Signs & Types of Past Life Memories: Have You Had Any? 

Updated July 9, 2021
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Past life memories don't always flash in front of you like a TV screen. Sometimes those memories are held deep within your emotional reactions, dreams, and subtle nuances. Discover some signs that may suggest you're recalling a past life.

Illogical Strong Emotional Responses

You can often see the telltale signs of a past life in how you respond emotionally to something when you have no logical reason for such a reaction. There are all kinds of emotional responses. You may have a sudden feeling of nostalgia when you see a color or design, hear a song, or see a photo from a past era. This reaction could indicate that a past life emotion has been triggered.

For example, have you ever had a deep abhorrence for a type of food? This would be something that you absolutely detest and refused to eat, having never tasted it before. This is often related to a past life. You may have been eating the food when you were murdered, or it is somehow related to some other type of traumatic event in a past life.

The same type of reaction can often happen when you meet someone and have an instant dislike for the person. There is no rational reason for your intense dislike or distrust. You are probably perplexed why you would have such an unreasonable reaction to a stranger. It might be possible that you have an unresolved past life conflict, or you disliked the person in another life.

The opposite type of reaction can also be a telltale sign of a past life subconscious memory. You may instantly feel as though you know a stranger. You feel a deep, inexplicable connection to the person when there is no logical reason for such a feeling. Perhaps you were lovers or perhaps the person was your best friend in another life.

Deep emotional responses to places or historical events may also be triggers to a spontaneous past life recall. This might result in a powerful dream. Such dreams are so real that when you awaken, you instantly know you just had a past life memory.

If you've experienced any of these types of responses or reactions, try meditating on it to determine if it is from a past life. You can use lucid dreams to assist you in discovering what the meaning is behind your reaction.

Feelings of Déjà Vu

Another sign of a past life memory is that strange, uncomfortable feeling of déjà vu. You feel as though you've done something before. You may even have various sensory perceptions associated with that tiny moment. These can be taste, smell, touch, or even the repetition of words. You might suddenly have a sense of a past life moment that is exactly like the one you just experienced.

These glimpses and feelings of having done something before can be disorienting. They often dredge up emotions you don't recognize as belonging to you or are appropriate for the moment. You may not be able to shake the feeling that you've forgotten something very important. Yet, you can't quite put your finger on what it was that slipped from your memory as quickly as it burst open in front of you. When exactly had you done this before?

These feelings of déjà vu can also happen when you visit a new place. You may be overwhelmed with a feeling that you've been there before. You somehow know landmarks or may even see your surroundings as they appeared in the past. You might recall events that occurred there and there's no logical explanation for you having such knowledge. However, somehow you just know you've been there before. You may have a feeling of returning home.

Powerful Dreams

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If you awoke from a dream that was so real that you thought it was happening, you may have experienced a past life recall. A few things to consider can help you determine if it was a dream or a past life memory. The generally accepted rule about a past life dream is there was no beginning or ending. When you awake, you realize the whole dream was a fragment where you were suddenly plopped down in the middle of a situation or scenario. Chances are that dream was a past life memory.

Another indicator of a past life dream is if you're speaking a foreign language that you don't know. Often, in this type of dream, you are watching yourself in and consciously wondering what you and others are saying in the dream. In other instances, you may be speaking the foreign language and wondering how you know it. You may even be cognizant that you're dreaming about a past life. When you awaken, you may begin to receive bits and pieces of that lifetime over the next few days. You may experience emotions and have a sense of that time period that you didn't have before.

Fascination With Past Time Period

Have you ever been enamored of a particular period or era? For example, you might be fascinated by and love for all things Ancient Roman. You might find yourself choosing decorative objects for your home that were popular during a specific period or go all out to replicate it in your home decor. You may enjoy cosplay, join a historical re-enactment group, or frequent medieval fairs, just so you can wear specific period clothing and experience that era.

If you find yourself fascinated with a specific period, you may be able to stimulate memories through meditation. You may reach a point where you wish to try a past life regression to see if you did indeed live during that era. Just be prepared that you may not find exactly what you think is there. Sometimes, small triggers of past lives are bread crumbs you left for yourself to address issues that affect this lifetime and need resolving.

Unexplained Knowledge

Unexplained knowledge can often be another form of a past life memory. This is different from the psychic ability to see things from the past, known as retrocognition. Unexplained knowledge is knowing how to do something you've never done before. For example, you may decide to try playing a musical instrument and intuitively know how to do it.

You may know how people in an ancient culture celebrated an event or how they worshiped the sun. This type of past life memory doesn't come from something you read or saw in a film or video, it is a deep knowing of the past with the overwhelming sensation that you lived it.

Signs and Types of Past Life Memories

These are a few examples of how you might have signs of past life memories. The type of feeling or knowing can vary depending on how the past life recall is triggered.

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Signs & Types of Past Life Memories: Have You Had Any?