Where to Find Paranormal Videos (Even Skeptics Will Believe)

Updated April 30, 2021
College students watching paranormal videos

Videos that capture paranormal activity or ghostly encounters provide evidence of a haunting or other type of supernatural presence. YouTube channels and TV paranormal investigation series provide a wealth of videos you can watch.

YouTube Channel Videos for Paranormal Activity

YouTube is always great for a mega-dose of ghostly activity caught on video. If you search the site for "ghosts" or "ghost sightings," you'll find literally thousands of video clips to sate your paranormal curiosity.

Sir Spooks

Denmark's Sir Spooks analyzes some of the strangest videos of unexplained bizarre cryptids, paranormal encounters, and urban legends. Sir Spooks offers his observations of each clip and attempts to debunk or at least determine if it is a hoax or a real paranormal event.

Scary Videos

Scary Videos channel features various CCTV and individual videos featuring paranormal activity, haunted houses and strange figures/beings not of this world. The channel acknowledges some of the featured videos are obvious hoaxes, but ensures viewers many are simply impossible to explain.

Nuke's Top 5

Nuke's Top 5 features videos of some of the top scary videos on the internet. Each video is a compilation of just five video clips of various ghostly situations. Some video clips are of amateur ghost hunters, while others are of homeowners frightened by uninvited ghostly guests.


Chills features a new video every Thursday. This Canadian host is known as one of the Top 15 narrators. His very distinct monotone voice distinguishes him from other paranormal video narrators and adds to the macabre nature of the videos.

Paranormal Encounters

Paranormal Encounters YouTube channel documents the investigations of Connor Biddle and India Hopwood into the paranormal. There are several videos of the couple's investigations of reportedly haunted locations.


Feedspot offers a listing of YouTube paranormal channels on their paranormal videos page. There's an email sign up to receive updates.

The Paranormal Files

The Paranormal Files is a YouTube web series by Colin Browen, a paranormal investigator. Colin videos his investigations and encounters as he explores haunted locations in the US and other countries.

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail YouTube channel features a good mix of ghost videos. Some are a compilation of the top scary ones.

Paranormal and Ghost TV Series

Some of the most-watched paranormal and ghost video clips have been viewed on various television shows. All the shows claim their video footages are authentic undoctored recordings taken during genuine paranormal investigations. The validity of these shows is often left to the individual viewer to determine. Many critics point out that some shows are part of the entertainment industry and should be viewed purely from that perspective. Some TV series use dramatic re-enactment as part of their storytelling.

Paranormal Caught on Camera

Paranormal Caught on Camera first aired on the Travel Channel in 2019. A panel of experts and specialists examine and discuss some of the latest and scariest paranormal videos from around the world. Some firsthand accounts are given by the person who video-recorded the paranormal event.

Paranormal Nightshift

In 2020, Travel Channel launched the paranormal series of eyewitness accounts with its Paranormal Nightshift TV series. Graveshift workers at hotels, offices, restaurants, and other businesses share their frightening encounters with the paranormal and supernatural.

Hotel Paranormal

Travel channel's Hotel Paranormal first aired in 2020 with its Ghostbusters narrator Dan Aykroyd. The true stories center around the encounters that hotel staff and guests have with ghosts and other supernatural entities. The show uses dramatic re-enactments of the events along with evaluations and insights from paranormal experts.

The Dead Files

The Dead Files first aired in 2011 on the Travel Channel. The TV series follows Amy Allan, a physical medium, and her partner, Steve DiSchiavi, a former NYPD homicide detective as they independently investigate clients' locations for paranormal activity. Each uses their particular methodology to determine if paranormal activity is taking place. The final reveal brings both of them and their client(s) together to examine the findings. In 2021, The Dead Files moved to Discovery+.

Kindred Spirits (2016-Present)

Kindred Spirits TV series is an American reality series that documents paranormal investigations by Adam Berry and Amy Bruni (formerly with Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters Academy). From 2016-2019, the show aired on the Travel Channel. In the fourth season, Chip Coffey, psychic medium joined the show. The team travels across the US to assist families experiencing paranormal activity in their homes. The show can be watched on Discovery+.

