Where to Find Paranormal Video Clips

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Are you on the lookout for stunning paranormal video clips? Finding genuine paranormal clips can be tricky. However, some of the best and scariest paranormal videos go viral and show evidence of paranormal activity that leave viewers wanting to find more.

Finding Paranormal Video Clips

Capturing paranormal activity on video is no easy feat, considering no one truly knows hard facts about the spirit world. You can probably imagine that it's difficult to find decent videos in a world full of fakes and forgeries. These days, some of the best clips appear on television as cable networks produce more paranormal investigation shows. These shows all claim to provide real, undoctored footage taken from genuine paranormal investigations. Are they pulling your leg or providing a peek into the other side? Take a look and decide for yourself!

Ghost Hunters, Domestic and International

If you have cable, you have probably heard of the television shows Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. These shows are chock-full of supposedly paranormal videos. Each series follows a different team of paranormal specialists as they explore haunted locations capturing the entire process on audio and video. While they discover that some locations are not actually haunted, they do get more than their fair share of legitimate proof of haunting, and it's definitely unsettling.

Many video clips from these show are available to watch online even though Ghost Hunters International is no longer in production.

Most Haunted

Yvette Fielding directed a team of expert ghost hunters for the British television show Most Haunted. Yvette and her crew traveled around the world searching for proof of the paranormal. Armed with advanced equipment such as night-vision cameras and high-tech audio gear, theysupposedly encountered ghosts, spirits and hauntings of all kinds. In addition to a regular series, the Most Haunted team also televised live investigations. The show is no longer in production due to accusations the footage was faked, but you can watch full episodes at tv.com and decide for yourself if what you see is real.

Rescue Mediums

Rescue Mediums is a UK television show that chronicles the adventures of Christine Hamlett and Jackie Dennison, two renowned psychics. Christine and Jackie travel the country visiting people's homes in search of paranormal activity. They experience premonitions, psychometrics, psychic drawings, spirit contact, past life regressions and more. The psychics have no idea where they're going before they arrive, so everything you see is supposedly real and unrehearsed. While this show is currently only showing in the United Kingdom and the website lists no past episodes, you can catch snippets and scenes through YouTube and Internet video portals. Learn more from the resources below.

Paranormal Video Websites

If you'd like to find believable paranormal video clips, these links will provide plenty of chills!

  • Haunted America Tours offers some real-looking ghost videos and allows you to vote on the legitimacy of the shots. While some of the videos are clearly fake, many of them are convincing enough to make you sleep with a nightlight.
  • MetaCafe houses an extensive listing of user-supplied paranormal videos. Do not watch alone!
  • DemonTales is always good for a scare. Here you will find some rather convincing videos that might just make you question your sense of reality.
  • ParanormalVideos.org has some interesting clips posted, some of which you'll wonder about long after you've replayed them over and over.
  • YouTube is always great for a mega-dose of ghostly activity caught on video. If you search the site for "ghosts" or "ghost sighting", you'll find literally thousands of clips to sate your paranormal curiosity.

If you've ever captured your own paranormal video clips, or you've seen some very convincing ones online, share your experiences in the comments section below.

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Where to Find Paranormal Video Clips