5 Past Life Stories With Impactful (Yet Subtle) Messages

Updated June 25, 2021
Child thinking about her past life

Have you ever had memories you could't place or strange dreams? These could be indicators of a past life. Many people have reincarnation stories in which they share how they discovered their own past lives. Many of these stories offer compelling evidence for reincarnation.

Reincarnation of a Civil War Soldier

In his book Someone Else's Yesterday, Jeffrey Keene tells the story of his spontaneous past life recall of a previous reincarnation as Civil War General John B. Gordon. Keene explains he was exploring the Bloody Lane at the Antietam battlefield when he was suddenly overcome with perplexing emotion. After this experience, Keene began having recall of Gordon's life, and he was able to verify his experiences through meticulous research. Along with a strikingly similar physical appearance between the two men, Keene was able to document multiple coincidences that seemed to link their lives. Keene's research is sometimes called the most well-documented cast of a past life available.

Avalanche Victim Reincarnated

Author Karen Frazier also stumbled onto a case of her own reincarnation during research for a book about the haunted site of an avalanche train derailment disaster that occurred in 1910 at a place called Wellington, Washington. She found herself drawn to not only the site, but to one of the passengers who had died in the avalanche, Nellie Sharp, and sought to learn as much as she could about her life. There were and are startling similarities between the two, including a strikingly similar appearance, dreams she's had her my life of train derailments, and similar talents, interests, and abilities. Reincarnation researcher Walter Semkiw reviewed the research and agreed it appears to be a case of reincarnation.

Victoria's Child

Victoria was born in London in 1946, shortly after the end of World War II. Growing up, she often heard her parents recount tales of their experiences during the war. Shortly before her tenth birthday, she began menstruating and experiencing nightmares. In every dream, she was running through a burning house, and she could hear a baby crying. She desperately tried to find the baby, but always woke screaming when she couldn't get to the baby in time. For the next two decades, this dream would recur over and over.

The dreams intensified after the birth of her first child. Concerned for her own mental health, she began to see a psychologist regularly. The psychologist thought the dreams might express a natural fear of losing her child, but could not explain why the dreams repeated for more than twenty years. Victoria turned to a friend who could read palms. After reading her palm, her friend recommended that she look to her own childhood. Discussing the situation with family and friends turned up no incident involving fire in Victoria's childhood. Research into where she lived as a child also turned up nothing.

After the birth of her second child, the dreams abated for a while, but they returned when both children were old enough to go to school. Frustrated by the persistence of the dreams, Victoria began researching every possible answer. She read an article advertising past life regression in a magazine and called for an appointment. The regression, conducted by a licensed hypnotherapist, provided Victoria with her first real breakthrough.

After several sessions, Victoria put the pieces together. In 1942, her name was Ellen, and she lived in a townhouse in London. She took care of her grandson and her husband. One night, German bombs began to fall on the city, and a fire spread through their home. The baby was upstairs when the fire broke out. Despite numerous attempts, she could not get to the baby from downstairs. She passed away a year later, never having recovered from loss of the infant. Victoria was born in 1946, just four short years later.

Victoria eventually located a graveyard that she believed was the final resting place of Ellen and her grandson. She visits it regularly and leaves flowers for both of them. Since clarifying the memory, she's never had another dream about the fire.

The Case of Imad Elawar

A case presented by pioneer reincarnation researcher Dr. Ian Stevenson tells the story of Imad Elawar. Born in Lebanon in the late 1950s, Imad Elawar began speaking of a past life as soon as he was able to talk. In fact, his first words were "Jamileh" and "Mahmoud," names unknown to anyone in his family. He told his parents he was from Khriby and was a member of the Bouhamzy family.

The young child offered startling details of things he would have no way of knowing about--a beautiful woman wearing red, owning guns, and a bus accident where both of his legs were broken. One day, the boy saw a stranger in his town, claimed he knew him, and ran to embrace him. it turned out the person was a resident of Khriby, who was able to verify many of the names and incidents the boy had described to his parents.

When Dr. Stevenson began investigating the case, he listed 47 statements Imad had made about his past life. All but three were verifiable.

Death by Hanging

Anne Addison began researching her past life as a part of her religious studies. She believed in reincarnation and rebirth. Anne's issues with her current life were related to several pet peeves that haunted her daily life. For example, she hated to be closed in, and she always needed to have a door or a window open. She disliked necklaces that did not dangle, and she especially hated turtlenecks of any kind. She refused to wear scarves and often complained that anything tight on her throat felt like choking.

Gallows for the death

After two full past life regressions, she discovered the background related to that choking sensation. In the late 1600s or early 1700s, she was hung to death for an unspecified crime. Before the hanging, she spent several weeks locked in a very small room with no windows. Anne's experiences in that life eventually colored her reactions in her current one.

Stories of Past Lives Memories

Real past life stories are not always exciting or revealing. They may provide you with snippets of explanations like in Anne's case, or a sense of closure like it did with Victoria. Sometimes, past life experiences can leave you with more questions than answers. It's important to remember not to obsess over the past and enjoy what you can learn.

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5 Past Life Stories With Impactful (Yet Subtle) Messages