaxed and encouraged to release the emotions preventing them from cutting their ties to the house. "We believe that spirits are people who no longer have their bodies and cannot communicate in the manner the living do. This often frustrates them and makes their position here all the more difficult," Vickie says.

Investigate the Haunting Origin

It isn't enough to determine there is a real haunting taking place. There must be some form of resolution for the homeowner and the spirit. "We also try to find the origins of that haunt in order to find peace for the spirits, if possible," Vickie says. This often involves doing research into the history of the residence and any possible tragedy happening there.

Keep Clients in the Loop

Part of the investigative process is to keep the lines of communication open with the client. Investigators explain what they have discovered to help the homeowners understand what is taking place in their home. "In other words, we are there for them whenever they need us, for as long as they need us, free of charge," Vickie explains.

Investigators Determine If a House Is Haunted

Paranormal investigators first approach a suspected haunting by searching for possible alternative causes for what the homeowner might be experiencing. Doors that open by themselves might be proven to be the result of an uneven floor that easily causes a door to suddenly open. This is especially is older homes where the original door casing has shrunk, or the door hinges are loose from wear and age.

Common Issues Misinterpreted as Paranormal Activity

Water that turns on by itself can be due to a build up of pressure in the pipes. Flickering lights can indicate a problem with the wiring. Old house natural creaks, such as the pops and bangs of an old furnace and ductwork cooling down can confuse people. Being able to offer alternative logical explanations for a homeowner misinterpreting real issues as a ghostly manifestation can quickly alleviate a homeowner's fears.

Conduct a Paranormal Investigation

Once the paranormal investigators have explored all possible logical causes for the phenomenon, they turn to other investigative methods. These are often seen on popular ghost hunting TV shows where equipment is brought into the home. Some of the equipment paranormal investigators use include EMF detectors, infrared cameras, EVP equipment, and other types of investigative equipment.

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Other Tools of the Paranormal

While P.O.I.N.T. uses these and other tools, they also take advantage of people with special psychic abilities. Vickie explains some of her team members have psychic skills they use to gain insight on the origins and other details of a haunting. "I have also enlisted the help of outside psychics, like Melissa Alvarez, who volunteered her services to better pinpoint ways to rid a home of a spirit," she says.

Sage Might Not Work

Many people believe using sage to clear a home or business of a ghost is an ideal choice; however, Vickie warns against using it. "P.O.I.N.T. does not recommend sage as a method of ridding homes of spirits. This is based on extensive research and hands-on experiments." She believes this all points to sage provoking spirits rather than ushering them to move on.

Paranormal Investigations and Client Privacy

Many clients wish to maintain their privacy and paranormal investigators should be respectful of these wishes. While many ghost hunters are all about the evidence they can capture, as a rule, they strive to protect the identities and privacy of their clients when requested. Some paranormal investigators don't publicize their findings. Vickie states P.O.I.N.T. doesn't post evidence on their website. "Our goal isn't media attention. We truly want to help clients, and we don't feel calling attention to someone's paranormal situation will help the client or the spirits in any way."

Ways Paranormal Investigators Help Homeowners and Spirits

When conducting an investigation, a team will work with the clients and evaluate their reaction to what is happening during the course of the investigation. This helps eliminate things such as poltergeist activity, especially in homes with adolescents.

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Discuss Investigation Report With Client

After the team has evaluated, a plan of action is made based on what has been determined. The results are then shared with the client. The team presents solutions and other options to the client. "We provide evidence and facilitate an understanding of the paranormal, so clients are better able to cope with the activity in their home," Vickie says, "Since spirits do not always perform on command, we will investigate again if no evidence is gathered and the clients feel they still need our help."

Choose the Right Paranormal Investigators to Help You

There is no magic formula for selecting a paranormal investigative team to help you. Vickie advises, "Make sure you seek the advice of a trusted and experienced team. Stay away from teams who "guarantee" to remove a spirit from your home, especially for a fee." She reminds that there are no guarantees in this field, only cases of trial and error. "Anyone claiming to have all the answers probably, in reality, has very few," she says.

Understand How Paranormal Investigators Help Homeowners and Spirits

Once you understand the process and how paranormal investigators help homeowners and spirits, you know what to expect. Always ask potential paranormal investigators for referrals to ensure you engage with a legitimate team.

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How Do Paranormal Investigators Help People (and Spirits)?