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Paranormal pets aren't as weird as you may think. In fact, if you are an animal lover and a paranormal enthusiast, you may want to learn more about the experiences, investigations, and work of author and podcaster Dusty Rainbolt in this Paranormal Pets interview. Learn how paranormal animals, like dogs can sense the paranormal or how ghost pets continue to hang around as companions.

Paranormal Pets Interview with Dusty Rainbolt

Dusty Rainbolt is the host of the fascinating podcast Paranormal Pets on where she discusses topics such as spiritual animal encounters, cryptozoology and haunted locations where you can find animal ghosts. Dusty is also author of several nonfiction and fiction books including Ghost Cats, Kittens for Dummies, and All The Marbles among others. In this exclusive interview, Dusty sits down with LoveToKnow to discuss the topic of paranormal pets and ghost pets.

Personal Paranormal Pets Experience

LTK: You described your personal experience with your own pet spirit encounter a little bit on your website. Could you describe that experience in detail?

DR: Well, one time when we were out of town, one of our cats had to be put to sleep. We had to tell him goodbye, and it was all very sad. But, you know, I wasn't obsessing about him. He was a foster cat of ours, and the type of cat he was, he didn't have a very long life span anyway. A month and a half after he died, I was lying awake in bed, and I felt the cat jump up in bed. Now, that's not a big deal in my house. Except, there was enough moonlight flowing through the window that I could see there wasn't anything there.

LTK: So you were awake when this happened?

DR: I was wide awake. I drink a Dr. Pepper before going to bed, so I mean I'm usually just wired, and I take six hours to go to sleep. And this feeling, you could feel the little footprints as they walked across the bed. I could feel the little feet and the pressure when they lay down. And this particular cat always slept on my ankles, always. It was his little spot. And whatever this was walked across the bed, with its little kitty footprints, and then laid down on my ankles.

LTK: Did you actually see the impression of the footprints?

DR: No, I didn't because it was dark, but I could just feel it. And I could feel the pressure, and with the little bit of light seeping through, I could see that there was nothing there. No cat. And I want to say I was afraid to move. Not fearful of anything that would happen, but fearful that it would stop. You know, I instinctively knew this was my little kitty, and I just wanted the experience. I felt perfectly safe, there was nothing frightening about it at all. It was a wonderful experience as a matter of fact. Anyway, I just tried to keep awake because I didn't want it to end. Of course I eventually fell asleep.

LTK: So the feeling of the cat being there by your legs remained?

DR: Yes, it stayed there until I went to sleep. I mean, I didn't move at all. It never happened again, ever. I've never had another animal type of experience.

Paranormal Pets Podcast

LTK: Now you also do a podcast, is that monthly?

DR: Thank you for asking! That's called Paranormal Pets. It's actually a weekly podcast. We talk about ghost animals of all kinds, cryptozoology and all kinds of stuff.

LTK: So you interview people who have had experiences?

DR: Yes, my format is that I do weird animal news. Sometimes it's Bigfoot, sometimes it's real science that's kind of bizarre and sometimes it's ghost related. I usually interview somebody, maybe an author or someone who has had an experience. The final segment is a haunted travel guide about a hotel or public place you can go to that's haunted by animals.

The Ivy House in Casper, Wyoming

LTK: You inform people of different places they can go to experience pet hauntings?

DR: Yes, like the Crescent Hotel in Eureeka Springs, Arkansas. Although, my favorite is a place I described in the chapter of my book called "A Room with an Unsual View." It's called the Ivy House, in Casper, Wyoming. They have a haunted litterbox! *laugh*

LTK: Really? *laugh*

DR: Absolutely, the lady who owned the property before these owners was sort of a crazy cat lady. So from time to time, guests see cats in the public area, but there aren't any cats at the hotel. Well anyway, there's one hall, and there are no cats in that area, but occasionally you'll smell the unmistakable scent of a freshly used litterbox. And just like a regular litterbox it goes away. But you know, the owners say they haven't been able to find the ectoplasmic litter scoop! They kind of have to just wait until it dissipates!

The Family Cat at Tea

LTK: Have you interviewed quite a few people who have had this kind of paranormal experiences?

DR: Yes, both for Paranormal Pets on, and also for the book. The book had seventy different stories.

LTK: What would you say was the most impressive story?

DR: There was one that really gave me the chills. There was a doctor here in my hometown in North Texas, and she was an Evangelical hospice chaplain. Her son's mother-in-law was dying of ovarian cancer. So she went to Oakland, California to be with the dying woman. Anyway, the mother-in-law went into a coma one day, and the son wanted to know if he should let his eight-year-old daughter see her grandmother like that. I told him he should, so they let the little girl climb into bed with her grandmother. The grandmother came out of the coma, and the daughter said, "Mom, where have you been?" She replied, "Oh, I was having tea with my sister Elaine, and Grungy was with us." Now, Grungy was the family cat, and the daughter said, "Oh Mom, your sister's dead, and Grungy's alive, we fed him this morning. He's just fine." As it turns out, Grungy was not alive. When they went home that night, Grungy was dead in the middle of the street. I'm getting chills even now just talking about it.

The Demon Cat of the Capital

LTK: So the stories you included in your book are the ones that most convinced you?

DR: Yes, and there's a commonality among them. Not that all of the stories are the same, but there's a thread. Like with mine, the cat jumping on the bed, I thought, "Oh my God, this is the most amazing thing". Well, I found out that's probably the most common form of interaction with animal ghosts- jumping on the bed. And another interesting thing about animal ghosts are the black dogs that are kind of scary and associated with the demonic. And horses can be scary too because they're such powerful animals in life. But nobody was ever afraid of the cat. One story that is kind of interesting is the "Demon Cat of the Capital"; this is a very popular story.

LTK: A demon cat?

DR: Yes, supposedly this demon cat comes out just before national disasters. I found some news stories from the 1800s, and he came out about ten years before Lincoln's assassination. A lot of people seem to think the guard who saw it may have had a little bit too much wine, if you know what I mean? In one of the newspaper stories I read when it started out, it was a black cat, and then it was the size of a big dog. Eventually it was the size of an elephant. Supposedly, the cat appeared before Lincoln's assassination and again before the stock market fell in the 1920s. However, I don't think this is one of the legitimate stories because he didn't show up prior to Pearl Harbor, or prior to 9/11. Now, I've heard stories that he showed up prior to the Kennedy assassination, but I don't have any evidence. "D.C." is what he's called, he's the "Demon Cat of the Capital". He's an interesting character. Really though, there are all kinds of wonderful animal haunted places out there. And if any of your readers know of any such place, I'd really appreciate it if they would email me at, I'd love to hear from them.

LTK: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me and for sharing your experiences with the readers of LovetoKnow.

DR: Thank you! I appreciate the opportunity and I've really enjoyed talking with you.

Paranormal Pets Interview