Past Life Regression: Techniques to Discover Who You Were

Updated September 7, 2021
Young Woman Lying By The Water And Meditating

Have you ever gone somewhere you've never been before but instantly recognized it? Or, perhaps you meet a stranger and feel an immediate sense of kinship. Many people have similar experiences only to discover they come from a past life memory. It's possible to learn more about your past lives following a simple guided imagery script. Learning how to do a past life regression meditation and visualization can help you tap into your past lives so you can learn more about yourself.

How to Do Past Life Regression Visualization

Try this past life regression visualization. It follows common past life regression hypnotherapy regression techniques, only you follow them yourself to see what you can see. Keep a journal or voice recorder nearby to record your experiences immediately after each session. This visualization will take 30 to 60 minutes. It's best if you only explore one past life per session, so you have time to assimilate and reflect on the information you receive.

Set up a Meditation Space

Before you begin, find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed. It needs to be somewhere you can be comfortable for at least 30 minutes and that you can shut out anyone else. Let everyone in your home know not to disturb you. Turn out the lights, adjust the temperature, and consider playing soothing sounds to block out house noises such as using a white noise app on your phone (be sure to set it to airplane mode so you aren't distracted by texts or other notifications) or playing soft, meditative music.

Get Comfy

Turn off the lights. Sit or lie comfortably in your chosen spot. Use pillows or bolsters to make yourself comfortable and, if needed, cover yourself with a light throw or blanket so you don't get cold, since body temperature can drop during meditation.

Focus on Your Breathing

Close your eyes. Focus on your breath, breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. If it helps your focus, use eight-count breathing where you breathe in for eight counts and then breathe out for eight counts. If your attention wanders, return your focus to your breathing. Continue to do this until you feel deeply relaxed. If you're having trouble feeling relaxed, then try a progressive muscle relaxation exercise.

Find Yourself in a Field

Oak trees and wildflowers in fog with streaming sun rays

Once you feel deeply relaxed, visualize yourself sitting against the trunk of a tree in a beautiful field on a sunny, warm afternoon. The field is full of tall flowers, and a soft breeze gently rustles the long grasses. Birds sing, the sun warms you, and off in the distance you hear the bubbling sound of gently running water. Feel how solidly the tree supports your back and notice the softness of the grass underneath you as you sit. Look around the field for as long as you like, noticing the details; butterflies and honeybees flit through the flowers and the aroma of lilacs scent the air.

Walk to the Water

When you're ready, see yourself getting up and following the sound of the water. Take your time and notice everything around you as you walk slowly. A breeze rustles your hair, and you gently run a hand along the tops of the flowers as you walk. Take your time getting to the stream. As you approach, notice that there is a footbridge that crosses it.

Cross the Bridge

Wooden Bridge Over Water

Step onto the bridge and walk slowly across. Notice that on the other side, there's an opening with a staircase leading down. You're curious to explore it, but for now, take your time crossing the bridge. Pause in the middle to look down at the clear, bubbling water lazily flowing across smooth, colorful river rock. Watch the stream flow past for a bit before you finish your crossing.

Explore the Steps

Now, walk to the opening of the staircase going down. Pause at the top and look down the steps, noticing that there are ten steps descending downward with a door at the bottom. When you're ready, slowly begin descending the steps, one at a time. Notice that with each step you take, you grow more deeply relaxed.

Ten - pause here and take a deep breath and then let it out slowly. Your mind and body relax even more deeply.

Nine - stop and take a deep breath and let it out slowly. You relax even more.

Eight, seven, six - with each step, breathe deeply and relax a little more.

Five, four three, two - you're feeling deeply relaxed, safe, and peaceful now.

One - you've reached the closed door. Look at the door. Notice what it's made of. What color is it? What does the doorknob look like? Simply notice the door and its details.

Go Through the Door

When you're ready, place your hand on the doorknob. Notice how cool it is to your touch, and pay attention to how it feels in your hand. Now, turn the knob and open the door. Step through the doorway into a large, narrow, well-lit room with marble floors and several graceful columns running down the center of the room. Each column represents one decade of your current life, beginning with the current decade and going backwards. At the end of the room is an elegant archway that represents the moment of your birth.

