POINT Paranormal Investigations Interview

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Vickie L. Burnett; Image used with her personal permission.

In this exclusive POINT Paranormal investigations interview, you'll discover how POINT (Paranormal Organization Investigating New Truths) in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida operates under a model that's different from some paranormal investigation groups. POINT's founder, Vickie L. Burnett, is also known as the former host of a paranormal talk radio show. Recently, LTK had the opportunity to talk with Vickie about her organization and what she views as her mission.

POINT Paranormal Investigations Interview

How It All Began

LTK: Vickie, how did you become involved in this field?

Vickie: Like most children, I loved a good ghost story. Anything unusual captured my attention, like Bigfoot, UFOs or the Bermuda Triangle. This fascination turned into a true passion when I realized that victims of a haunt are much like abuse victims; the major difference is they can't see who is attacking them or frightening them. When I realized I could combine my interest in the paranormal with a way to help others, POINT was born. My thirst for knowledge and my desire to help has sustained me through these years, and I hope will continue to drive me in the future.

LTK: How was POINT Paranormal founded?

Vickie: The original P.O.I.N.T. Members were brought together while working on another paranormal team. My personal views and beliefs conflicted with that team's policies, so I expressed the desire to form my own team. So, with my founding members, Kim, Jennifer and Lynda, we enthusiastically formed POINT in 2007. We are more than a team; we're a family, and I think that's why we've had success in helping clients. Although our membership has changed through the years, I'm proud to say I have all of my original team members. In the paranormal investigating world, that's a rare thing.

POINT: Paranormal Mission

LTK: What is the your organization's mission?

Vickie: Our mission is to help people living and dead. We believe that spirits are people who no longer have their body and cannot communicate in the manner the living do. This often frustrates them and makes their position here all the more difficult for them. At POINT, we not only help homeowners determine if their home has paranormal activity, we also try to find the origins of that haunt in order to find peace for the spirits, if possible. We provide a continuing relationship with our clients, helping them understand and deal with what is occurring in their home. In other words, we are there for them whenever they need us, for as long as they need us, free of charge.

LTK: Would you explain your group's approach to investigations?

Vickie: We don't charge for our services nor do we accept donations or reimbursement for gas, tolls or our time. I am proud that our members give freely of their time and resources so that we are able to provide this service.

Secondly, we truly care about our clients. Your home should be your safe place. In a paranormal-ridden home, this may not be the case. We do our best to answer questions, provide evidence and facilitate an understanding of the paranormal so clients are better able to cope with the activity in their home.

How Evidence Is Handled

LTK: Visitors to your website might wonder why typical case discussions and any documenting evidence aren't posted on your site. Why is that?

Vickie: POINT is somewhat unique in the fact it does not post evidence, no matter how compelling, because our goal isn't media attention. We truly want to help clients, and we don't feel calling attention to someone's paranormal situation will help the client or the spirits in any way. Any media attention we have received was simply used to get the word out that there are teams like us who are here for people in need.

LTK: How do you assist people who come to you? Do you conduct cleansings, or do you engage mediums, clairvoyants, demonologists or clergy for this as part of the investigation?

Vickie: We assist clients by providing information and understanding what is going on in their home. We employ scientific methods when determining if a home truly has activity. However, we have people on the team with insight to help us determine the origins of the haunt. I have also enlisted the help of outside psychics, like Melissa Alvarez, who volunteered her services to better pinpoint ways to rid a home of a spirit.

We have utilized crossing-over methods, which are Christian based. POINT does not recommend sage as a method of ridding homes of spirits. This is based on extensive research and hands-on experiments. We always have the client's welfare in the forefront of our minds, and we never endanger them by provoking spirits or trying methods that we have not tested ourselves many times over.

What to Expect When You Call

LTK: How are requests for assistance processed?

Vickie: POINT provides an investigation for anyone wishing to learn more about suspected activity in his or her home. The standard procedure is to contact us via email. Within 24 hours, I'll contact the client and set-up a phone interview with our Client Care Representative. From there, we schedule an investigation. We respect all potential clients and never prejudge the validity of their case until we have conducted an investigation.

A typical investigation lasts from three to four hours or however long the client wishes. During the investigation, EVP sessions are conducted and partially reviewed to provide the client with immediate feedback. After investigating, we ask for two or three weeks to analyze the evidence, especially the video evidence, and we confer with each other before I send the client a written report. From there, we discuss our findings with the client and discuss which options are available to them. Since spirits do not always perform on command, we will investigate again if no evidence is gathered and the clients feel they still need our help.

I have always had an open phone policy with my clients. They are encouraged to contact me via email, phone call or text any time they need me. POINT is a team that truly cares, and we make ourselves available to those in need.

Most Memorable Investigation

LTK: How many investigations have you conducted? Out of those is there one in particular that stands out?

Original team: Bobbi-Jo, Jennifer, Lynda and Kimberly; Image used with permission from Vickie L. Burnett

Vickie: I have been a paranormal investigator for three and a half years. In that time, I've investigated hundreds of private residences, historic locations and public buildings. I'm very proud of the abundance of practical experience I have as an investigator. I'm not a "week-end warrior" looking to fill my weekend. I truly research, analyze and participate fully in the process to help our clients.

Typically, POINT performs two residential investigations per month, except when we are booked for two or three months solid after a radio appearance (meaning we work every weekend during that time period). We feel truly blessed to have been so busy these past three years.

Since I would never share private client information, I will say my most memorable historic location investigation was at the Cuban Club in Ybor City, FL. I was lucky enough to have investigated this location four times before Ghost Hunters (TAPS) visited the location. It was memorable because on two separate occasions, I was scratched while investigating the theater. One scratch was deep enough to draw blood. The other scratching incident resulted in three scratch marks down my arm.

Novice Advice

LTK: What is the message you wish to give to people who are interested in investigating the paranormal or are experiencing paranormal activity?

Vickie: Here is my advice for people interested in becoming paranormal investigators: This is not fun and games. There are real people with real paranormal issues, and this field should not be used as weekend entertainment. If you are interested in conducting experiments, please do not conduct them at the expense of your client. Respect the spirits you are trying to communicate with, and you will get results.

My advice for people experiencing paranormal activity is to make sure you seek the advice of a trusted and experienced team. Do not attempt to investigate your own home. This can result in making your situation more serious. Stay away from teams who "guarantee" to remove a spirit from your home, especially for a fee. There are no guarantees in this field, only cases of trial and error. Anyone claiming to have all the answers probably, in reality, has very few.

Finally, my advice for everyone with even a passing fancy for this field: Never play with a Ouija board. This can result in serious consequences and should never be considered a game. If you have played with one and activity starts in your home, seek help from a competent team.

What's on the Horizon

LTK: Anything exciting or new on the horizon for POINT or you?

Vickie: POINT continues to grow and learn. In our quest for knowledge, we have made many friends along the way. We hope to continue down this same path, reaching out to anyone who might need us.

Every summer I contemplate writing a book on the subject of the paranormal. I have started this summer. Wish me luck in completing it!

LoveToKnow would like to thank Vickie L. Burnett for participating in this interview and wish her good luck in all her investigations.

POINT Paranormal Investigations Interview