Ghost Adventures

Travel Channel launched Ghost Adventures in 2008, where it remained until 2021 when it moved to Discovery+. Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley investigate various haunted places in this investigative paranormal reality series. Nick Groff was part of the team prior to branching out with his own show, Paranormal Lockdown.

Ghost Hunters A&E TV Series

Grant Wilson, co-founder of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) is hosting his own ghost hunting show on A&E. The A&E series retains Ghost Hunters, the original name for the series. A&E reports that Grant's team was carefully hand-picked. The first episode aired on August 21, 2019.

Ghost Nation

You can get a double dose of the original Ghost Hunters with TAPS co-founder Jason Hawes's show, Ghost Nation, produced by Travel Channel. Ghost Nation features the popular trio of Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, and Dave Tango once more on the hunt for ghosts. The first episode aired on October 11, 2019 on the Travel Channel. On January 16, 2021, Ghost Nations moved to Discovery+ where you can watch exclusive episodes.

Binge Worthy Past Paranormal and Ghost TV Series

These TV paranormal and ghost shows are no longer being produced. However, the episodes are available to watch or even binge watch to catch up on all you missed.

Ghost Hunters, Domestic and International, Syfy Series (2004-2016)

Ghost Hunters (2004-2016) and Ghost Hunters International (2008-2012) were chocked full of supposed paranormal videos. Each series followed a different team of paranormal investigators as they explored various haunted locations. During of the 11 seasons, the teams captured the entire investigation on audio and video. They debunked many so-called pieces of evidence, while proving some places did have paranormal activity. Most episodes provided some possible proof of paranormal activity.

Most Haunted (2002-2010, 2014-2019)

Yvette Fielding directed a team of expert ghost hunters for the British television show Most Haunted. Yvette and her crew traveled around the world searching for proof of the paranormal. Armed with advanced equipment such as night-vision cameras and high-tech audio gear, they supposedly encountered ghosts, spirits and hauntings of all kinds. The show ran from 2002-2010, then was revived in 2014 and continued until 2019. Currently, all episodes are available on the Most Haunted YouTube channel. There are plans to revive the show once more, but information is pending.

Rescue Mediums (2006-2011)

Rescue Mediums was a UK television show that chronicled the adventures of two internationally renowned psychics, Jackie Dennison and Christine Hamlett (1-3 series). The subsequent 4-7 series were hosted by Jackie Dennison and Alison Wynne-Ryder. The duo traveled the country visiting homes and businesses in search of paranormal activity. They experienced premonitions, psychometrics, psychic drawings, spirit contact, past life regressions, and more. You can catch some of these shows on the duo's YouTube channel.

Paranormal Lockdown (2016-2019)

Destination America's Paranormal Lockdown starred former Ghost Adventures team member Nick Groff (Seasons 1-12). In 2016, Nick and Katrina Weidman (Paranormal State) branched out with the new ghostly TV series. Nick and Katrina were locked up in a haunted location for 72 hours. The show switched over to TLC Channel for the second season, but by the third season, was back with Destination America. In 2019, Nick announced the show had been canceled.

Paranormal State (2007-2011)

A&E's Paranormal State was a different type of paranormal reality investigative TV series since it was about a college student investigative club, Pennsylvania State University Paranormal Research Society. The students investigated various haunted locations with the show enjoying a 6-season run.

Paranormal Video Clips and Web Cams

Capturing paranormal activity on video is no easy feat. There are some people lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to capture what appears to be evidence of the paranormal, such as a real ghost. You often have to wade through hoaxed videos to find these.

  • Scary video clips of ghosts, mists, and orbs often defy logical explanations.
  • Videos captured in real haunted houses, such as the Whaley House or Villisca Axe Murder House, often make skeptics believers.
  • For the paranormal voyeur, there are a few good live ghost web cams that often capture unexplained and spooky things.
  • For those with a sense a humor, funny ghost videos are often a relief from the intensity of ghosts and scary videos.

Compelling Videos of the Paranormal

Many of the videos of paranormal encounters are compelling. Some are captured by individuals who are experiencing strange events, while others are captured during paranormal investigations.

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Where to Find Paranormal Videos (Even Skeptics Will Believe)