Walk Through the Columns

Corridor with columns and checkered floor

Begin walking past the columns one at a time, taking your time and noticing that on each are scenes and images from that decade of your life shown in photographs. For each decade, stop at a column and look through the photographs. When you're ready, choose one and move your awareness into the photograph. You're in that moment now, and the action from the photo is happening to and around you. Notice what's happening. How old are you? Who is with you? What is your experience? How do you feel? When you're ready, move your awareness back to the room and move onto the next column. Do this column by column until you reach the final archway.

Step Through the Archway

When you're ready, step through the archway and into a warm, cozy room. There's a comfy chair next to a lit fireplace, and across from the archway is a closed doorway. You feel safe and loved here; this represents your time before your birth in your mother's womb. Sit in the chair for a while, warming yourself by the fire and basking in the warmth and safety of this moment. Sit here for as long as you need. When you're ready, rise and walk to the closed door. This is the door into your past lives. When you're ready, open the door.

Step Into a Hallway

Beyond the door is a long hallway with dozens of closed doors on either side. Each of these doors represents one of your past lives, and they are all there for you to explore.

Choose a Door

Long corridor with closed doors on the two sides

You can choose any doorway you wish to open. Pick one that seems interesting to you on either side of the hallway. Choose just one, knowing that this hallway is here for you any time you wish to return and choose another. Walk to the door that interests you, open it, and step through and into a past life.

Notice Your Past Life

As soon as you step through the door, look down at your feet. What are you wearing on them? What do you notice about your attire below your knees? How does it look? What is it made of? How does it feel? Now, notice the temperature. Is it warm or cool? Is there a breeze? How humid is it? Take a few moments noticing these sensations before you begin to explore the past life.

When you're ready, look around. Is anyone with you? What is happening? Where are you? Do you have a sense of the year or period? Don't force any of these answers. Simply notice and allow any information you receive to arise naturally. You can notice it, no matter what it is, safely and from a detached distance where no harm can come to you. Spend as much time exploring the room as possible. If, at any time, you begin to feel unsafe or afraid, exit the room.


Once you've explored your room, it's time to exit and return to the present. Do this slowly, retracing your steps. Step out of the room and into the hallway, walking back to the cozy room, and then through the archway. Walk back through the room with the columns, noticing images from the decades of your life as you do...the first ten years, then the next, and so on until you reach the present decade. Walk back to the door, which you left open, and step through it into the present. Walk up the ten steps, one at a time, slowly but becoming more conscious and aware with each until you reach the top. Walk back across the bridge over the stream and through the field to your tree. Sit down under the tree once again, feeling its solid support behind your back. Return your focus to your breathing and begin wiggling your fingers and toes. Follow this with larger movements and stretches. When you're ready, open your eyes.

Tips for Self Regression

While there are many ways that you can achieve a self past life regression to recall past life memories, it's important to keep the following in mind.

  • Relax. In order to let your mind wander deeper into the past, your body must be as relaxed as possible so that you are not physically or mentally distracted by your present carnation.
  • Don't over analyze or stress about what you might experience. Over analysis prevents you from relaxing completely.
  • Set aside judgment. Act as an observer during your regression and save judgment for your research afterward.
  • Don't be afraid of what you'll discover. Many people fear they will find out they did something terrible in a past life. Everyone makes mistakes, including the previous incarnations of you. While you can't change what you did in a past life, you have total control over what you do in this one.
  • Open your mind to the possibility what you are seeing might actually be true. If you begin seeing flashes of memory but automatically dismiss them, what's the point? In order to make any progress in past life regression, you need to be open to what you see and prepared to take it seriously.
  • If at any time you feel unsafe, return to the present by retracing your previous steps in the visualization and try again another day.

What You Can Discover in Past Life Regression?

Hands Holing Vintage Memories

Past life regressions provide the opportunity to discover who you may have been in a previous incarnation. People using the technique believe learning about your past lives may help reveal information that allows you to heal issues or discover a new purpose in your current life. During the process you may:

  • Discover the source of fears and phobias
  • Discover the source of physical ailments
  • Learn about your karmic path with people who have been with you through multiple lifetimes
  • Find the source of attachments to people, places, or objects
  • Learn more about your soul's path

What to Do With Information From Your Past Life Regression

It's easy to get caught up in interest and excitement about a past life and ignore the life you are living right now. This life is the one that's most truly important. Take what you learn from past lives and use it to heal issues in your life today. In doing so, you can move forward with a focus on making your present life and circumstances the best they can be.

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Past Life Regression: Techniques to Discover Who You Were